Thursday 14 September 2017

gentlemen, start your .... too late they are already off!

Well it arrived! What arrived? Well the thing I got on eBay that I was excited about. Am I still as excited. Well truth to admit no. but I am still excited, just not as much. (I think that is inevitable).

Let me explain. for years (since my first copy of "Space 1889" I have really enjoyed steampunk. But having seen more than a few Youtube videos about Asylum the Lincoln Steampunk festival I kind of lost faith. There were to many people dressing as pirates or fairies or fluffy animals or well you get the idea. NOT Victorian science fiction at all but tea drinking fantasy. Now if that is what they want good luck to them. But I have moved over to "Dieselpunk" Now many of you will not have heard of dieselpunk no worries it is fairly new to me.

But I have made my first purchases... well actually I have not they were actually made several years ago but I got them for steampunk.

Ok cutting the waffle what did I get.

Well diesel punk is a lot less common than steam punk. but one thing it does have is planes. Lots of aeroplanes. So I bought planes.

These are all Wizkidz plastic Crimson skies planes. I am not hppy with them, they all need re-painting. Theer is nothing wrong with the current paint jobs of course. However they were painted by someone probably on minimum wage with no interest in dieselpunk and probably no interest in much other that the pay check either.

Still I digress here are the planes. I have 26 in all. Lots of them style wise I d not like. but that is not going to stop me at all.

 So gentle and not so gentle reader grab a coffe and a ciggerette and hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Firstly I need to aquire some rules I like. and then make an airship so nothing is going to happen over night.

Just stit back and try to ignore any turbulance it is just the pilot trying to find the best and fastest route.

Should I ask for any suggestions as to painting schemes feel free to chip in. But at present I am thinking Camoflage rather than bright colours.

That is it for today. thanks for looking and back to the aeronef paint mines for me.

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Slow progress. But at least progress.

Yes it has been slow. All spare time today/yesterday (depending on when you read this) was spent travelling and buying things... Nope only paint and Varnish and groceries and food and cleaning products. Boring stuff.

Here is the START (and only the start) of Matts Aeronef British fleet.

Not being an expert I was unable to tell which ships are which class etc. with luck no one will ask.

These 7 are just the start. I have about 50 in all to do. Matt does not do tings by half. No siree!

I went with a basic Black and white finish and bleached decks and yellow smoke stacks. Underneath they all have a red base. This was a tricky red and ended up as 3 coats. Luckily I have a quicker way now!. (and a different red and less translucent paint now.) It makes all the difference.

Now re-stocked with paint/brushes and varnish. I hope to be able to get more done and at a far faster rate.

Progress has been slow, but at least it is in the right direction now.

I am even getting tempted to make an airship! What did I type that out loud? Nurse the meds need to be increased fast.

All the best Clint

Sunday 10 September 2017

Another 6 troops (Dux Britaniarum)

Continuing the dark ages at least in my mind. here are the next 6 figures which makes a unit in Dux Britanium. just 2 units to go and one (the skirmishers is started.) these are warriors, which is a step up from levy but still not likely to set the world on fire. But as they have had to catch the boat from their own country and cross the water they are not too poorly as a unit. Again I stuck to easily dye-able colours and as many patches as to make them look feasible.

So they should mingle in quite well with the others. For convenience I went for plain red/brown shields just so the unit is easy to identify and NOT for any historical reasons.

 I have shown everything finished so far.
  • 1leader (with dog)
  • 1Champion
  • 2 sub(lesser) leaders
  • 2 units of 6 (16 shown) hearthguard warriors
  • 2units of general warriors.
Still to come:
  • 4-6 skirmishers
  • 3rd unit of 6 Warriors
  • Additional warriors to bulk out each unit.

No cavalry are planned as until they have lands of their own transporting horses is too much time and effort for this raiding force. It is possible they may have a cavalry unit in the future, but VERY unlikely. (Unless you buy me one... no I though not!)

Sorry no fancy back drop today I can gleefully say I have been distracted by an eBay find which was swiftly purchased. But I digress.

Enjoy Sunday I have a LOAD of painting to get finished now! best wishes Clint