Wednesday 6 August 2014

The Horde Grows

Well today I have continued with my 20mm soft plastic Zombies. AS you will probably recall these are from the Boardgame "Zombies" and as such all have the same pose so it really is just a case of painting them in different colours. Needless to say some will be "dressed" the same as there are 100 to do in all. After a while it does get fairly boring and repetitive, but if I treat it like work and not my hobby I can get through it without any stress.

Again as mentioned before these are for another Play by blog game and this batch brings me up to 50 zombies complete. Yes I know 50 Zeds is not such a huge horde but they all start small.

That's it for today folks. For those of you playing with the ships make sure I have your turn so I can progress it over the weekend. I probably will not get it posted up on Saturday but will try to get the ship moves up by Sunday 10am (local time) so expect that to be my next post. Thanks fpor popping by and more again soon, all the best Clint.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Paint Monkey again

Yes still painting for  my mate Matt. These finish the latest batch but I have said I will get some  more on Sunday.  So maybe I will be busy next week as well. It's quite good as I never know what he wants me to paint until the time he asks me to do them. I really like the surprise of it.

 First off we have two Indian Flag bearers. All for the Northwest Frontier. The flags have come from Body's Banners at Redoubt and are not for an Indian regiment, But Matt wanted them on these figures and who am I to argue. At least these flags will be able to easy identify the unit on the tabletop and that  is the idea.

 While I did find the tutorials on how to paint Tartan that various people either posted or emailed me both useful and interesting They did not look right when I came to it on the figure. Therefore for my third attempt I went for something a little easier. Using the 2 foot rule I think It works well enough. It all comes down to ability and personal choice. This Tartan was created by first painting a cream grid on the Kilt. Followed by a green grid next to the cream. And Lastly a yellow grid slightly thinner through the centre of the green grid. Ok so It will not win any prises but from a distance I think It looks pretty good.

So that's it for today. Thanks for looking and I will either start on my Queen Anne's War (Donnybrook) project or get some zombies done for Thursday. Thanks for looking and have a good couple of days.

All the best Clint

Sunday 3 August 2014

Napoleonic AAR

Me and Napoleonic battles are not the best of friends. Anyway I had a Napoleonic battle at Posties Shed of war last weekend. It was a fun time and I learnt a few things and here is how the battle went.

The !809 Campaign has started. French and Austrian armies are all advancing towards Various objectives and positions, with both sides awaiting the show down that would soon erupt. Further North two reconassance forces one French one Austrian are out looking for any sign of the enemy forces, as they stumble upon each other the scene is set for a clash of empires.

The introduction was read out by Postie. A Curtain was put between the French and the Austrians so we could not see what the opposing forces were doing. Lee and Myself took the French part and Smiffy and Surgit took the Austrians. WE had to start the game in march columns and advance the way we were going. I guess they had to as well so no whining but as we had cavalry I do wonder why they were not sent to scout and the Infantry to slowly creep forward. But Postie said we couldn't and As I know very little of this period am not in a position to discuss the tactics.

The screen goes up and Both me and Smiffy charge with our light cavalry.
I win with the first cavalry charge and am out of position.n
Despite being in a better position I loose the Second Light Cavalry charge
And Smiffy is then out of position.

Postie explaining something.... No Idea what it was!

My Heavy Cavalry at the far left wing! A lot of moving and squeezing Past Lee to get to them.

Smiffys cavalry so far out of position that he has busted through the French line and now faces 2 more Cavalry units of mine.

All Three Cavalry units charge
His One Light Cavalry against my two medium cavalry
Including one hitting his flank.

Bye Bye all smiffy's Light Cavalry.
My Heavy Cavlry Clash with Surgit's Heavy Guard Cavalry.
It works out about even on the dice rolls

Then the dice are rolled
My heavy cavalry are forced Back and with 2d6 needing as high as possible

I roll a 4.
Which means they all flee.

Lee poor chap had his left wing hanging in the air so formed squares.
The most of front line is forced to form squares

I was able to use my remaining cavalry to hold Of Smiffy

Lee had to Hang on the best he could

The last of My Cavalry on the left flank charged by two Guard Cavalry.
Predictable result!

Lee by the only ventilation. In the shed.

Ray turned up and put clothes pegs on Posties Ears
No Idea why it must be a
Kentish man thing
Their weird that side of the river.

Deadlock on the left flank as Smiffy refused to get in charge range
And I was not willing to charge formed Infantry!
In Retrospect I should have just tried it!

With No cavalry due to my poor morale check from earlier
Lees infantry which did not form squares are
Charged by cavalry and cut to pieces.

Postie Declares Surgit man of the match and the Austrians deserved winners.

Conclusion: I Take responsibility for the French loss this time. Poor Lee just had to suffer my misfortune! Generally Lee did roll well and has lifted his dice curse. Overall I just have to say we were out played. and took the beating I deserved. Yes lots I would have done differently and a few lessons learned the hard way.

No complaints I was due a Loss at the shed of war. And this time I got a thumping.

I return to the shed of war next weekend and will probably get another thrashing ...... Ooh err!

Thanks for reading guys and more again on Tuesday.