Saturday 9 February 2013

A Very British Logistics

 I have managed to paint up some of the vehicles I "Scrounged" from Tim. These tree trucks all have the same cab but by simply painting them in different colours they look more like civilian lorries that have been commandeered and pressed into service as part on the great push to cross the River Medway. I have tried to stick to colours from the period which has lead to some interesting combinations that you tend not to see today. It's funny that even in my life-time the colours of Motor vehicles have changed, when I was a lad there were no silver coloured cars on the road, today silver seems the most popular colour. I looked at vintage vehicle images on Google to select the colour combinations.

I really wanted these to have a commercial feel and not a military one. For me part of the joy of VBCW is the ad-hoc nature of many of the units. As such I wanted these to be usable for many purposes. I have not assigned them to any troops or factions as I see these as generic transports for any faction. Should we need a supply convoy for example these will fit the bill. If not used in game as transport they can and will be part of the scenery of the game.

 The blue lorry appears to have no load. At present I have no plans to add a cargo to the lorry. I might use it as a tow for an artillery piece if that becomes the case crew and ammunition would be carried on the flat bed at the back. Although at this stage I plan to keep it as a standard flat bed truck.
All these trucks, along with some others, are available from Tim at Frontline Wargaming and I think will add some flavour to any WW2 or VBCW battle in 20mm. Sometimes it is the little details which make the most difference in a game.

All in all I am quite pleased with these three. They go together well and to me they look right for the action of VBCW. I have 3 more lorries to paint this week. At least one of those will have more military prospects as I feel a Camouflage scheme for one truck at least. But thinking it now and when I have a paint brush in my hand might yield different results. I guess we will both know sometime next week.

Club tomorrow so I will post again on Monday. Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon. All the best Clint.

Thursday 7 February 2013

BROADSIDE 2013 (update)

Broadside 2013 has had a few problems. Now I am blaming the fact that it is this year with a 13 in it. The Major problem is that the web site was hacked. Neither the Hosting service or the Internet Providers are taking responsibility from what I understand. The source of the hacking has been traced back to Malaysia. My previous contact with Malaysians has been 100% positive they have all be incredibly nice people, I even had a Malaysian Nick-name at one point. Until I found out what it meant and the changed it!!!! So to me this is out of character with the Malaysians as a race of people.

WE are finding ways around this problem. (When I say we I don't mean me as I am computer illiterate!) Needless to say it's not idea or our first choice but we shall get all the information onto the web even if I have to use 6 inch nails and gaffer tape! (That's the level of my inter-web knowledge!)

There are of course other problems,  we could always do with a few more traders. Any show that says they can't is either lying or just not trying. Attracting Traders is always an issue we want then to come, they want to come as well but being businesses they want to come with the firm knowledge that they will make money! AS such Traders want to know the show will attract people before they fork out their hard earned. And you can't blame them.

I have this morning struggled back from B+Q with more supplies for our (Rainham Wargames Club) game. Unless I change my mind at the last minute it will be based on a Very British Civil War. It is not unknown for me to change course part way through. At present a VBCW seems likely. At this stage there is nothing much to see, a couple of piles of wood and pots of glue. Should the weather continue to stay mild her I will get the base board carcasses done tomorrow. Time will tell.

Scale will be 1/72nd scale (20mm in wargamespeak!) but the rules are open to debate. One option is to go for the "Brigadier '38" rules from Solway, another choice might be Tim's very own rules which he's been fine tuning for several years.

And that is todays blog. I hope to have something I can show next time. All the best and take care Clint!

Tuesday 5 February 2013

BUF Armour.

Good morning. Firstly let me say that you to all the readers lurkers and followers who have pushed me over the 20,000 page views. I really do appreciate the time and effort you expend watching my exploits in wargames. I am sure all bloggers say it but without the readers, blogging is in My view a partnership. And as such without readers Blogging is fairly pointless.

This my first post with the new computer. Still not managed to get to Grips with Windows 8, but I feel confident that I shall. (Given enough time, patience and medication!!)

Here we have a single British Union of Fascists tank in 20mm. This is one of my very very old SHQ models re-painted and based and now ready for action. I won't be doing much in the way of tanks for either force but while I am able to re use existing items that I own I shall do so. Call it wargames recycling if you will. This Vickers Mk IV carries a black livery as well as BUF lightning bolt markings. It also has BUF on the front section of armour. The flag pole carries not the "Union Flag" as we know it but a different version. (This is mostly because I have a few spare and not for any political statement.)  While I am sure that many people will identify it as being different they will know that it is for VBCW and as such is not trying to be the modern flag. This flag has been adopted by some of the Kentish BUF due to an unhappy relationship with Eire. Once Ireland has come under BUF sway they will of course be happy to include them on the flag as well, but until such times they will not be considered. The real reason for using this particular design is that I have a sheet of them that won't get used otherwise, but don't tell anyone!

That's it for today. thanks for reading and now we shall all push on to the 25, 000 milestone. All the best Clint!