Saturday 18 August 2018

RA gun crew Crimean War

Yes Painted for Matt.  They are of course Foundry and 28mm in size. Very simply one 6 (or maybe 9) pounder and a crew of 4. If there had been a sergeant with the unit he should have a gold band around the hat but enlisted men had red. But no sergeant  so nothing this time to worry  about.  I doubt that will be the case next time.

While I have no love for the period it is a pleasant period to paint. (He says before Matt passes the Russians on to paint, which I am sure will take some getting used to!). Overall a nice bunch for the weekend.

As I know what they plan at the club tomorrow I may well give it a miss. It is not that I hate the period. Far from it! BUT I do hate the version of the rules they will choose to use.  Enough of what has not happened yet, As I ponder what I shall do next! (It may be more Lion Rampant, Aeronef or it may be something entirely different!) But I have a free afternoon so I know it will be something!

Anyway enjoy the weekend and with luck see you Monday!

Thursday 16 August 2018

Second archer unit (Re-painted)

Yep that is unit no 2 finished. As you can see I have removed the banner bearers but retained the musicians. As you can see I have kept the Sable and Argent (black and White or Silver) colour scheme.  Painted a drummer and 11 archers. As last time there is no purchase prise as they are all old figures.  They are as I am sure you already know Bretonnian Archers from Games Workshop. But I shall be using them as general archers for Lion Rampant! So a swap of figures from a Fantasy game to a historical game. This switch for me sp far, has worked really well.

At the bottom is a pic of both units. And at this stage it isall I have managed to COMPLETE. I shall need to work on some other stuff soon so expect the next post to be something a bit different! (Not wildly different just not Lion Rampant probably Crimean war!)

That's it for today, just a quickie and no frills.
All the best from Clint and with luck you will all have a great day!

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Buisy few days

After the heat and the weather sapping all my energy I now find myself full of zim and zigour. In other words the Mojo has returned. I therefore completed a unit for Lion Rampant. Ok not from scratch but a re-paint. There are things still to change! Firstly I may replace the bannerman with an archer. I feel this is most important. As suchthe re-paint of an additional archer is underway. Secondly I may replace the musician. And I may not. In lion rampant all troops need to be within 3" of a unit leader. As such the musician if they act as the unit leader (with no abilities) it may clearly mark a place all troops need to be within 3 inches of. So at present I am in 2 minds. I have spare archers so it is at this stage not a cost issue.

I plan another archer unit in Black and white (Sable and Argent) as the next part of this sub project! They should I hope be finished either today or tomorrow. Yes I shall blog them soon. If the gods will it, it shall be done with this group and the additional bowman and the bannerman removed. That gives me time to think about the musician.

Aeronef: All the parts I messed up arrived yesterday afternoon. (which is quite normal delivery via the postman. And no complaints about that what so ever!) As such early this morning about 3;30am I fitted the small turrets. And here it is ready for a second prime!

Therefore I shall start the painting any-time now! I am still unsure of the colours but As it is Victorian Science Fiction I will not follow the painted version on the Brigade web site.

I will now keep this hidden until finished! So no more aeronef for a while.

Retail therapy: I have purchased 2 things wargames related.  A box of Perry Plastics. These in time will bulk out my Lion Rampart force. Perhaps a unit of crossbows!  I have also contacted a few members of the wargames club to see if they have any spare figure I could buy of them for this project. Maybe I will be lucky on the weekend. Time will tell.

The second thing I bought was from Dave Wargames Terrain Workshop (LINK ) A stand of Cactus.  I must admit I am itching to start painting this. Now before I do I need to carry on building some terrain which due to the heat had slipped onto the back burner. However thanks to Dave, {THANKS DAVE} it is moving to the front rapidly. In fact I MAY do some tonight! I feel I have a fresh start and that makes a lot of difference! I have noticed that WTW also make Dinosaurs! While I do not need any for any planned project it is definitely something to ponder for the future!

That#s it for today. Spare time planed already to painting models making terrain and If I get the chance a Cak ay get made as well as It seems ages since I made a Cake!

All the best Clint

Sunday 12 August 2018

Repair, Repaint, Re-touch, Re-use!

Today I have been looking at my old Bretonians. I have come to the startling realisation that I can use so many as a Lion Rampant base for an army! YES I know it is not all a straight swap. My Grail knights on Pegussi (Not sure how to spell the plural of Pegasus ) for example cannot be used! And while not a balanced force I can field the following.

60 Longbowmen. Yes some shall need a repaint. Typically the ones I Picture.

I have an additional 3 units that just need dusting of and re-organising. I shall come to those in a later post no doubt.

Each of these units shall need re-paining, tidying up and different liveries! Blue and white is so 5 years ago! Actually I shall put them in different liveries so they actually look like a different force, and nothing to do with fashion. My other 36 are all in Red and Blue so feel free to suggest another colour scheme if you want. But these shall be a different force so a re-paint in different colours is needed.

More of these in a future post! But that is a total of 8 points and should (I hope) be quick to finish>

 These knights need a tidy up (and in some cases a glue). But 6 Mounted "Men at arms" (yes I could if  I chose use them as Mounted Sergeants). All the Comparisons on the horses match and I have 4 left over. Again they have a blue and red motif and while they do not have helmets a quick tidy up is all they really need. And sort out the banner! It is Just possible I shall get rid of the yellow stripe! Time will tell!

The last unit. Again in need of  some slight refurbishment is another 6 mounted "Men at arms". Yes the banner does need some work but not much ad mostly regluing! As you can tell I was on my very big flag phase. Yes it is quite a whopper! (About 2x as long as a horse From main to extreme end of it's tail).A bit of work to do but not all that much! I Might if the mood takes me address the green knight as the rest are either red, blue or Yellow as a dominant colour and the green seems out of place.

I think I still have a few knights from the GW Bretonia range lurking unpainted in forgotten boxes so I shall need to look them out asap!

So here id what I shall be working on in my quiet moments if not over-come with eat ! 2 units of archers. And a tidy up of the mounted figures. Considering they have not been out of the box for 15 years I do not feel to sad to notice a few things I would do differently and a few repaints and repairs! But as we all know there is always more to do when it comes to wargames.