Friday 7 April 2017

Dead Japanese wargames figures

 One of the things you need for PBI is dead markers to represent battlefield casualties.

As such here are my dead/casualty markers for the Japanese force in PBI. I did not make then to grizzly with blood and guts everywhere. In Fact no red paint was used at all.

Some people don't like dead or casualty markers All I will say is that they are part of the rules so I made some.

The figures are 15mm Peter Pig models They come 8 in a pack and I hope a single pack will be sufficient for the game.

Hopefully something less gruesome next time....  in fact I know it will not be but just what it will be I cannot at this stage say.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Type 92 Infantry gun (九二式歩兵砲

These are more 15mm Peter Pig miniatures. They come in packs of 2 so I have used just 1/2 a pack of crew. This will allow me to put the remaining crew either with different cannon or Allow me to buy another pack of these. As the crew come in 3 different poses I was less keen on the same figure repeated on each base more than once. So 2 figures and not 3 was my choice.

The (九二式歩兵砲 Kyūni-shiki Hoheihō Battalion howitzer was a very good gun being both light and effective.  It was light enough to drag through jungle settings and as it fired High explosive Smoke and Armoured Piercing rounds.

In PBI if has a gun factor of 6 when used in anti tank so it would be possible to destroy a Sherman but it would be lucky to do so. But something like a Stuart would be a much easier kill. So while not a dedicated Anti tank weapon it was still capable. 

Used extensively in Manchuria/China as well as the Pacific Islands Captured ones were also used by the US Marines. 

That is it for today. Just 2 more stands for my Pacific war project.

Take care all the best Clint


Monday 3 April 2017

Japanese Mortars

Continuing with the Pacific Theme today. Here are 2 Medium Mortars and crew.

All Peter Pig Models and all 15mm in size. So Small, but not ridiculously small. Only 2 bases, but enough so I can call the force finally started. These will be company level support.

There could be another mortar if I wanted. and up to 2 rifle sands to represent guys bringing up ammunition that would be attached to the unit. But As I have not started painting those stands yet at present they are not started.

These are the first troops painted and I was trying colours and bases and generally getting the look I wanted. But Now I am happy with the result I will start painting more and hopefully more!

In addition I do need a Platoon commander who will be done I hope by the end of the week.

That is todays quick post. More again soon.