Friday 22 April 2016

Officers of the Day.

 Yes some more VBCW figures. This time to socialist officers. One with a mega phone shouting orders, possibly a commissar or political officer. The Other with binoculars and pointing. I put more gold on the second figure as I appeared more senior in rank than the first one. Again painted to represent Russian uniforms as befits the Socialist in a Very British Civil War.

As with the others they were painted for Matt and his growing collection of figures and they are already in his keeping. I will post again in 2 days, as some of the morris dancers are now finished, and I am starting on a couple of civilians (a verger and a nun).

After that I may well do some figures for myself, well that's the plan. Not sure what they will be yet as it will have to be whatever takes my fancy on the day. Only time can tell.

Thanks for looking today and with luck see you in 2 days time. All the best Clint

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Lewis Gun Hero!

Honest I am not slowing down and getting doddery! OK I may be.

Here is another 28mm VBCW figure for Matt. This time a Lewis Gunner.  I am told the figure should have a pipe but Matt wanted a cigarette and had adapted the figure to more closely resemble a fag. (Americans please Note that Fag and Cigarette are the same thing in England and neither are to be considered as a sexual orientation!).  He is destined to join the Socialist factions in VBCW, although he could easily fit into any faction. And that is one of the big joys of VBCW so many figures can be used in so many factions.

The Lewis gun would perhaps be too heavy to hold like that for long and the fact that he can at all shows him to be very strong! Lewis Guns were normally slung over a shoulder if being carried simply because they were heavy! So the Sculptor is more GW than real life. That said I do like the pose and for a picture might be very authentic!

 I have painted him in a soviet uniform to reinforce the feeling that he is a socialist but only people who know have a keen interest in Military history will recognise the uniform among all the others and then they probably would not either.... why do I bother?

The figure was great fun to paint and there will be 2 more along on Friday. And a batch on Sunday as I am working on a selection of Morris dancers as well at the moment.

All the best folks have a nice sunny day

Monday 18 April 2016

VBCW Socialist MG

Well you should all know by now that I am working through the VBCW Socialist forces, and today we have a socialist MG. Another set of figures painted for Matt and his socialist and they will be getting a game in 2 weeks so there should be an AAR  (Barring accidents).

I am sorry I cannot tell you the make of the figures Matt probably told me but sometimes I make a goldfish look smart. And today is one of those days. Possibly Sloppy Jalopy! And definitely 28mm in size but that is where my brain stops.

 So this will just have to be a socialist machinegun and crew and leave it at that. Additionally I will not be able to identify the next batch. I did say I could make a goldfish look smart!

Have a good day and I hope to post again in 2 days time.

Best wishes Clint