Thursday 22 March 2018

progress is slow.

It is kind of like 1 step forward a massive re think 4 steps to the right, 1 step back, 2 steps to the Right and a few inches forward and then a load of doubt! You get the idea.

So instead of making scenery/terrain I painted up possibly the easiest things imaginable. Which is to say 2 "Tire Trips" from Ainsty Castings (Oh go on here is a LINK).  Will they be used? The awnser is Yes, I already have 2 ideas for them as I restart today my Dieselpunk idea.

In case you cannot see each base is 2 tires sunk 1/2 way into the ground. As I start to take a single step to the left it is possible I might have a WIP post next! Ahh but what for, that is the question!

So until next time a very indecisive Clint out for now and maybe back in a day or 2.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 20 March 2018

ECW again

This just about brings my excision into ECW to an end. Yes I still have a few figures to paint only 1 pore Pikeman and he is missing a pike. (I shall replace the pike and then get him painted) and 4 more with shotte, but I have enough for now and that is all I need. (For now). I will get the others finished at some point, just not the foreseeable future.

 So we have 2 more shotte and 1 more pike. I  have enjoyed painting them and that is a wonderful thing for me as I have spent about 40 years avoiding the ECW in all wargames. So you never know maybe it is time to dip my toe.

All the figures are 28mm Warlord games and come from a single sprue. They are intended by me to be for En Garde but may well end up being used for another propose , time will tell. They are on 25mm square slotta bases. I just used what I had and the overall effect is acceptable to me. And that is the main thing after all. I am not looking to win any prizes except my own happiness. Perhaps that is the biggest Prize.
 As soon as the weather picks up I do intend to start making some scenery. So as this is officially the first day of spring I hope to get on with that very soon. I checked in the shed yesterday I think I have enough mateerials for a 4' square board. If so I will document it step by step on the blog.

Thanks for looking today and more again soon I hope. All the Best Clint

Sunday 18 March 2018

Snow stops play! So cattle instead!

Yes you did read that correctly. The snow is not so bad and we should be putting a game on at a show today. However we are not, nor are we having a club day either. Although the snow is not too bad the Ice is pretty bad. bad enough to have a local weather advisory saying we should only travel if it is nessercary.

So instead here are some "Warbases" Highland cattle. they are 28mm and come in a pack (of 3, those shown) for £4 which I think is quite reasonable for what you get. And if/when I need more I shall be happy to get some at that price.  The horns come separate so need to be attached but they go together very easily. Painting is equally easy. And as a consequence they group are easily finished in a day, including bases.

Over all a very quick and easy addition to the model collection and while they will not be in many games I am sure they will make a table appearance soon enough.

That's it for today. Not sure what next, either ECW or Vikings most likely. So until then take care paint if you can and roll some dice if you get the opportunity.

All the best Clint