Saturday 20 December 2014

Turn 21 Results.

Another one of those turns with NO Spanish ships shooting. Mind you only 2 British ships HMS Cutlass and HMS Agamemnon.

Most ships are seriously depleted now and any one could collapse (sink) from exhaustion. Most if not all are very battered.

The turn sequence was a nice mix which did result in long range shooting but nothing at all close. But Damage was done. Sometimes just long range shooting will weaken a ship just enough to make it easy pickings. Other times it just won't!

 Well we should all know the format by now.  First the Ariel view, then working anticlockwise from back left to front right. WE reall have done it a load of times now so I expect you Know the routine better than me.
 While Unicornico faces into the wind this turn safe in the knowledge that no British ships are in range. HMS Badger recovers from the collision with HMS Inconsistent. Crew can be seen untangling the rigging but no other details are apparent. Was Hms Badger playing possum?
 HMS Cutlass tries and very nearly succeeds in crossing the T of San Francis. While HMS Agamemnon and Cutlass empty shot into the Spanish vessel without reply. (The Spanish shooting was before movement so the damage was long range as the pictures are taken after all the runs actions are completed).
 El Interceptor and Mecedes both head out to sea with only HMS Pachyderm able to intervene. But the condition of the Pachyderm (Packy to the crew) is uncertain. But then again Captain Hadley does not know the condition of the 2 Spanish ships.
 At the end of movement El interceptor was now in extreme range. But neither ship was within arch of fire. This has the potential of another T being crossed If the right and wrong moves are made be any ship.

With the end of this turn I would say that the British have just about become even with the Spanish fleet. Next turn may be pivotal. Or it might be a damp squib!

As ever if you need more Photos drop me a line. And next turn will be next Saturday 8am please. As I like to get all the turn processed in the hours of Darkness so as not to Impede my painting!

I WILL SEND OUT DAMAGE REPORTS ON SUNDAY> Please do not send any turn back until they are received or anytime after that..

To be honest I did expect this game to be over by Christmas, Looks like I got that wrong. Milsey has also suggested I write this up  for the Wargames Bloggers Quarterly (WBQ). I guess he means a "How to run a Play-by-blog game and not and AAR! I might be interested in doing that if you think it would have any value and be worth reading. I am flattered to be asked though! (Cheers Milsey).

Thursday 18 December 2014

An unexpected party!

Ok No Tolkien, Hobbit, Lord of the rings or even party. There was an unexpected Present though! Which is as good if not better, as I have always found parties to be a disappointment. While Presents are a joy to both give and receive. No It was not a secret Santa or anything like that. (well it might be but so secret that I don't know about it at all).

Yesterday I received a parcel. "Strange" I thought as it was not in an amazon box. "I have not sent for anything!" Ok I have sent for a few things from the North Pole if you are reading this James! So despite the postman saying it had been ticking I ripped into it. It did not explode!

It was from "Mantic" and was the last part of a "Kickstarter" I backed last year. I had already received some soldiers from them "Enforcers" and I must admit I was disappointed with the sculpts and the quality of the plastic and the flash that just would not come of easily even with a sharp knife. So truth to admit when that lot arrived I was totally gutted but I put it down to a bad experience and vowed never to do another crowd funding scheme.

Then yesterday fresh sculpts in decent plastics did turn up. No explanation just a new product. I must say it may well be on their web site but I was so disappointed last year I have not looked since. No I don't forgive or forget easily.

Still smile on my face now and I may get these painted up soon. Not sure anyone at the club will be playing the game now so it might be too little too late. But better late than never! I will get them done and then see what I think and if anyone is still playing!

That's it for today folks. Only 6 sleeps till the big day as I am sure those of you with kids will know by now. So take care have fun and paint up some figures. I know I will.

Analogue Painting challenge update:

I hope to finish 10 cavalry finished by Saturday and will then start some 28mm Reb infantry which I will try to get done for my posting day of Tuesday. It will be a push but I hope to get it all done. But the cavalry do have priority so until I finish them nothing else will get done.

Cheers Clint

Tuesday 16 December 2014

LRDG Jeep.

Slowly (very slowly) increasing my WW2 20mm figures we have today another of the LRDG. Yes this time a jeep as opposed to a truck. I bought this one from Andy Grub (AKA Grubby Tanks) then promptly lost a wheel between the floor boards so If you look closely one wheel is different as Tim (Frontline) was kind enough to supply a spare one.

This vehicle was actually painted twice as it just looked too clean and tidy the first time and I wanted it to look rough and dodgy. (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it). As you can see the 2 crew have 3 machineguns. A lewis in the back and twin Vickers K's at the front for the co-driver. I did put all three of them on as I did not want you all saying it was undergunned! Come on we both know you would have!

This has already been on the Analogue painting challenge (Late last week) so it's about time it did make it here as well. The kit is mostly resin with some air bubbles and metal and did, apart from me loosing a piece go together with no difficulty. Nearly all the stowage is part of the same one piece resin casting just a sack or tarp added to cover air bubbles.

Patrol leaders did sometimes use jeeps as opposed to the more normal Chevrolet light truck so we have to assume the co-driver is the team leader and as such some junior officer. Given that the LRDG was mostly concerned with "Road watches" patrols were usually quite small but as they were often out for weeks at a time everything had to be carried on whatever vehicle they were using. So everything to get you there and back, all the food and water you would need and ammunition and repair kits as well as tarpulins and blankets to keep you warm at night watching a very boring road in the small hours without being able to leave your position and yet still stop any trucks moving without lights in the dark.

Well that's it for today. I shall be working on some more "Paint monkey" figures for the painting challenge and Matt for the next few days so I will post the AAR of the game I lost at the Club on Sunday soon.

All the best for now seasons greetings and all that malarkey. Have a good day and all that and with luck see you back here soon.

Cheers Clint