Saturday 10 November 2018

28mm Colonial British Cavalry

Well the title says almost it all. They are  Foundry 28mm metal figures of the colonial British cavalry. I nearly put them on 2 days ago but thought it better to get them all finished and varnished first. 11 in all for this stage, although there might be more tomorrow. He says he has something but as yet no idea what it will  be.

Officer with pistol and a standard trooper.

Bugler, officer and Sergeant! Painted to match in with the rest.

 3 more troopers.

And the final 3 troopers  all to make a total of 11.
Yes I know you can count them. I assure you they are all there, there are no mirrors or trick photography.

I know some of you will be happy for me t get back to sensible historical stuff. While others will be happy for me to do all the rest and strange stuff. While I am just happy to paint. and realise you can't please everyone ALL the time.

Take care have a great weekend and with luck an AAR on Monday.

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Full Circle!

Well you know what they say. "What  comes around, goes around"! And so it appears with me. I have slipped back into wanting to do "wild west" wargames.  As such there are 3 routes to explore.  Firstly cowboy skirmish games. I already have enough figures (who am I trying to kid... there are never enough) figures for that. I just need a set of rules I really like.  Maybe a few more apaches.. would be nice, but who knows.

The second thread is 15mm mass battles. I  know we tend to think of small skirmishes with up to 1/2 a dozen figures on each side. But Bigger battles did take place. Think "Battle of Little Big Horn!" for example. Peter Pig *( Have just re-released a set of rules for that and to be fair. I am interested. It should be better that the "Hey you in the Jail" set I have from them. So that is something I shall definitely be looking at.

The third option, is to go non-historical. Yes we have Dracula in America,( Best place for him I should imagine). But we also have Westworld. Before anyone asks NO I have not seen the TV series! And this is an old conversion (way back about 6 years ago!) but I could be very tempted to do more.

So if I do Westworld I shall use the 7TV 2e rules. And shall buy some more "Fembots" just for the heads better to make conversions.

So in the future expect me to re-make my wild west terrain in bother 15mm and 28mm.

That's iit for now back to the paint table and the miniatures mine!