Saturday 20 January 2018

Miner Gun Team

Well here is the "other" gun team I was talking about. They are 28mm "Ironclad Miniatures" (LINK) miner Gun crew. This now allows matt to use the same guns but with different crews as a wide choice of forces may be fielded. Being Ironclad miniatures they are 28mm and as such will tit in with the rest of his VBCW collection. Which by now is quite large.

I have painted them all in dull colours to best reflect the miners of the period and the clothes they would wear. I am not saying they never wore yellow and orange suits just that I have never seen it. The miners helmets are a common theme but in reality I am sure a miner unit would also have people who did not work underground in it as well. So maybe it is as much uniform as practical clothing for working underground.

The final Pic shows both new gun teams together. Miners on the left and Fascists on the right.

Thanks for looking today more again soon. maybe an AAR on Monday. Until then take care have fun and paint if the mood takes you.

Al the best Clint

Thursday 18 January 2018

VBCW Fascist Gun Crew

yep some Empress miniatures gun crew. Officially these are for the Spanish Civil War but the double up very nicely to be Very British Civil War figures.

I know boring background as it was taken on the dining room table and not one of my usual backdrops. I shall rectify that for when they are seen next. (Probably Saturday).

If they were SCW you might expect grey helmets and not very very dark green. That is one of the joys of VBCW you can change the colours to suit as you want and perhaps make new uniforms.

Again 28mm and painted for Matt. I have another gun crew on the painting table and they should be ready in a day or two.

Post script: My ECW figures have turned up and I shall start one as a trial today. No spoilers though but I have been working out the best way to paint the Family Tartan.

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Mixed bag

Yes a mixed bag today. A REAL Mixed bag. Infract a liquorice allsorts type of post.

Let me explain. Matt dropped of some figures on Sunday and they are based and undercoated and I HOPE to show some in a few days. But this put me in a position where I was starting afresh with nothing ready to share on todays post.

BoB Back of Beyond.
Having looked at the prices of Trains on eBay suitable for BoB wargaming I was quite frankly alarmed. A single locomotive ranged from £30-500. (Plus postage). But this was for a train to go around a railway track. I found that a cheaper option was to go for a "STATIC" model, which in this instance cost £5.95 inc.
postage. Which if a far more acceptable price. The model is only a little bit smaller and once taken from the base (4 screws) and weathered shall I deem make a very acceptable wargames piece suitable for the Back of Beyond.

Roman Necromunda.
Well not quite but still a good set of rules and one that allows you to play ancient skirmish games quickly easily and with a minimal of fuss. Yeah but it's Fantasy...... Well yes it is but my argument would be it is true to what was believed at the time. Okay that is only partially true. It is a bit like saying that people today believe in ghosts or the Loch ness Monster or UFO's. And True some people do and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I am not going to criticise anyone for what they believe or don't believe.

Several differs types of "warband" are featured in the rules but any enemy of Rome could be featured if you were willing to do some background reading and approach the rules with an open mind.

If you want a review of the rules let me know. Personally I like what I read, but it does mean you have to have an open mind and or like Fantasy games.

This project has come from the back burner to the front burner. Two Christmases ago my Secret Santa (Blogger) sent me some 15mm Peter pig figures. I have felt guilty ever since as I had not used them at all. As Tim (at the club) has 2 10mm WW1 Middle east armies nearly finished that project fell of the burner altogether. Which opened up some space. Some of you will be aware that I used to be in a Dark age Re-enactment group, as such I have an interest in this period. As such I did have a VERY old DBA army (I actually had 4 at one stage but only kept hold of one). Therefore I an repaimting and rebasing a force to sit in with the Peter Pig rules "Longships". I hasten to add than no new purchases are at present planned (Ok some are, but only loosely and no money has parted hands so far.

One of the good things about the Dark ages is that once you have an army it can be used for multiple opponents.  Seriously there is no difference in what a Viking wore or fought with or an Anglo Saxon, or Scots or Welsh or... you get the idea.

14/400. yes tis is 14 points from 400 needed for a game. The figures are old, very old, they are about 35 years old and were the first army I ever bought. Re-painted now . The two with bows are "Minifigs" the 2 with slings are "Tabletop games" (A company no longer in existence at all.) Each stand in the Peter pig rules is worth 7 points. They are skirmishers and a Viking army historically did not have many of them at all.

I will not flood the army lists with skirmishers but it is useful to have 1 skirmish unit if no more. Having NO skirmish units is I have found a disadvantage.

When I finish another unit I will tell you both the points of the unit and the total paints for the army. Remember it if out of 400. so as mentioned this is 14/400.

That is it for today more again soon. Matts crew next I hope.

As always any questions, comments or observations are welcomed.