Saturday 28 September 2013

Waterfall started. (WIP)

It is clear that doing the waterfall for the TAR7AN board will take a while. I did not want the water to be clear and factory finished so I decided to "Texture" the water. To create the rippled water like effect I decided to drip yatch varnish on to the Perspex. I have to do one drop each day and allow the rest of the time for it to dry. It is now beginning to take up a more natural finish. At this stage I feel It is about half way there. Which will mean a few more weeks of dripping. 

That's it for today, very quick as I will be going to play a game with "Posties Rejects". Therefore the next post on this blog will most likely be a battle report. I have a few clues as to what we might be playing, but until I arrive I cannot be sure. The only thing I will predict is that Postie will put me in the thick of the action as he thinks I did not get too much of a game last time.

Ok folks hope to see you Tuesday. Have a god couple of days. All the Best Clint

Friday 27 September 2013

The peasants are revolting!

 I am sure it is little surprise to anyone that here are a few more 10mm Samurai figures from Pendraken . This time peasants with bows. No back banners this time but a single Samurai figure in each unit. The Samurai figure is to designate a command stand should I need one as I don't see too many peasants of this period being all that inclined to get involved in any battles without a little encouragement. I might be wrong in this regard of course but as I was 2 figures short of my ideal this seems to solve the problem in the easiest way.

You may have already noticed that one group has blue/grey hats and the other group has brown/tan hats. Again this is just to simplify the identification as I do intend to have one army predominatly in grey/blue (as the Ashigaru of the last blog post) and one army in red/brown. These colours will not extend to the actual samurai figures as they will have clan Mons on the Sashimo back banners sufficient to identify them.

The last Picture shows both units together just because someone would be bound to ask. When I get a few more units done I will do a group shot of the whole army but at present there are not enough completed to warrant a picture of that nature.

My next scheduled update would be Sunday but as I shall be visiting "Posties Rejects" on that day I might have to wait until Tuesday to get back on the schedule. OR I might do a very brief TAR7AN board update early Sunday morning it all depends on what time I get up what the boar is drying out like and if the weather is any good. Mostly it depends on if I can be bothered.

So until next time take care and hope to see you soon. Cheers Clint

Wednesday 25 September 2013

10mm Samurai Started!

I think I might have reported that a club member passed me some 10mm  Pendraken Samurai. Having been inspired from both a number of sources and reasons I have very quickly started to tackle these. I shall go into the reasons and inspirations another time as they are fairly involved.

The figure themselves are a pleasure to paint and as long as I don't get side-tracked (we both know I will) I can see these getting finished quite quickly. (Well quickly for me that is).  While I do not at this stage have a rule set lined up I have decided to base them with 4 stands to a unit on the same size bases as for DBA. If nothing else I will get a couple of DBA armies bashed out in pretty quick time! I (along with many others) don't like DBM and to be honest the figures are a little late for the medieval period. I might have a look at FOG Renaissance or, which is looking most likely create a set of rules myself. In no way do I consider myself an expert on this period but I know what I want the rules to do and knowing what I want from a game might make this easier than chasing around for the "right" set of rules.

Anyway onto the figures. These are clearly Samurai as they are mounted. I think that the area needed to graze a horse would restrict anyone other than a Samurai or lord to have the area required to keep a horse. They are on a 40mm frontage and 30mm deep (60,thou0 platicard sheet. Only 3 figures to a base so 12 figures in a unit. Pendraken sells them in packs of 15 so while 4 horses would fit on a base it just made more sense to use 3. Yes I am tight fisted! I would have liked more Sashimono back banners but at least one on a stand is enough to get the idea. As you can see I have settled on the 4 diamonds motif as it is the easiest to paint. (And I like Easy when it comes to 10mm figures).

For the Ashigaru (light feet) infantry armed with Aquibusiers. These are on 40mm by 20mm bases with 4 figures to a base. Again as with the Cavalry I went for convenience rather than struggling to cram figures on bases. While more figures might look better 4 is enough to give an idea without being too many to eat up all the figures in one go. Unlike the Samurai the Ashigaru have been given uniforms and have a very standard look to them. I have used a single Sashimono for the unit so we can see which stand is the command stand of the unit. I have no idea if I will need command stands in any rules I create, but it does look better in the box!

There are still lots more to do so expect to get very bored looking at more of the same in the next few days. I shall attempt to update this blog on Friday or Saturday, as I will not be available to blog as normal on this coming Sunday. So until next time I hope you have found something of interest and I look forward to talking to you soon.

All the best Clint.

