Saturday 28 October 2017

Starting to BoB

This is the start of my Back of Beyond (BoB) force. Here are 2 " frontline" trucks from the WW2 range AND THIS IS A LINK. These are both miss-cast (so I get them free sometimes). I have decided to do BoB not in the usual 28mm scale but in the more familiar 20mm or 1/72nd scale. The reasons are clear to me. Firstly I do have the terrain already at that scale and secondly a club member (Tim) makes all the figures and vehicles I need. Okay that is a very slight exaggeration he does not make Chinese warlord or Afghan troops. But almost every thing else.

I shall be picking up an order from him at the club tomorrow. Which should give me almost all of a single force I need

Back to these trucks. I THINK (but do not know) they are both Russian of the era, The one on the Left I think is a Gaz AA truck which I think was a copy of the Ford Model A built under licence in Russia. While the one on the right (I am more confident) is a Zis  5v  Lorry. Both have a French inspired great war camouflage pattern. In the BoB any colour scheme is accepted and no one complains if the varnish on the buttons is the correct shade or that the epilates are the correct hue. This is because no one really knows and what is more no one really cares. So if that is your kind of thing within wargaming good luck to you, but you will not find it here (on this blog or this setting). The advantage of painting them like this is 2 fold. 1 I can then use them for Spanish Civil War without the thought of a repaint and 2 they are as likely t be correct as ANYTHING else. yes I could have painted them a dull green for the Russian front in WW2, but where is the fun in that.

Rules wise I will be using "Triumph and Tragedy" which I purchased last weekend. And being really honest I think they are good. Simple and clear and while not a competitive set of rules, I for one, do not think the setting and period call for a set that is competitive. So not for rules lawyers at all. Which suits me. I am not planning on doing a rules review other than they are 40 pages long and soft cover.  They cost me £12.00 and as far as I am concerned good value for money. Yes there are things missing but what set of rules do we not think that about. Anyway I hope to have a BoB game by the new year (or there abouts) and will show my treasures tomorrow (figures I got from Tim).

That's it for now. More BoB talk soon, I hope, maybe a bit more tomorrow when I post the Zombtober post and my club loot.

Until then have fun and enjoy as much as you are able.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Working class robots ?

FIRSTLY let me say I do NOT know who makes these. So if you do KNOW (No guesses) please inform me.

They were purchased unpainted in eBay by Matt. More than that I cannot tell you.  I painted them of course and now they are ready for the wargames table.

They will make a rather suitable "In Her Majesties Name" force so perhaps I want to get some more. The top pic shows them all together the later pics show just a selection at a time.

These two are an industrialist (possibly Brunel) and one other. Which Matt has referred to as "Mac the Knife!" The real names and intentions of the sculptor are unknown tome so I am just talking hearsay.  The one on the left does have a cybernetic arm but is otherwise a human (I hope) while the one on the right is fully robotic in all the visible areas at least. Who knows under the green coat.

As with all of them I have tended to use dark colours to emphasise the Victorian dark gaslight factories. But with bright red scarfs to unify the group. I could easily have picked a different colour but I did want the scarfs to stand out and thus make them all easily identifiable and blue would not have looked as menacing!

 Each of the robots has some form of equipment, usually in the form of sledgehammers shovels or other digging implements.

One comes with a sandwich board. I did have some fun trying to work out what to right on it. Matt suggested "Space Squid" which I hope is readable. The back says something different. Which Matt will find out on Sunday when he gets them back.

One has a small cannon on his hat. While I do not see this as a practical place to place a cannon, seriously, what do I know. It may be the extra height allows better shots!

That's' it for today. If you do know who makes these kindly let me know. Unless it is secret knowledge in which case feel free to take it to your grave.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Selwg show, games

First a disclaimer. I have not taken very many pics. I have taken ones of games (mostly non commercial games) and deliberately included the people playing (usually half the body without faces) this is to show they are games and not static displays.

Ok here we go:

Taken from the selwg Command post. Nice guys and worth a chat.

