Saturday 24 August 2013

Bicycle Boys!

 A couple of old Foundry figures from their Home guard range. I hasten to add that I am still working through my old lead pile and at present have no use for these chaps. I am sure I will find a use for them but what that will be and when is anyone's guess. Painted more for fun and pleasure than anything else following the WW1 figures I was finishing off last week. For now I'll put them in the same box and maybe use them as WW1 dispatch riders.

Not really a whole lot more to say about these two figures.  Something a little different but only a little. I used the same colours as the WW1 figures as British army uniforms did not seem to change colour too much between the wars. That is of course the time for someone to jump in and contradict me. And if the colours are very much different I have an eye test in September so let's not worry about it.

I may have originally got these when VBCW was planned in 28mm but now the club is doing 20mm these might never get used. Oh well never mind, sooner or later they'll either get used or put on a bring and buy.

Changing the topic, I am due to play a Sudan game at the club on Sunday so with any luck an After Action Report on Monday. So until then, take care and hope to see you soon. Best Wishes Clint.

Thursday 22 August 2013

6mm Buildings (2)

 Well here are the other two buildings. Both from the same source as the ones I showed a couple of days ago. Again they have a wide variety of construction techniques displayed on each model (stone work, brick work, timber framed, weatherboarding etc etc.. ) Traditionally Weatherboarding would be white washed but I thought the blue just looked better. If we are being strictly accurate then weatherboarding is a Kent (and have to be local to appreciate the difference) contextual feature which would mean the building (or Builder) was base in (or from) Kent.  I can already hear the snores so I'll move on.

The third picture shows some of the side views as opposed to straight elevations. This is to show that the details extend to all sides. I really like this approach as when on the table top we would never see a simple facade.  It also goes to show how much fun they are to paint.

Of course now I have these painted up there is no excuses not to do some of my 6mm troops. While I have none on the paint table at the moment, I have as mentioned previously now found them and even had an email back from Tim at Frontline with the sixes of the bases he has used. So perhaps I need to stop procrastinating and get on with it.

As you can see from the last photo here are all the building together. I knew someone would ask for one so just to save you the effort of asking.

So here we go again another blog post over and with luck I shall look forward to hearing from you or to the next post which should be on Friday. All the best Clint

Tuesday 20 August 2013

1/300th Buildings (1)

 Having played a game with Tim about 10 days ago using Black Powder rules with his 6mm Jacobites I knew I had some 6mm Malburians by Baccus. Yes I realise these are buildings, please bear with me. The Malburians I knew I had put somewhere "Safe". So I started the search for them and found these resin 6mm (1/300th scale) buildings. So the brush came out and the paint went on because it is always nice to have some scenery for games. There are 2 more which are half painted so look out for them in coming posts.

The first building I have painted I have made into a pub or Tavern. The sign says "Hop and Vine" so it is very generic and could fit in anywhere. The other three are not commercial building but dwellings. All 4 buildings have a variety of building styles and materials. Stone build, timber frame wooden planking and a rendered plaster finish are all in evidence. There is a mixture of tile and thatch roofs and different forms of stonework including quoining. Most buildings have a mixture of styles and techniques which adds to the very village feel of the buildings. over all I am very impressed with these buildings sculpts as they each are absolutely packed with character. When the other two are finished they will make a very charismatic and charming village to battle through.

I did eventually find the place the Malburian figures were hiding. This particular "Safe place" was tucked behind the printer by my computer. I have no idea why they were hiding there but they did  show up so that is another thing to get painted in the coming weeks.

That's it for now. I should post again in 2 days. So until then thanks for reading and as ever feel free to make comments if you choose. All the best Clint.

Sunday 18 August 2013

More WW1 28mm

 I was in a painting mood on Saturday so managed to get some more 28mm figures done. Obviously they are all late war, but I had them hanging about and as I am at present not buying and trying to reduce the unpainted pile it was worth getting them done despite the fact that the rest are early war mostly in caps. Which makes these the first helmeted figures for the force.

The figures are "Great War Miniatures" in a pack of Lewis gunners. I suspect that there should have been 3 Lewis Gunners and 3 Ammunition carriers. In my pack there was a duplicate munitions carrier, middle in the top photo and left figure in the second photo. This is not a complaint. and extra ammunition is rarely a mistake. I am guessing that somewhere there is a figure pack with an extra Lewis Gunner but no No:2 so he'll be short of supplies and may have trouble reloading. Many people would prefer the extra gun but troops carrying things through trenches can always be used in a WW1 setting.

6 figures in a pack at £5:40 including postage having just checked on eBay seems like a good price. I have no need of any more British for now so I doubt I will purchase any more in the foreseeable future. I did enjoy painting them though as the uniforms are straightforward and it means you can get them done without too much thought or colour worry.

Additionally I found this Renegade officer who had failed to get painted when I did the rest of the WW1 figures so I managed to include him in the batch at the same time. He had been attached to a "slotta" base which I must have done several years ago as opposed to a washer. I have no idea why I did not do him those years ago, maybe he was absent without leave at the time and I simply forgot him and then put him in the "to do" box! Who knows, I can't remember. You can see in the group picture at the bottom that despite my camera work in the individual picture he does fit in. (No idea why it came out so much darker and so much browner. Oh well never mind)

I am doubtful these will get any kind of tabletop outing in the near future I definitely have nothing planned for them but you never know. I would need to make another opposing army for them and that is a task I am not willing to take at present.

That is it for today. Thank you for tuning in. If I can get any painting done this afternoon I will post again on Tuesday. I hope to but nothing is ready yet. So until next time keep safe have fun and feel free to comment, or not as the whim takes you. All the best Clint