Tuesday 27 March 2018

AK 47 Tank Ok a JS2

For those that do not know AK-47 is a set of rules by Peter Pig. I have tried the newer set (still quite old now) and do not like them. I do however like the old AK rules. I also think the club would benefit from a continuous game. ( I am reluctant to use the word campaign as they seem to think we will play the same set of rules every time, and let's be honest we all want a change). So on Sunday I will propose starting an AK 47 series of games.

I hope to set it up like one of my old necromunda campaigns so people an drop in and drop out as the whim takes them. And yet still have consistency of groups and people. BUT no you will not be able to control more than 1 African faction. As a side note Shame Fran is not in the area as I really do think this would be his sort of game as it usually is devoid of hedges but does nave other things to hide behind.

Anyway this is a Zvedzda 100th scale (therefore many use them as 15mm) JS2 heavy tank used by a great deal of countries around the world in the 1970's . Painted in a fictional colour scheme which I think is suitable for Africa (You are of course free to disagree but Africa is rather large and it does have a WIDE variety of terrains).
The model went to together very easily and despite my best instincts really was fool proof. I will be interested in getting another of these just to give me some variety of units and Knowing the rules having a "professional" quality tank on the table costs a lot of points BUT does tend to scare the opponents in AK terms.

That's it for today. next time either more about the campaign proposal or far more likely some Vikings. Until then take care have fun and roll some dice like you are a dice rolling fiend intent on winning.

Sunday 25 March 2018

WIP and Spendz.

Yes it has been a SLOW week wargames wise. However here are the first Work -in-Progress (WIP) photos of the Dieselpunk project. I HASTEN (Capitals and underlined) to add that is only the rough and is subject to change  in a very big way. In fact I have reached this stage before and scrapped it all so I am aware that it may happen that way again.

The "donor" vehicle is a Matchbox "Yesteryear truck and equates to about 28mm. All good so far. I have to add some armour to the sides and a turret and maybe a mine or oils slick dropper to the back. I will have to see as I get closer to completion.  The biggest problem of course is that each panel is a 3d curve so it has to be cut and shaped separately, tried in place and then attached with superglue. It's tricky time consuming and frustrating BUT when it is finished I am sure it will look very Dieselpunk and will become a much cherished vehicle, even if it is horrible in game terms. As for game terms we will just have to wait and see. I have at this stage NO clue how it will do.

Wargmes Terrain Workshop
A great display
I am told Dave is a regular
visitor to the shop
so if he wants to meet face to face one time
just let me know and we will
make it Happen.
in sock
You may remember that 2 weeks ago we (as a club) could not attend a local show due to the POOR weather. So I thought I would cheer myself up and have a little spend. I was of course in Rochester Wargames and model Railway shop.  They seem to have a lot more stock in most of it of interest to me

LUCID EYE (LINK) are now stocked. A figure range I have seen on eBay but not in the "Flesh". If youi do not know the range click the link to find out more.

The shop has also started to stock 15mm figures. WW2 Flames of war has been in stock for ages, but now some ancients and I must say BRAVO for that.

I was also interested to see some 15mm Vietnam stuff. I am VERY picky about Vietnam wargames so I did not get any. However it is a pleasure to see it  among the usual GW fodder.

No I did not look for necromunda. I meant to just forgot.

Here is what I did buy!
  • A 1/100th scale JS 2 This will be a quick add to my AK 47 force for battles in Africa. After all we all need some heavy tanks!
  • A pack of Savage Core (lucid eye) figures. More of these when I paint them. I hope to start them this week
  • 2 pots of much needed paint
  • A rules supplement. I had to import this from America, took about 9 working days and is the supplement I really wanted for "Force on Force" but was never able to find in this country. (sold out was the most common answer) again more on this (but so far not able to put down) in an upcoming post.

Well that' it for today I promise to get on with some hobby stuff today after I make the Roast Dinner (No none for you) wash up and then paint the kitchen cupboards. So that is my day planned out.

All the best Clint. Have a good day folks.