Monday 24 August 2015

Battle for the Watermill (A VBCW AAR)

Yesterday at the Club Matt, Bob, Dave and Myself played another VBCW game using the Chain of Command rules. As we were both (The Anglican league and the British Union of Fascists) using the same force composition we altered the lists slightly. Instead of 3 squads of 8 men we went for 4 squads of 11 men each. Each squad with a lewis gun and a junior leader.

Bob rolled to randomly generate the scenario and it was the British Union of Fascists (BUF) commanded by Dave and myself, Attacking and the Anglican league (Matt and Bob) defending. There was a prominent water mill at one side of the board and that was designated as our Objective. Each side rolled 1d6 for assets and the BUF selected a sniper, a pregame bombardment and an Adjutant. The AL rolled badly and only selected  a 2" Mortar team.

Selecting only 3 jump off points and getting some attackers moves we quickly moved up the board. WHen Matt and Bob put there patrol markers down they were frightfully close to getting locked down before the game started. Eventually the jump off point for both teams were established and the game started!

Being Attackers the BUF had first roll of the command dice and as I rolled double 6 we would get the next turn as well. But in the first turn all we could bring on was a lewis gun and the sniper. The second turn we did better and got 2 squads on.

The AL got their first turn but due to our initial bombardment they only managed to get a single squad onto the board. But due to lack of targets the BUF had the sniper and 1 squad on overwatch and as soon as the figures were placed we shot at them. It was not a brilliant result but at least we killed one of the squad and give it 3 points of shock.

Our sniper was not good and barely hit anything worthwile in the whole game. but he did cause 2 points of shock when he did hit. And from experience I can tell you it's not much fun as it is hard to target him back!

The next few Phases it was a case of bringing more stuff on to the board. Matt bought on the Mortar and another squad. While the BUF managed to get everything on the board. Matt and Bob were out gunned at this stage as our barrage was still making it hard for them to bring on troops. But they did a rather good Mortar strike and killed a junior NCO of my main squad which then forced us to bring on our senior leader and join him to the squad that Matt was shooting up.

By this stage though Dave on the left wing advanced and got within 4 inches of an enemy jump off point. So the BUF ended the turn and the jump off point was lost along with some morale. Also one AL squad was forced back due to morale and forced off of the table!

As this made the turn over the AL was able to bring on troops without heed to our barrage. So Matt bought a squad on, as did Bob. Bobs troops coming up from the river bank opened up on Dave's squad in the open. This fire at his squad in the open was enough to break them and from cowering behind the cart they also fled the field.

 As I was firing 2 squads onto Matts single squad. His squad was getting smaller. This resulted in him bringing on his senior leader (Platoon commander) which then joined the squad and managed each phase to reduce the shock I was building up.

Well not quite as I was slowly whittling them down. So Matt was able to bring on his last squad to support them in the same field. I was forced to split my fire and as luck (for me not for Matt) would have it he through bad command dice and failed to reduce the shock.

The result was that his squad was just reduced to leaders and no troops and with 7 points of shock they withdrew.

This marked the game over stage as the defenders morale and command dice plummeted to just a single dice (Instead of the 5 you start with and the BUF was still on 5 command dice!)

The result as another BUF win over the AL.

Overall a quite good game, not as enjoyable as the first 2 we played but this time I was not really in the mood so I think that makes sense.

I am sure The AL will make a come back, to be honest I do wish they had won that game but from the set up the defenders were on the back foot. Our preliminary barrage was very effective in not allowing the defenders to get troops on and I would us e one again when attacking IF I got the chance!

Thanks for reading and today I am enjoying the rain here in Kent!

Cheers Guys!