Monday 23 September 2013

September Skirmish 2013

 Let me start by saying I had a fabulous day everything went well, there were no problems and we arrived in time and set up without any distractions. The first two pictures are of the game the club and myself put on. The scenario was that the British fleet (controlled by Graham and myself) were blockading a Dutch port and the Dutch were trying to get a merchant fleet out. Dutch I know someone will say that's an unusual choice! The reason being that Graham had not got any Spanish turn cards with him. Anyway who cares, Peter and Rob were the bad guys! The game went well but you do not put a game on at shows with the main aim of getting a result but of meeting and talking to fellow wargamers, discussing rules, figures and other related things. That side of the day was very busy for me and greatly enjoyable. Every time I stopped and chatted the other guys took over my ships and carried on playing. (Or when talking to Fran (Angry Lurker) at the start of the day they did try to keep me involved. ) I can't say I was paying too much attention, but I did have a plan and was determined to stick to it. The plan being that I would cover the left side of the board. Graham had his own plan, a more aggressive plan as it turned out!

Cutting a long story short Graham split the Dutch fleet and pulled off some good dice rolls while I blocked the path and managed to halt the merchants on my side of the board and get in a few flukey shots which did things like start raging fires or disrupt their command of command or stop them being able to steer. I did get through most of the game without much damage and when Peter and Rob had the choice of targets always seemed to select Graham. Which I was very happy about, talking to people does have it's advantages you see. The final result was that Peter and Rod conceded mid afternoon both with very battered ships barely afloat or steering and with about half the Dutch fleet de-masted. Graham was pretty badly mauled but still able to fight, move and steer. Other than the Dutch ships we would have captured I would had we continued been able to snag a couple of merchants as well so all good prize money from the Admiralty and enough to keep my captains in comfort for a few years to come.


Other games at the show are as follows.

The London Privateers did a WW1 Game about the Falkland Islands. A club that only play naval games which I found interesting.

SELWG actually had three games there but as a bigger club I can see the reasons for this. The first was a WW2 Game. A slight change from the norm as it was set in the Pacific as opposed to Europe. Nice looking and the guys were chatty and friendly.

There second game was a 28mm English Civil War game. I know nothing about and have minimal interest in this period. I could get tempted into it but only at a skirmish level and it would need to be about witch hunting or something equally unrealistic. So for me this is a wargames period I am not likely to venture into. As such I did not get too much of a chat with these guys.

A Dystopian Wars game. Again I did not chat with these guys, yes I'm a wargames snob and if it does not interest me I just can't be bothered. The reason this game does not appeal to me is that it seems to be trying to do too much, land, sea and air steam-punk. Just one of those areas and I could get interested. The Spartan games models are nice yet somehow leave me cold. This game at the show also left me cold. They simply had too much on the table. This just leads to an unfocused free-for-all.

Peter who runs the "Gamers Hub" only 19 years old and bags and bags of enthusiasm always puts on a Warhammer game usually 40k but this being Fantasy. A really nice guy and I think if he retains that level of enthusiasm will become very well known in wargames circles.

The Third SELWG game was "Saving Captain Windsor" an Afghan war 28mm skirmish participation game. The guy in charge did admit they signed in as a different club because 3 games by one club at such a small show would have been a bit much. I think that speaks highly of the guy frank and honest and if other clubs don't want the space more power to them.

 Some 40k game going on I was running out of time so I did not stop for longer than to take the picture. If nothing else it does show diversity in our hobby. It looks pretty good and in my youth I would have been interested, but now I am approaching "Crusty-hood" it simply does not!

Paul and Ian from "Crush the Kiaser" doing a WW2 game for a change. Russian Front Mid to late war judging from the tanks involved. Had a nice chat with the guys about a Game idea I want to explore and perhaps put on at Broadside '14. There is a future blog post on about this proposed game so when I fail to get any painting done I will fit it in there.

Medway Wargames Club (Dave and Paul) put on a game of Dust Tactics. It is a game they have put on at the Rainham club a couple of times and while I have not played it yet I may well get around to it in the future. It is just one of those games which costs a lot from what I have seen. So while I might have a go my pennies will be going elsewhere.

The last game I have seen at a couple of shows but somehow it still does not register to chat with the guys and find out more. I feel I am missing out but sometimes you just budget you time better. I shall try to make an effort next time. There was also a bring and buy, a painting/modelling demonstration, re-enactors and traders. I had a deep pockets day and the traders suffered I was only parted with £9.60 in total so I will not be doing a "Loot Post!" this time around.

Overall a nice diverting day out with a few really good chats with some decent chaps. And that was the best part of the day for me. On that final thought thanks for reading I hope you found something of interest or amassment and if so I'll post again in 2 days time.

Best wishes Clint.