Saturday 11 June 2016

More VBCW figures

 As you can see 9 more 28mm VBCW figures are finished. They are a mixture of Empress Miniatures and Footsore Miniatures. All painted for Matt and ready for battle. I should have finished these 2 weeks ago but  what can I say real life got in the way! I have used the common colours of the time and they all fit in with the others painted previously.

Along with the usual weapons, there is a mortar (second Picture far right) and a Dinamentero (A Term used in the Spanish civil war for special troops who hurl sticks of Dynamite in slings, I believe this was started by some Austrian miners and turned out to be very unpopular with their opponents) SO no reason It cannot happen in a Very British Civil War as well.

I am off to the BROADSIDE show tomorrow so there will be a loot/swag post and a show report early next week and maybe an AAR from the VBCW game we are putting on as well.

All the best and Take Care Clint

Wednesday 8 June 2016


Paint Monkey strikes again! Again Painting for Matt here are 4 Spanish Civil War/VBCW artillerymen. They are made by Empress miniatures .When I asked Matt what faction/colour arm bands to paint he did say one red and one blue. But as you can see there are four figures so that's 2 red and 2 blue. Red for socialists and blue for Anglican league. So let us hope he has sufficient artillery for the crew, I suspect he has. But I can see me painting a few extra armbands on for other factions.

That is my  quick post for today. I will post again on Saturday. And It will almost definitely be more VBCW 28mm figures as I intend to finish 8 more tonight. Well it is either that or watch the TV and I don't think there is much on!

So with luck see you all on Saturday. I did post today as I am hoping to get some wargames fudge finished tomorrow for the show on Sunday. And yes I know to give a bag to the Rejects although most will be going to the traders!

So until then take care enjoy the sun and smile if you can.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 7 June 2016

What! More than a week!

Yes I know it has been more than a week since my last post. But I am still alive and well and (as far as I know) no problems.

So to get back in the swing a quick post.

Just a single 20mm SHQ NVA figure. I did think I had finished painting pretty much all of my Vietnam stuff and then at the back of the painting table I found a single  figure. He was obviously hiding ready to ambush.

So Not a massive addition but an addition non the less. All this does mean that I will need to rake out the box to put it away, and I can see from the stack of Boxes the Vietnam 20mm box is right at the bottom (Typical).

But I do have the Sanpan to put away as well so I really think I should. And then I think I have a show on Sunday and I might buy some more so perhaps it can wait until then! Not that I need any 20mm Vietnam stuff at the show, but you never know! Maybe some brown water navy.... NO that way is madness I have more than enough for a game. And we all know that means I will probably think of something to add.... "just one more wafer thin mint!"

I have go another post ready to put on for 2 days time and my bout of apathy and wargames doldrums seems to have passed so I should get back in the swing pretty soon.

Thanks for looking, all the best Clint.