Saturday 17 May 2014

Jaeger Officer

I have now finished a Jaeger officer. Unlike the normal German troops of the early period of WW1 the Jaeger (Hunter) is in a green cloth trimmed with dark forest green. The main colour is a grey green with more emphasis on the green than the grey.

This figure has again been painted for Matt (my Friend) and it means just 3 more to go. I plan to have them ready and finished by Wednesday next week. And then I will really needs to crack on with the last finishing touches for my game at BROADSIDE.

Not actually a huge amount more to say about this figure, So I shall end it here and with a club game tomorrow you will probably get an ARR on Monday so until then take care have fun and splash some paint about.

All the best Clint (Paint Monkey)

Thursday 15 May 2014

Paint monkey Part 2

Yeah I know silly title but a little fun. Today we have 4 WW1 German officers again Painted for Matt. All doing officer type things or at least holding papers. Maybe they are just in the cue for the loo. Time will tell when we play a game of  course!

All 28mm and all painted in the Blue/grey of early war Germans.

3 More Mounted ones to go and with luck I shall get them done before the weekend. Don't hold me to that of course, but I have nothing on the painting table other than them of course so I should be back to painting my own figures next week.

That's todays post and with luck I should see you all again on Saturday. Until then take good care and let's paint some figures.

Cheers Clint.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

WW1 German Cavalry.

Yes I finally got them done.

Some 28mm Early war German WW1 Cavalry. While the lances all look different heights I can assure you they are not. But as they are being held in different ways it does give that appearance. Again these are painted for a friend (Matt) so not sure of the manufacture still never mind. You will note that one figure has a sword instead of a lance. This was a conversion done by Matt and not myself. I am just the paint monkey!

What I also want to say is checkout Alan Abbey's blog  ( LINK ) as it has the details of the Broadside show this year. It seems that each year we are plagued with mishaps and it is a huge benefit to have Alan beavering away getting things sorted.

Anyway that's enough for today. 3 weeks to go before the show and I still have things to get ready so I had best get on with those now. I also found some more 10mm Fuzzy-wuzzies lurking in a secret stash so they will be put into the painting cue as fast as possible. So the New Project has been put back again! But it's coming Joe it's coming.

Take care and hope to see you soon.

All the best Clint

Sunday 11 May 2014

Villa Citroen..... err not quite!

Well being honest I did not get the figures I was expecting done. I an now on the basing and the hooves and tidying up, so chances are I will get them done tomorrow at the very latest, maybe even tonight. However I do need to get this blog done (while they are drying).

As such I have decided to get some of the buildings I bought at Salute done. These are all 10mm (1/200th Scale) from a company I had not heard of before The Square. Probably my ignorance in not knowing about them, but had I known of them I would not have gone to Kerr and King! While the Quality of these is not as good as Kerr and King the price is so much better. I think they may be a new company as the web site is not fully functional yet. But click the link above to go there.

These buildings will do a dual purpose for me. The single story one I will use for my 10mm Sudan and the larger buildings I will use for my 10mm Spanish Civil war along with the single story buildings. The Square also do some dedicated 10mm Spanish Scenery so expect them painted in the coming months. They also do some Sci Fi Scenery and plants so quite a range of stuff and I will be getting some of those no doubt once my stalled SCI FI 15mm forces get on the go again.

That's it for Today, only a very quick post but sometimes it has got to be. I shall try to show some painted figures next time out. Until then thanks for stopping by and take care.

 All the best Clint