Friday 11 April 2014

Run Up to Salute.

Well here we go again. Today a few colonial British artillery. First off we have an officer and a Gatling gun, all in 10mm from Pendraken. Ok confession time, The officer was mostly painted by someone else as I bought it and a load of Zulus and British on eBay. Mostly unpainted, but this figure was painted so I just touched it up and covered over the scratches. Then a case of re-basing to get it to fit with my other colonial stuff. The Gatling gun was also rebased and touched up in the same way. A nice quick and easy addition to the horde. I could have re-painted in Khaki to better suit the Sudan maybe. But as I will use the British for Sudan and Zululand I have decided to keep the coloured uniforms. I just think they look better in red uniforms.

I have also managed to finish 3 gun crews. Again in the Blue uniforms. Four crew to each gun, these and the officer and Gatling gun will most likely be all the artillery I need for quite a few games. Again Pendraken 10mm based and ready to go to war. I do have a couple of limbers to add to the force but not just yet. but no limber riders so they might not get finished quite yet!

And Finally. I hope to meet some of you tomorrow at Salute and I will be cutting the Fudge today ready for tomorrow. Noticed that I have got a minor mention (indirectly at least I assume it's me) in this months Miniature Wargames. Well that is to say my fudge got a mention by Helena Gnash. Anyway here is what it looks like before cutting!

That's it for today, if I bump into you tat Salute GREAT. If I don't then take care and get some painting or gaiming done! All the best Clint

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Well I am not going to make a big thing of it but the illness persists in the family. One person gets better and another gets worse.

These are a bit rough but they are now finished. Well not really rough, but I have put the sashimi back banners some place and I could not find them and then the photos came out a bit blurred. But they will add to my growing Samurai armies and will fit in perfectly.

I have pre-ordered some more Samurai from Pendraken ready to pick up on Saturday at Salute but only an additional 2 packs so not as many as I could possibly get. Just enough to keep the project rolling along.

So today we have another 12 Samurai with Naginata mounted and ready for battle. These will bolster my Red Samurai army and bring them to a similar level to my grey Army. I am not far of having sufficient for a battle now, no wargames army is ever really finished but this is now approaching critical mass. And I will anticipate getting a game in quite soon. In fact I am planning one in about a month, give or take.

So Now I am writing the rules. Going for a very simple set based on DBA but that could all change as it is not yet written in stone.

Thanks for looking today. I have a spare hour so I may get to make some fudge done ready for the traders at Salute.

I am hoping to get another one or two more posts in before the big day. So with luck talk to you soon.
All the best Clint