Saturday 29 September 2018

Scientific survey team 15mm Gruntz)

Actually 2 things in one post. Firstly a repainted gift. These are the figures that were given to me a couple of years ago. I have now repainted and rebased them to better  fit with my sci-fi world. 15mm GZG (I am told). I went blue as they will then pop on my boards which I must admit are lacking any form of blue! 8 figures in 4 different poses and while they do all carry pistols combat is not a primary role. As such I shall use them as survey teams just plotting and mapping the planet.

That should be more than enough  of non combatants doing science things for now and I hope for the future.

I feel a bit cheeky calling this terrain. So 4 Solar panels.
As you can see they are Blotz Solar arrays. They come in a pack of 4 for £4 (at time of publishing) . (Blotz Link) As for price and scale they can't be beaten. Thes solar panels could be equally used in 28mm or 15mm They really are that versatile.

The pack consists of 4 clear acrylic panels and 4 stands. There are no instructions but you would have to be quite challenged to assemble them in a different way. Having typed that I just know someone will! They do come with a plastic film which covers the clear acrylic as you can see in the picture. I found this covering to be easily removed with a finger nail. Assembly was equally easy1 base and 3 uprights which all fitted together very easily.

I wanted a different look to the panels so I sprayed everything matt black. When I look at solar panels I do not see them clear, but being sci fi fell free to have them clear.  You can see where the panels are attached to the stands. Being Black it does help to minimise this. .

The last pic shows the stands/panels from each side so they will need some ground colour/texture to fit into the boards. Quick and easy and they shoud fit on the boards in both civil and military modes. It all depends on what I put with them. As I do intend to make a "farm" I can clearly see these as a power source.... and therefore a target for my opponent!

That's it, have a good weekend and with luck more again on Monday.

Thursday 27 September 2018

Leader and Fitters Truck (15mm sci fi)

For those not interested in 15mm sci fi I do apologise, but a break is due soon. As I continue to work on my Gruntz force. here are 2 more specialists.

Fitters Truck. (15mm GZG)
 A Fitters Truck is vital to all  mechanised troops. As without it you cannot keep vehicles going. This  one is by Ground Zero Games (GZG ) although it is not sold as a Fitters truck, the robots (I am told) are also by GZG (Link) while the actual engineers are by Brigade Models (Different link) .
Stated out as follows.
Base cost 1 Point
scout size. (4 hits)  4 points
Guard Average (3 points)
Soak Light  (3 points)
Shoot trained (1 point)
Assault Seasoned (3 points)
Mental Seasoned (3 points)
Skill Trained (1 point)
Total 19/2=10
Laser Pistol+ energy hand weapon (power tool) +4
Perkz Engineer 4 Points
Total per infantry base (18)

Fitters Truck
Base cost 1 point
Size Light (actually a medium vehicle but treated as a Light) 12 Points
Wheeled (really quite fast) +1 Point
NO WEAPONS +0 points
Skill ( as above)
Cost 14 oints

Making the most of the fact I had 1 crew casting left! I decided it MUST be a leader. It will ONLY be used IF the vehicle is destroyed and I need an escaped crew member.

Hover Jeep.
base Cost 1
Scout  size +8 points
Hover motion +2
 Weapons vehicle Light Laser +4 points
Skill Veteran +5
C-Tek +6 points

Total 26 points

 I fully realise I have made some howling mistakes in the list so far and any Grunts player is more than welcome to point them out. But until I play the first game or 2 how shall I know. Yes I could have tried to mini-max the points to always end on an even number and in my youth that is what I would have done. But now older (if no wiser) I have decided to go with what  feels right and not what gives me the most points!

I also know that not many will use this set of rules. Indeed I have not tried them yet! Therefore I am not expecting a massive response n how to do the points properly.

Next time..... maybe some more sci fi, but this time maybe terrain. Several things started but not as yet finished.

Until then take care have fun and roll dice a few times if you can.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Deathmatch Day

Kind permission of Dave to photograph
To be fair he did send me the original
in a format I just could not open
So this is a photograph of the front cover.
I attended a "Deathmatch Day" at the local store. Dave Stone was due to come up and I was happy to see him. BUT I dislike Science Fiction Gladiators. So I was not looking forward to it! It did not help that the shop had forgotten all about it and thought it was in a months time. We can all complain, but these things do happen!

I was wrong! The game is actually very good. The Mechanics work very well and I am inclined to pick up a hard copy in the weeks ahead.

When money allows I think an order to Wargames Terrain Workshop is very likely to happen. (LINK). I shall admit I did buy a beastie but I do not intend it for this game.

As it was not advertised due to the shop forgetting I watched one game. Played one game (kids interrupted that one and dragged the parent away and did final get to have a game myself.

Here is what happened.

Game 1 (Observed)

A lizardman versus a giant of a Gladiator

Creatures in the light grey section are waiting to come on.
They bothe charged towards each other in an unthinking way.
 It was quickly over and while the first and even the second beast were released
The game was almost a forgone conclution. With the Lizard man dying and the large Gladiator hardly taking and damage at all.

While theye were present the game was over before the beasts got to do anything interesting.

At this stage I was thinking "It#s OK but nothing out of the ordinary!"

Game 2 (Interrupted)

My first game
Having the advantage that I had already seen a game I gave "Tory" my oponant the first choice of models. So she took the large brute again.
Therefore I decided to take the Lizard man again. Just to see if it was all about the brute strength of the Giant.

 As I won the initiative I steped back as far as I was able and let fly tith my "Punch pistol". It did not have much effect but it did some damage and for that I am grateful.

The giant was able to close some of the distance and did let fly it's ranged attack. I was lucky and it missed! The second round was much as the first except a Lavabeast was released from it's holding cell and made its way out onto the Arena floor.

I moved the the right and put the opponent between the lava beast and myself. I am not fussy I will use the beasts to weaken/kill y opponents if I can.

The gigantic gladiator charged. I was unable to avoid fighting any longer. But at this stage I had taken a lot less damage than my opponent.

Lizardman card
I was all set for a victory (well that is the way I shall tell it despite the truth) when Tories youngest got very disruptive and in the end the game was stopped. Seriously I was in the advantage and I could have won given more time, but only just. Therefore I have to  accept a draw!

 Game 3:
I wanted to try something different. I had at this stage played 1/2 a game and watched 1 game. So Rob (I think that was his name, sorry if I got it wrong) was given the choice of what to play, He chose the Lizard man. Suprising to me te lizard man was picked in all three games.
That being the case I took a HUMAN.

I had decided to play very differently.

When Rob stepped back and fired his punch pistol, I just took the damage and "Showboated!" . Rob continued to win the initative in the second round.

I had moved out of range of his pistol. So Rob was forced to close the ground. before firing a second time. Again some damage but I had a plan (not a very good one) so I stuck to it. I moved when it was my turn to the right. This should put the beast directly behind rob. And Showboated once more.

Random monster pic!
The third round I won initiative and changed. I was lucky The charge hit home and Rob took sufficient hits to be driven back towards the beast. Unfortunately he was not knocked down. ready for the beast to go MUNCH MUNCH. That was my plan.

But I had done enough to win the applause of the crowd and with 2 bounts of Showboating and the crowd on my side I was the winner.

There are t ways to win "Deathmatch!"way 1 is to slay the opponent, way two is to win the crowd to your point of view.  yes perhaps I was sneaky to use the second way, but it did mean taking the hits first without fighting back.

Overall I diod enjoy the game and Shall play it again as it is very quick and has as much action as you could want. Unless some idiot decides to "Showboat" his way to victory!