Saturday 27 October 2018


Yes my last Zombtober post (this year). Another of The Walking Dead All out war!" Starter set done. Just a zombie a young teenage girl zombie. But 28mm hard plastic Mantic Games and not really a huge amount else to say.

Final picture is all Zombies and survivors painted this season. I know It is not much but real life got in the way.

Thursday 25 October 2018

FSE Mortar crews (and Update).

These are the first figures painted since SELWG show. (Last Sunday).

Two Mortars and crew for my Federal States Europa force. Each consist of 2 crew and an automatic Mortar. Needless to say being sci fi the crews do not need to be on the same base as the mortar moreso they can fire it indirectly and even from inside a vehicle which may be parked over the horizon.  Maybe with the right set up even from Orbit perhaps of another planet.

However if that is the case reloading does become an issue! But as GZG (Link to GZG) sell the mortars with the crew we (at least for now) shall consider the crew close in general terms.

So 1 pack is 2 Mortars and 4 crew. As all my force is mobile I chucked the Engineers out of the fitters truck and re-purposed it to carry these!

here fore 2-4 Mortars and crews can fit in a single vehicle. Although at present I only have 2 mortars.

Following the show I did a small order as you can see in the pic. They arrived very swiftly and shall be assembled this weekend.  The new "Fitters Truck" does need some clutter added to it in the form of Tarps and boxes and the like so it MAY take some time before you see it, but rest assured it is now on the way. So more of this another time. All of which means for now just 3 more posts and I shall have it all done for Gruntz. (Yeah I believe that too... NOT!) There is bound to be more, infract I am already planning terrain wise and figure wise!

I have received another Crimbo Pressie for me and have that squirreled away for now. But at least I know I shall be getting something I want.

I have also opened the 7TV and now know everything is there. This was not really a concern as I could feel from the weight it was not empty, but this does stop me being disappointed!

That's it for today and I plan and hope to get back to normal soon. At least in regard to posting on tis blog.

Thanks for looking and I had better get on with Zombtobet painting as soon as possible.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 23 October 2018

SELWG show games.

As always I did not get photos of ALL of the games and some will be mislabelled. Bear with me and if you KOW better please feel free to leave a comment.

Photos have been cropped where appropriate to cut people out. Almost all the games were good to see even if they were not a period I was excited by.

Number of Photos does vary bu does not indicate my preference in any way... Batteries were running out!
So here we are in the Order I took the Photos and not in any order of Merit at all. That is for the viewer to decide.

Tunbridge Well Wargames societ

Upper Hall

Society of Anchients

Streatham and Tooting Wargamers

Russian Civil war navy (I believe)

Shepway Wargames

A big "Middle Earth "battle

Newbury and Reading

Skirmish at Staplethorpe

South London Warlords

NECROMUNDA Participation.

Main Hall

Deal wargamers China Japan 1937

The Pit Gaming shop


Simon Miller

For King and Parliment

Peter Pig

Western 15mm

Tonbridge Wargames Club

Hungarian Revolt 1860

The  League of Anti Alchemists

Great Terrain

Maidstone Wargames club

Zeebrugger Raid

Malta 1/300 air war

Crawley wargames


Botham's First Action
Loughton Strikeforce - Kawanakajima 1561
28mm Samurai attle

Friday Night Fire-Fight Club Chinese Mythi9c naval

Gasland with Zombies
Essex Warriors

Thanks for looking and I shall have a few wrong, but at least you get an overview.

I missed a few games out, most notably the Too Fat Lardies, what a Tanker and another couple as well.

Oh well worse things happen at sea. Thank goodness I am nota sailor!

For more accurate and considered opinions Look here

Sunday 21 October 2018

Zombtober 18-03 (And SELWG loot)

I was awake at 3:30 am this morning In order to get this single Zed  done! I had a busy morning BEFORE I went to SELWG. But more of the show LATER!

So I fulfilled my quota and did manage to get a zombie  painted before I went. Here he is, based when I got back and Photographed in the  dark! I say this in a feeble excuse to distract shoddy painting and basing and very shoddy basing. Oh well can't be helped now and looks pretty good in real life if not due to my photography. Right self pity over now!

A Mantic "Walker" from the all out war set. Another "walker" for the horde. And he should fit right in. A mature gentleman and dressed only in jeans. he's missing shoes and a shirt but I guess in a zombie apocalypse being well dressed is no longer a priority.  28mm hard plastic part of the starter set.
As you know I went to SELWG. Firstly let me say I had a brilliant time.

And this is what I bought.
4 items missing as they shall be part of my Christmas gift  as no one KNOW what to get me and when I write a list NO ONE still knows what is on the listr as NO ONE in my family speaks wargame-ese.

So this  is what I can show you at this stage! Top to Bottom and Left to right)
  • 7TV2e box set (Starter casts are for Crimbo) nothing is opened just yet so It is possible (Although very unlikely) that it is just an empty box.
  • 8 Jet bikes from Brigade Games these are for my "scout" unit in 15mm sci fi.
  • 1 pot of Dark angels green paint! From Col Bill.
  • 2 Paint brushes £1.50 each and I hope they shall be just brilliant) a nessercary evil am told as part of the wargaming hobby.
  • 1 Pack of Peter Pig heads. Other parts of the order are to stop blushes and yet others are reserved for Christmas.
  • 1 pack of Victorian Policemen with pistols. Best  if you do not ask any questions about them for now!
  • 1 Pack of GZG FSE  Mortars again for 15mm sci fi. I meant to buy more but alas the ones I wanted are old stock and need to be mail ordered or picked up at a show.
I forgot to but some vehicle to carry the Mortars Mostly because I was flustered AND I did not want to make a snap decision. However as Tony from Brigade is Local and has an invite to the club I am sur if I want them I can get Brigade models quite easily! If I decide on GZG for the mortar teams I will need to send of to get the other figures so again that is no hardship!

Thanks for looking and more of the SELWG show in a day or two.
all the best Clint.