Saturday 12 July 2014

Compulsory troops

Despite the requests for zombies, I have none finished to a stage where I am happy to share them. It's like I am having to learn how to paint all over again. So excuses aside I have started to re-paint and base my 1/300th scale cold war figures. I have no soviet infantry so you'll have to look forward to them another time (which means when I buy some).

In the mean time I thought I would start painting and see where that gets me. Starting with a Soviet Airborne Desant Battalion circa 1986. According to the Bruce Rea Taylor & David Shepherd "Digest No:4" the compulsory troops for this force are:
  • 1x Bmd 2-Ksh (To act as Battlegroup Head quarters)
  • 2x UAZ469 each with a half section (acting as HQ security)
  • 1x Brmd 2 u (Acting as an artillery observation post).
You have the BMD (back left) the Brmd (front left) and the two Uaz 469s on the right. You can find lots of videos online should you want to know what they are like in full size and real life but these will do to represent my Headquarters for my Desant - Russian airborne force. I have studied Russian camouflage and am pretty sure the colours are close if not exactly the same as seen in the picture below. Maybe I should use a little more "tan" Paint so I will try to in by next batch. They are based on 2mm MDF bases with the rear edge painted white to identify them as part of the command section.
Thanks for looking today, I will be continuing with more of these today as well as the zombies so with a game report on Monday I predict zombies by Wednesday with a chance of gore and blood splatters.

Have a GOOD weekend folks and hope to see you soon. All the best Clint.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Finished (for the Moment)

Well it has taken a couple of weeks but I have now finished painting the colonial Indian troops for Matt for the Northwest Frontier. He'll see me Sunday and collect them and most likely give me some more to do, but for now I am finished and here are the latest Batch.

Sorry for the rough photography on a couple of the pictures (well none are perfect... ho hum!). Still they should give you some Idea.

7 Figures in this batch including 2 flag bearers. Again either Foundry or Old Glory. Flags are from "Body's Banners" stocked by "Redoubt".

Flag bearers from behind.
Rank and File
Rank and File from behind
All together now,
 The Last picture is because some bright spark usually asks for a group shot. So this time I thought I would save them the effort. It shows all the troops that Matt has asked me to paint this time out. One of the great things about Painting for Matt is that he never sets me a deadline so if I can finish in 6 months or 6 days he's content. And that is great as it really does take all the pressure off. So thanks Matt.

So now I have 4 days in which to indulge myself and paint what I want so I may well start too much and get nothing finished. But my plan however is to start some 1/300th Cold war figures and some 20mm Zombies.

So until Saturday, take care, have fun and try not to hurt anyone! Next episode should be Saturday so I hope you can tune in again then.

Best Wishes from Paint Monkey.

Tuesday 8 July 2014

More figures for Matt.

Three posts in three days. Good grief what's come over me!
Let's not get over excited. But here are the Infantry I have mentioned over the last few days. Yes I have 6 more to go and hope to have them done by Sunday morning so I can give them back to Matt. So I most likely will manage it which will give me time to progress one of my own projects. No Idea which one yet before you ask and not even thinking of it until then.

I will not go into much more detail about these I believe them to be a mixture of Foundry and Old Glory, with the majority being Foundry. It is all British Empire troops of the colonial period suitable for fighting battles in the Northwest Frontier.

Rifle armed rank and file.

Command Figures
All together

About Face.
That's it for today I am now back to posting every other day and with luck and a fair wind that means Thursday. So until then take care and hope to see you soon. All the Best Clint

Monday 7 July 2014

British Officers.

AS yesterdays post was not wargames related I thought I would show you may latest 2 figures.

They are 2 British colonial era officers for the Northwest Frontier. Painted and based to fit in with Matts expanding collection. These should give him a couple of dizzy toffs to boss the rank and file Indian soldiers around. Some of the officers were very good, others less so.

As mentioned these are for Matt and there are more to come. With luck I should Have 10 more infantry finished by late tomorrow so I will put them on as quickly as I am able. As I am on the bases highlight and finishing touches now (Yes the best bits).

That's a very quick one for today as I will want to carry on with the footsloggers as swiftly as possible.

Take care all "Paint Monkey" out.

Sunday 6 July 2014

Not Really Wargaming.

Let me take you back to Friday. Friday morning 10am to be precise. At that time and on that day the official opening of the extension to our new wargames hall was carried out. The original hall is the taller section of the building on the right. Many of the locals thought it was either an electricity sub station or derelict building as it had a neglected and at times vandalised feel t it. Anyway it was originally built by the Royal Engineers (REME) back in the early 60's. It consists of loos, a kitchen and a main hall with a stage. All pretty basic but all still very functional.

That being the case the local council paid for an extension.  Not for us wargamers I hasten to add but for the football teams the use the attached fiend, Not that I mind another group benefitting by a new building. WE have not done badly out of it though the council have refitted our kitchen and have promised to update our loos. In addition the car park has been expanded, not enough I hasten to add for one football team let alone 2 and refs and linesman, but even so it will be a help.

Talking to the Project manager (a nice chap as it happens) he made the comment that due to the less than salubrious local youths that they wanted to make the building "Bullet proof"!. The Local Councilman who officially cut the ribbon to open the building, mentioned in his speech that the new extension fitted in well with the existing structure. Given what the locals think of the original building, I for one am not sure that is a good thing.

Given that most people turned up for the event in collar and jackets. As it was hot I was in a bright polo shirt and shorts. Opps! Ahh who cares!

Feel free to ignore this post as I may do another post later today or tomorrow when I finish the figures I am working on. So until then Thanks for tuning in and catch you later. Cheers Clint.