Gravesend gamers Guild


Society of Ancients

 Newbury and Reading

Pike and shot society

 Sheppy Wargames Society

Tonbridge Wells Wargames Society

  The Anti Alchemists
 Essex Warriors

 Friday night in Crawley

Deal wargames Club

 Maidstone Wargames Club
"Fenris Descending"

 Loughton Strike force
 Simon Miller "To the Strongest"

 Theer you Go many games unlabelled and I have no idea who they were. many did have labels ad I have misplaced them And still don't know who they are.

No good Giving me a flyer for the game, when it gets muddled in with the rest how Am I supposed to remember which is which.

Still WHINING will not help. So have a look at the games and make your own mind up.

All the best Clint

Sunday 22 October 2017

Zombtober (4), Selwg loot and Oh My God what have you dug up now!

Firstly here is my Zombtober zombie no 4. Like all the rest it is part of the mantic Walking Dead all out war game set. Like the others it is hard plastic and very well sculpted and cast.  Personally I really like it.

I have painted her in the cheap uniform suits that lower management have at supermarkets. She has to wear the uniform, which means she has to wear this colour and style of suits and sometimes life just bites so she just has to bite back.

I will do a show report tomorrow (fingers crossed). Untill then here is my swag. With a list of what I got and from which trader and what I intend to do with it.

Theer were other things I had anticipated getting but they were just not available. So alas I just did not get them. I may even put a list of what I shall paint this week if I am feeling brave.

The Selwg loot left to right top to bottom.

  • 3 packs of 28mm figures from Ironclad miniatures. These are the "Brand new German stormtrupers.  Pack 7 is German officers and petty officers.(2 Figurse). Pack 9 is 4 German stormtrupers with rifles. and pack 6 is 4 German Stormtruppers with Pistols and sabres. (Sabres just sounds more Germanic than swords) I may have the pack numbers wrong but you can get them here LINK
  • Then 2 pots of paint from Colonel Bill (LINK) White because I am close to running out and Chestnut brown because I always need brown paint for bases if nothing else. It must be the colour I use most.
  • 2 packs of MDF bases and one pack of counters. The bases are mostly for the triumph and tradegy rules (More of them soon I promises my precious... oh stop it!) But the large bases perhaps for some diesel punk cars while the small ones are for 20mm figures. Having checked prices they were cheapest on the day here.(products for wargamers) Yes that was another link.
  • 2 Packs of Ainsty Castings (You guessed it another LINK) These are for 28mm Diesel punk games and for that I make no apologise.  1 pack is some tyres and 1 pack is some modern/sci fi Barrels. Not greatly exciting but they should add something to the table.
  • 1 Pack of peter Pig Bases, 30x30mm sq. ( Yet another LINK ) Again not a huge outlay and one I do use a LOT so worth it I deemed.
  • 1 set of rules. "The Triumph and the tragedy!" A set of Skirmish rules for the interwar period. I  am particularly excited by these as it will let me use my 20mm Afghan boards in a different time period. They are quite slim so I do expect them to be read in an evening by most people or a week by me. These were purchased from Empress Miniatures (Can't think what this may be why not click it and find out?) The absolute joy of Back of Beyong is that there are several armies that can be used depending on your own political religios or whimsical desires. You can use anything from Red Russian Cossacks to Chinese Warlord armies. from British forces in India to Turks or French Foreign Legion or White Russians or even Japanese! You can almost use any force in central Asia in a back of beyond setting. Yes Ray you could use Yeti's if you really wanted to... (No Okay that is a bit of a stretch but) I think I counted 16 armies that could all be used and still be historically correct. (stop wondering if anyone makes 20mm Yetis! Stop it!)
|So that was my spends.

So finally here is a RADDISH that I dug up yesterday. Shall we just say it is something ONLY the grower could love. If it was a child you would think it was a "Cabby Patch Kid" toy dolly. But for me it is quite lovely. Look I know what you are thinking stop giggling and pointing! I won't say it again.

For seeds I used a "French Breakfast Radish" That's just the name of the seed I do not know if they taste better at breakfast or not or If the French like them. All I know is it is the first Radish I have grown and while it may not win any beauty contests I for 1 like the look of it.... Will you stop giggling? If you don't stop I will send you out of the room. So quiet now!

That is my hand holding it before you get smutty!
Just to show the scale.