Saturday 8 March 2014

Thank you

Thank you to those that took part in my small poll  The results were quite conclusive:

British 5
Arab    2
Indian  1

Thus it looks very much like I shall do a small British force for the game with the rejects.
Cheers Again Guys. Next post Monday.

Friday 7 March 2014

The Girls Team

Disclaimer: This has been re-written since it originally appeared on Curt's Analogue Painting Challenge. Ant supposed reference to any bloggers alive, dead, undead or never lived is purely coincidental and is in no way intended to reflect in ANY way on members of the wargames and figure painting Blogger community. Honest Guv!

The Team of St Searles is a mixed and varied lot. As a team they have many faults and yet at the same time will support each other despite all being individuals.

Starting from left to right.
 "Little" Leeza Hadley. The Little title seems to be a reverse nickname. She is commonly identified by the others as the Rich Girl a title she disclaims and yet it somehow persists to be used to identify her. One of her more distressing features is that it is claimed by the other girls that her bottom burps could be weaponised!

Andrea Saunders. Has an interest in alternative Religious studies. Particularly Norse mythology. Indeed she has been heard muttering about sacrificing Virgins to a giant spider goddess. Needless to Say Virginia in year 9 is particularly fearful. While she has a rebellious appearance she does do the most home work and does have the most house points of all these girls.
 Anne O' Leery is a foreign exchange student. Very glamorous and with an eye for detail she is by far the most feminine of the squad. She is very good with her make up and her work is always very neat and tidy. She also likes ruby slippers for some reason, maybe it has to do with her being an exchange student!

Francesca Lee is a team player but does suffer from anger management issues.  While she is best friends with Rachel that does not stop them fighting like cat and dog. Francesca does have an accent but she hardly ever mentions her past. While you seldom see her smile she does have a sense of humour. Commonly of a very dour demeanour she presents a formidable appearance.  She also carries two bottles in her pack which she claims are to clean up Rachel's mess. One bottle has a strong smell of "Detol". This is perhaps linked to her interest in chemistry and it has been suggested that she is the girl most likely to be able to make a viable explosive device. She also likes films and despite being very opinionated does tend to hit the nub of truth in her diagnosis.

Rachel Rousell is the history buff in the group she is particularly drawn to the periods where lots of lace was worn. Indeed she takes it far enough to want to wear lace underwear at all occasions especially a rather bright blue pair covered in budgie feathers! the other girls especially "Tammy" tease her about a pair of Falsies which they call sandbags! Also it is best not to mention anything about her ..... erhm.... badger!
Also in the Team Miss Campbell, she is the head girl, at least that is what it says on the wall of the loos of the local boys school. She is definitely in charge and keeps all the others in check by awarding house points. In earlier years she had long flowing hair but at present they are trimmed and tidy.

Finally we Have Tammy. She is a total tomboy. A very hard worker with many diverse interests. Despite the picture she has read hair and the pink satchel always contains her trusty lighter and half a packet of cigarettes. She does tease the other girls especially Rachel but she has a kind heart and does make up for the teasing on occasion with small hand crafted gifts.

Well those are my St Searles Girls this year. I hope you like the team, they are all great characters and usually up for a laugh.

That's it for today. I hope you have found it fun and not too serious after all we play games and games should be fun.

All the best Clint./

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Another FemBot.

You may remember that I picked up a Crooked Dice Dolly bird head sprue at Cavalier a couple of weeks ago. This was because I had a fembot body but without a head so for the 4th Analogue Hobbies Challenge latest bonus round (favourite characters) I decided to paint it up and get it finished.

So I went for a greater variety and rather than the standard blonde, blue eyed bimbo blonde shell which are more common in films. (See Below).

Anyway this was not my first choice of favourite character but it has come to my attention that as I am not doing well in the bonus rounds it is just worth my time and effort putting in a token effort to get the points and allow others to scoop the prizes. It is a tactic which has helped me justify my participation in the bonus rounds. No big deal of course everyone is allowed to make their own choices. My first choice of characters would have been St Searle's girls. Which should be my next blog post as they are all done now.

So just a single 7TV fembot to show today. Thanks for looking and schoolgirls for my next post either Friday or Saturday.

So Until then, take care have fun and get some painting done. All the best Clint

Monday 3 March 2014

Something a little different

What skip from project to project, that sounds most unlike me! Ok it sounds exactly like me really. Today I have a cryx warmachine defiler. Warmachine was one of those games that came to the club quickly was played 4-5 times and has not been seen since. Like many games before it and I think for many games still to come. Games that the designers have not even thought about yet.

So I still have most of my figures left to paint. But not wanting good figures to go to waste I will slowly carry on with them. I suspect I will have retired long before I finish them at this rate or 1 every 18 months or longer.

This was a happy distraction while I wait for some SCW figures to appear. They seem to be taking a long while just yet, but that may be because I want them. So while I wait for them I am just going through my back collection and finishing things that have been hanging around a while.

So that's it for today I shall update on Wednesday. Until then take care and look after yourself.

All the best Clint