Saturday 25 November 2017

More Aeronef.

Yes painted some more Aeronef models for Matts ever growing British fleet. I know there is more to come and I have no idea when or how many. But here today are another 8 vessels.

All the Models are by Brigade games, Click this link to visit the web store (LINK). As you can see most of the vessels are on the larger size.

there are 2 Torpedo boats
2 Albion class Aircraft carriers. (Seriously why would you need 2 in a fleet!
2 Audacious Class battle Cruisers
2  Britannia Class Battle cruisers

This fleet is now at least twice the size of mine. Probably 3 maybe 4 times the size. And I have NO aircraft carriers. Still it is his choice how he spends his money so why should I even comment. Well as I am most likely to be his opponent it does seem shall we say that the game is stacked against me. Still It is his money and his choice.

Any way whine over I hope you enjoy the fleet and only time will tell what else is included in the force. I do suspect bigger ships still to come though.

Thanks for Looking, More again planned for Monday. maybe an AAR of the club game on Sunday, and maybe another LotR figure. (As one is on the painting table as I type.

All the best Clint.
have a great weekend.

Thursday 23 November 2017

Very quickly

Yes this needs to be very quick. Several Items started but nothing finished. Such is my life. However back in the Back of Beyond work progresses.

  1. I am seriously looking at the idea of getting some model train track and MAYBE a loco and carriages. Can you here me spinning wildly in my grave! (Ok it may be an open grave but the idea is still VALID.)
  2. Before I get any trains (shudder) I would need to make some track boards (double shudder)
  3. I started looking at Train layout stuff on eBay. The joy is I am using 20mm wargames figures so 1/72 (or 1/76 you choose I don't care). Which translates to HO/OO for train enthusiasts.
The up shot if I parted with some money. NO not on trains (baby steps). Now while I did not part buy any trains or tracks or well you know... rolling stock. I did buy some Telegraph poles. You already knew that from the pics.

These are perfect for "Back of Beyond" they are 3d Printed (Not an issue just mentioned out of interest). £2.50 for a pack of 10 and £1 postage. And as I will only need a few 10 will be MORE than enough (I hope). So maybe the scenario revolves around needing to send a message, or making sure no message is in fact sent. So this becomes so much more realistic if there are in fact some telegraph poles.  So a simple remedy for £3.50. Now I just have to paint them (browny-grey) and mount them on bases. 2mm MDF bases. How hard can that be

On a secondary note my first contingent of opponents has been ordered and I should START painting them next week.

That's it I did say a quick one today.

best Wishes Clint

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Theoden LotR 28mm GW

Yes as promised I have finally painted King Théoden. He has waited patiently on the painting table, No doubt detained by Grima Wormtongue, who clearly has stopped me from painting him.  But now painted he is and ready to lead on the table top.

Unlike the film, I have mounted him on a dappled grey horse and not a pure white (yeah I know white horses are called grey!) horse as portrayed in the films. This is no issue for me as surely a King may have more than one horse.

It is funny now painted I see all the mistakes clearly, but NO I will not point them out to you on this blog. But I can see them Oh so very clearly. Still moving on!

the figure is by Games workshop in the Lord of the rings range. I am not sure if they are still in production but I will be getting them on eBay for about 1/3rd the shop price. So as  Far as I am concerned an absolute winner. Some things are still not cheap though so take that advice with a pinch of salt.

As many of you will know I am looking to play "Songs of Blades and Heroes!"  In a Lord of the Rings setting. And he will clearly bolster my Rohirim forces. (which are pitifully small).

Painting wise. Mostly painted in acrylics as you would expect but with gold highlights in POSTER paint. This is because I struggle to find a good gold acrylic paint. As a result only the VERY top layer is poster and then it is varnished with a spray varnish within 30 mins. If the poster is not applied at the very last stage it simply comes off. Also if any colours are painted after wards in adjacent areas it bleeds into them as it mixes with the water. As a consequence I rarely use it. So this single pot has lasted about 20 years. So if you so use any Poster paint on models use it with care.

That's it for today. Take care all and have as much fun as you can without upsetting any one else!

Sunday 19 November 2017

Still Bobing along.

Yes I know a change is due soon. In Fact I am working on it. Expect a LotR figure in the next post. No that is not a promise or a threat just a likelihood!

But for now some more 20mm Back of Beyond figures. Like the rest these are IT Miniatures (AVAILIABLE HERE). This time representing "Partisans". OK one figure is an SHQ French resistance miniature but I had him spare so I thought "Why not!"

So this will make up local untrained or Raw support. Not in any means the toughest troops or the best trained or disciplined but they should give another option for any BoB games.

That's it for today. Théoden is calling for attention and I must keep it brief.

All the best Clint. Have a good weekend and paint if you can or game or just read rules, but do something hobby related at least.