Friday 25 December 2015

Christmas gifts

Well I only received 2 wargames related gifts from Santa this year.

I know I was saying that it had not turned up. BUT as it happens one of the two did turn up. I am still waiting for the Painted miniature from Chris Stosen's Blog (Wargaming Odds and ends). But I am sure it will arrive.

Firstly from My secret Santa. What I have received I can say I am truly Happy with. I was previously unaware of "Pure Evil Miniatures" And looking at the Resin beast I am very impressed. It is a multi part Resin Kit and all the pieces seem to fit together very well. I really like it and seriously doubt that I could have gotten anything better. So a BIG thank you to me Secret Santa I think this is an inspiring gift and I am very very thankful. It really is Great! I only hope I can paint it as well as it deserves.

From my sister. I received "Dragon Rampant" rules by Osprey. I have yet to read them (just flicking through the pics at the moment). But they are well presented and I hope as good as the historical version. I also hope it can get me back into Fantasy Wargaming since I gave up on GW. Whatever the out come I will keep you informed.

Thanks for Popping by I realise you must be busy today and that time is precious.

All the best Clint

Thursday 24 December 2015

I guess I have been Naughty!

The postman has been this morning (Christmas Eve) and all I got was some advertising for Virgin Media! Which is a shame as I have taken part in two secret Santa's this year and only received one parcel. While it is possible that both may be in the same  parcel, I suspect this is not the case. Afterall what are the chances of the same person getting me twice in 2 different Secret Santa's. Pretty slim I would think. But Possible.

NO Blame is attached to Cath the organiser. None what so ever. But If you are my Secret Santa and sent something it just has not arrived. Maybe it is held up from Customs at the North Pole, or maybe the British Post office has lost it.  Just maybe a Christmas Elf has eaten it! Maybe it was posted Late.  I am simply letting you know for whatever reason it has not arrived on time!

Just hard luck for me. Or maybe there is a Naughty list with my name on it. (There probably is, more than once I would suspect!).

It is better to give than receive though and I hope to take part again next year no matter the outcome.

But Most importantly have a good few days, relax and recharge any batteries and Chillax as much as possible.

All the best Clint


I must apologise to my secret Santa. I am so sorry it had turned up after all. The one that is missing is the Painted figure from Chris Stoenson's Blog,

I wish to say for the record I am very happy with the gift and feel foolish for making a fuss. But without opening it there was no way to tell which santa had not arrived.

Once more sorry about that and I will do a post about the gift that has been sent in the next day or two..... All I need now is some painting ideas for the colours to use!

It really is GREAT. ThaNK YOU

Sunday 20 December 2015

They're off!

Well the Analogue challenge has started and I have yet to apply the first brush stroke. But It will happen as soon as I stop typing.

You are reminded that the Painting challenge is all about stamina and endurance. And many people suffer burnout at OR even before the end!

Personally this year I will be starting slowly. How you tackle it is up to you and as long as you have fun then it was right for you.

But the challenge has started at 6am this Sunday Morning GMT and will last for 3 months.

I have a few things on the painting table all ready to go. I have done some research to get the markings right and the colours correct. I know that it will not be enough and that I will need to do more before the challenge ends.

But I will be starting with some "Modern" wargaming but I can honestly say I have no idea what I will be painting by the end of the challenge.

If you want to follow the challenge It can be found here! Good luck to everyone involved.