Friday 30 May 2014


And here today I have finished some more 10mm colonial mounted troops. This time lancers. As they were bought on eBay I cannot be sure of the make, but I do not think they are Pendraken. Still they are nice enough and have kept me busy of late. Again I have gone for the earlier coloured uniforms as I am not such a huge fan of the khaki later ones. This means I will be able to use them from Zulu Wars. Yes I will also use them for the Sudan just because I see little point in getting them and painting them again in a different coloured uniform. I am not a purest!

As you can see I have taken them head on and in side view. 6 stands in all, 2 figures to a stand for a total of 12 lancers. This I hope will give me more than enough for what I need.

The Final picture shows all my 10mm British colonial cavalry. The very observant among you will note that the lancers helmets are a different colour. This is deliberate as the Lancers had a cream helmet in all the pictures I have seen and the other cavalry had white helmets! If you know better please let me know and I will re paint them.

That's it for today. More again on Sunday. I will admit I am not sure what I am painting next so that could be a pleasant surprise for both of us.

Until Sunday, have fun and with luck I will see you again soon.
All the best Clint

Wednesday 28 May 2014

10mm Bullet Magnet.(and Garden)

Despite the bank holiday I was not able top get so much done. Well I did but no so much wargames related, so I will leave that to the end of the post. What I did get done however was a 10mm SCW era Petrol tanker with trailer. It's again originated from my Skytrex DAK force which is now defunct. But more importantly driving a petrol tanker around any wargames table is just asking for trouble. We all know that all but one gamer will want to see it explode. (The one that will not want to see that is the one in charge of it, but even he might!... you know what they are all like). They may even claim that the red squares are the target aim points in some futile attempt to get a modifier to hit! Anyway this was inspired by Colgar6 who thought that trailers might make good objective pieces so I have also included a petrol trailer for it as well. For the scenario I may say it's a milk tanker instead of petrol as that may keep the driver alive for an extra turn. Yeah who am I kidding!

Elsewhere over the bank holiday weekend I have lain a path to the compost heap. Yes I know that the gaps are not even but every thing fits in the space allowed without me having to cut the slabs so that's good enough. And more importantly no more muddy trips to the compost heap.
The thing I am enjoying most in the garden at the moment though is that we have a bees nest! They have taken over a bird box attached to my garage. To me this is brilliant as it means that all my plants are getting pollinated. If you look closely you can see some flying in and out.
I am not the greatest with wild life, but I have even seen the queen with 3 males on her back. I did not want to intrude on an intimate moment so I have enlarged the picture as much as I can. As you can see she is considerably larger than her mates!
That's it for today and I should have some colonial stuff done for Friday when I post next. (with any luck) until then take care and enjoy spring!
All the best Clint

Monday 26 May 2014

SCW more trucks

Normally I would do an AAR after a club day. But as only 3 people could make it to the club yesterday there was not a lot going on. I did play a game of ACW river warfare. And while I sunk more ships Colin managed to destroy the objectives so he actually won. So well done Colin.

So instead of an AAR here are a few more 1/200th scale (10mm) vehicles for my planned Spanish Civil War game. I painted these as they are uncomplicated and therefore easy to get done and by doing so I think I have some enthusiasm back. Well let's hope so!. They are all Skytrex action 200 WW2 German Range. Available here ( I have taken the view that a truck is a truck and as long as it is about the right period it is good enough.

First up we have 2 heavy trucks (sorry I can't give an exact make and model). To be honest I am not too worried about it after all they could be civilian trucks pressed into service. These two trucks are considerably bigger and heavier than the standard Opel Blitz. As such these will count as heavy trucks in the game, so don't expect them to do very much of roading!

Next up we have two light trucks. Yes I know they are German (I scrounged them out of a failed DAK project of about 30 years ago. (OK maybe 25 years ago). One clearly has been painted as an ambulance this is clearly an attempt to make them look less military and more civilian. The other truck is just green in colour and while it is identifiable as WW2 vintage I shall get away with it as the time difference is only a couple of years.

Lastly we have an Opel Blitz (I still have a few of these in DAK paint jobs) but it looks like a generic truck and that's good enough for me. Additionally there is a WW2 staff car but again it is generic so I am happy to re use it. To go with any of the trucks I have two medium trailers. I am not sure the trailers will get used, but it's nice to have the option of using them and I think trailers are seldom used in games.

I have several more DAK vehicles that I could use and will probably get around to repainting them in due course. Thanks for popping by and I hope to see you all again soon. I have been given an excellent magazine article to read which has sparked a game Idea so I may well get side tracked!

All the best Clint