Saturday 20 September 2014

Turn 8

Turn Sequence this turn!
Well as you can see by the turn sequence The British moved and fired first. This has had a dramatic effect on the game. Dramatic yes, disastrous no! It has meant that while the Dons shot last a couple of ships were closer and others were out of arc. I will email all ships involved and tell them how their firing went individually as well as any ship that has taken any damage!

View from up the step ladder of Doom!
All the picture below are taken
Top left hand corner to right.

Two Spanish Ships Unicornico has made a slight course change

SS Guano is now on Fire after she EXPLODED!
She then Managed to set HMS Badger on fire when she returned fire.
Milsey was also at extreme range for his marines to fire their flintlocks.
But only ray will know what effect that has had! Rays Marines were not
in Range when he fired! (That is the joy of random turn sequence).
But as you should both be in range now I will expect you to let
me know what they want to target!

The Overall Melee!

From the right hand side of the table.
HMS Agamemnon unleashed a broad side at San Francis
HMS Challenge also fired at SS Pinna Colada.
And was fired apon by San Francis.

The Two smaller Spanish Ships have now cleared the estuary

HMS Badger and SS Guano in the background with the Spanish ships of
 San Francis and SS Pinna Colada are in the Foreground.
And the British Ship HMS Inconsistent Is just visible on
the edge of the picture. 

Once again there has been an explosion on the ship SS Guano which has resulted in a fire and in Turn HMS Badger also has a fire. That is the only visible damage this turn and they if they choose may send repair parties to put fires out, or indeed to repair any other damage.

AS ever if you need additional pictures feelk free to contact me and I should get them out to you in 48 hours if not quicker(  I aim for 12 but.... well life gets in the way sometimes. ) If you have taken or Repaired any damage you or repaired any damage I will send out emails to you later this day.

Kindly remember folks I will need your turns in by 9am (GMT) Saturday the 27th September 2014. And If you could very kindly put an indication of what ship or person you are in the title it will make it easier for me. As I type this I can see Lee and Ray chuckling as I type this and tryin g to think of ways to confuse me. That's not a hard task by the way!

Cheers Folks. I am off to a local very small show tomorrow so expect a show report on Monday or Tuesday. So until then take care aim straight and keep your powder dry. And remember anything but a One!

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Reject Civil War

I woke up Sunday morning feeling lethargic, I did not want to put a game on. But I had arranged one with the Rejects and this time rather than Postie being the referee, I would! Anyway I had written the rules the day before and had very little sleep so I would look and feel my best.
The View from my Position at the door way.

What follows is not so much an AAR I will leave that to Big Lee and Ray and I am sure they will do a superb job, Much better than I will.
El Postie (Fascist Leader)'s Armoured car under artillery fire.

Customary Picture of Postie in Action,
While Ray leans on the table.

Posties Armoured Car again survive the barrage.

The last few moves of the game.

What follows is not so much an AAR I will leave that to Big Lee and Ray and I am sure they will do a superb job, Much better than I will.

Here's the Situation:

Second Battle of the Corunna Road. January 1937

The Battle of Madrid in November 1936 had been fought to a standstill, with the Nationalists under Franco failing to take the city. They then started to besiege it, aiming to cut its links to the rest of Spain. Franco decided to attack the city from the north-west in order to cut off water and electricity supplies from the Sierra de Guadarrama and encircle the city. After a failed offensive in November, the Nationalists summoned a force of 17,000 men, led by General Orgaz, with four mobile brigades (led by Garcia Escamez, Barron, Saenz de Buruaga and Monasterio), backed by heavy artillery and Ju-52 bombers. The Republican army had a few battalions led by Luis Barceló.
Towards the end of December, Orgaz received reinforcements and decided to relaunch the offensive on 3 January. This offensive became known as the Battle of the Fog. The Republican high command redeployed their units in the Pozuelo-Brunete sector. The Republicans had an army corps led by Miaja with five divisions (led by Nino Nanetti, Modesto, Colonels Perea, Adolfo Prada and Galan) but had little ammunition or supplies.
The Nationalists' offensive started with a heavy artillery bombardment on the 14 December and Franco's troops occupied the town of Boadilla del Monte. Now In January a second big push is underway.
We will only tackle a very small part of the battle as the whole battle was really quite large and lasted over 1 month.
Now I must say that while each side (Republican and Nationalists) each had a main objective that was Unknown to the other players. And just to make it interesting every player had an individual secondary or even tertiary objective that was only known to them. This would mean that according to Ray "Not only do I need to worry about the other side of the table but these two git as well" Indicating both Lee and John. Yes and it was the same for them as well.
It is worth noting that some BUT NOT all the secondary objectives were conflicting with other players, but not nessercarily those of the opposition.
I won't Go into too much more details but when the game ended some elements of both sides were convinced that they had won and others that they had lost. I really needed a clearer ending to the game however life and war is not always like that.
Victory Points
1st Surgit (Nationalist)  Managed to achieve both primary and secondary objectives.
2nd Smiffy (Nationalists/Anarchists) Managed to achieve Primary Objective

=3rd John (Republican/Poum Militia) Failed the Primary objective but managed his secondary and tertiary objectives.
=3rd Lee (Republican) Failed in the Primary Objective but also managed in his Secondary and tertiary objectives

5th Postie (Nationalist/ Guardia Assulto) Marginally succeeded in the Primary objective. But completely failed in his secondary objectives and lost additional Victory points for using his heavy artillery.

6th Ray (Republican) Failed in Both Primary and secondary objectives and also lost additional Victory points for calling for tank support which never actually arrived!

So Technically a Nationalist win. Although Ray was up against it from the start.

The Real winner was me though because it was a good day despite me not being in the mood and I learnt a lot that should the opportunity allow for another game I will be able to implement.


Thanks for taking the time and effort of reading today. Take care of yourself (and those around you) and with a little luck some more in a few days.

Cheers Clint