Friday 1 May 2015

Paint it Rust (The work of the paint Elves))

While at Salute this year one of my planned purchases was a bottle of rust paint, from Model Mates Click this link as I saw it on Kyles ( Click the Link  ) blog the previous year and was taken with it. Now I have toyed with painting rust a few times and have very gradually worked out how to do it. But this way is just so much easier that I am an instant convert!

First paint it an under colour, I like games workshops tin bits for this and then dry brush some bolt gun metal over some of the high lights. You may not have to even do these first 2 steps but I did. Then when dry apply a coat of the model mates rust and get yourself a drink. When you come back from the drink you will find the model has gone rusty. I am sure there are a group of Magic elves doing all the work as it really is like something from a fairy tale. I have not sat and watched it, nor do I intend to as I would much rather believe in Magic Elves!

You will have to forgive my photography but I think you will agree it does look like rust. While you can buy it in 3 different tones I only bought the middle  tone as I did not want to over work the poor little paint elves. It is even better than that though, being pure magic you can even clean your brush in water afterwards! yes you can. While you can also use water as a thinner having tried it the results were just not as good. I can only imagine the Paint Elves don't like the taste as much. So I will not be thinning it again, well not with water anyway.

As I have now run out of my Chaos Rat Marines ( Hardly the most novel of ideas) I will have to find something else to paint in rust!  So unless anyone wants to donate any skaven or Space marines to me ready for conversion I don't think I will do any more just yet unless I find them dirt cheap at a show or on eBay.

Thanks for looking today I am now of to eBay to see what price I can pick up Necrons for!

I must say I love the Paint Elves who did the work and the paint as well, it really is magical. So My advie is don't buy it and watch the results but buy it paint it on and go out of the room and make a drink. It really is worth the it!

Thanks for tuning it. All Praise the Magical Painting Elves! And with luck see you all again soon.
All the best from Clint!

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Dismounted WW1 German Cavalry

Well I think the title says it all. I have finished the latest batch of figures for my friend Matt, continuing his Early WW1 figures we now have some 28mm WW1 German Cavalry but this time dismounted. No one it seems makes any dismounted WW1 Cavalry so Matt converted some if not all of these before passing them on to me.

The colours have come out much more BLUE in the photos than in reality as they are a little greyer in real life. The Auto correct button does not always give the optimal result. In the end you'll just have to take my word for it. But seriously they are more grey in the natural light as less vivid and vibrant blue.

On another note I am trying to clear my painting table in over this weekend as a local club is having a painting challenge very similar to Curt's ( but only for club members and for a shorter period. As it Is a club I will be attending this year I have been accepted and found suitable to enter. So as the MHWC Painting thingy (I'll get the real name later) is about to start I will be doing a few bits and bobs for that, but not as intensely as Curt's Challenge. So as I clear the decks you can expect another blog post tomorrow.

Thanks for looking today hop you are happy and well and I will try to post again tomorrow or Saturday at the very latest.

All the best from Clint

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Games I liked at Salute 2015

This is not a collection of all the games or even all the games I liked at Salute this year. It is just a few snaps of games that caught my eye for one reason or another sometimes with comments but mostly without.

Too Fat Lardies ultra modern rules and game

Another modern game set in the cold war of the 1980s<
One does wonder if after this year this will ever get used again?

Stingray, A nice idea, and anything can happen in the next 30 minutes

I did like these figures and basing.

For me my favourite looking game. An era and setting I like.
I also like the 20mm scale from Leicter Fat Cats If I remember correctly.

Above and below 2 different Samurai games both in 28mm
Funny how wargames has fashionable periods


Crush the Kiaser with a reasonably large Zeplin
I did ask them if they couldn't get a larger one.

Across the Dead earth.
So nice I bought the rules.
Having read about it on other blogs

I thought this the nicest building of the day.

This was nice in that they did move some of the tables
when the boats moved.
A novel idea.

MDF ships. And very nice cost cutting idea for the scale.
Just imagine the cost in resin or metal.

Nice to see WW2 was not a seasonal affair.

I think these guys were German. Makes you wonder what
they put in the beer out there!
Mostly included for my Nephews benefit.

A very nice Swedish medieval game.
England is an island nation and we do tend to look to our history first.

Perhaps saving the best 2 games till last.
Quite large models of ATATs in the assault on Hoth.

My Photography does not do it justice and I am told it won the prize for best show game.
And while it is lovely I do wonder what will happen to it!

Just to give you all something to throw darts at.
(Please print it out first)
POSTIE won a prize in the entrance
before we even got into the show.
Makes a change from Ray!
So well done mate.
That's my ramblings for today over with. My conclusion of the show is that it is just too large for me personally. I would have been happy if it was 1/2 the size. As a consequence I am in 2 minds whether to go next year.

Back to normal posting about wargames on Thursday. Thanks for looking and with luck see you all soon.

Sunday 26 April 2015

A Fist Full of Lead!

Or otherwise known as my swag from Salute show 2015. So what did I buy and what will it be used for?

Starting from top left and working to bottom right.

  • 1 28mm figure of "Teresa" given to me by Loki. (Andrew Saunders). Not sure what it's for or why but I did hear a rumour that it was from Curt and part of the Analogue painting challenge. But I will have top confirm this.
  • 2 20mm Britannia Vietnam castings.
  • 3 Salute Dice, which are to be given to friends.
  • Across the dead earth rules. Bumped into Richard there and I  thought to give them a try.
  • 1 bag of 20mm square bases, from Col Bill
  • 4 "Time Lift Security" not Captain Scarlet figures, by Crooked Dice.
  • 8 Black Scorpion Dwarf Pirates. These were an impulse buy but with a purpose. More of this when I paint them.
  • 1 tub of paint on rust effect. I saw this on Kyles blog last year and wanted some ever since, and it was cheaper on the day than getting it online.
  • The Salute Agincourt figure. While at present no use to me who knows what the future will bring.
  • Perspex freebie in the salute bag with range of arc angles. It may be free but I can see it being very useful.
  • A complete set of survivors and zombies from East Street games. These are to be split among zombie bloggers so we can promote his up coming set of rules. Mr Awdry has taken one already on the day and then when I get home and check I have not passed him the zombiefied version of the figure.
  • Heroics and Ros (really nice guy to talk to) 1/300th Cold War era soviet airborne troops. 1 pack might not be enough but I shall see for now as I strive to finish my 1/300s Air Desant force.
  • A GZG civilian mech power lifter. While intended for 15mm I will use it as a 28mm "Aliens Power Loader" The only problem being lots of bits and no instructions so that is going to be a lot of fun ..... a jigsaw with no picture kind of fun! Looking forward to it.
  • And along the bottom we have all the aircraft for this years
    Play by blog game. Again from Heroics and ross and again 1/300th scale so very small. 1 is missing as I have already given 1 to Kyle (of the rusty paint) as he has volunteered to paint one of them which he will be flying. The aircraft are all in service in the period November 1917.
  • And lastly a single Heroics and Ross "Longbow Apache" helicopter which is not for the play by blog game, as that may in some circles be considered as being unfair.
Well that is my fist full of lead and over the coming months you will see what I do with it all.

Thanks for looking today. I will post show pic on Tuesday. Until then have some fun while I unbend my legs from sitting in the Rejects Car in the back and watch the London Marathon on TV.

Cheers Guys.