Saturday 3 September 2016

Dawn and time to storm the castle. (no Not yet)

Ok it is not dawn and time to storm the castle. But the photos have that quality due to the light levels when taking the pictures. THIS WAS NOT DELIBERATE! I think it was just too early in the morning and the sun (or I) was not awake just yet. I could muck about with the light levels on the computer but decide against that plan.

So 5 newly painted Peasants with a variety of weapons including one with a sickle! £ of the weapons were broken over time so instead of pitchforks and scythes they just carry clubs. I am OK with that as too many pitchforks and scythes would appear wrong in my opinion. I still have more pitchforks and scythes in my lead pile so if no more break I will be happy.

At the end is a group shot of the 15 so far painted, and an acknowledgement that I am about 1/2 way there. Looking at the group shot I see I need more yellows and mustards and creams so that will be my plan for the next lot. But before I even start them I have Burpas and Zulus already primed. So MAYBE next week.

 Thanks for looking today next post Monday and with luck a decent club game.

All the best to you and yours Clint

Thursday 1 September 2016

Back on schedule..... maybe only for 1 day

 being back on schedule is not all that! It just means that you are struggling to finish things for the next deadline.

Anyway 3 MORE Burpas for Matt all 28 mm figures and all (I think) different makes. (Empress Foundry, Perry). All Indian Hill tribes and all set for the colonial period.

Yes a group shot will be taken at a later date. the figure on the left has a breech loader with the other two have muzzle loading black powder weapons. And while the guy on the right is brandishing a knife I think we can be sure that the other two have knifes as well tucked into robes. (The guy on the left carries a sword and shield as well so we know he is ready for close combat!)

That's it for today, keeping it short and sweet.

Cheers guys thanks for looking

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Just 2 more today!

Due to Dog sitting again I was unable to blog yesterday and also unable to paint last night and While I was planning/hoping to get 5 more finished there are only 2 completed. I am of course referring to more Burpas for Matt.

The one in blue is literally screaming "Shoot me!" he stands out so much. I did picture him as an officer or leader while painting so wanted him to look well equipped and richer than the average figure,  which lead to the lovely blue!

The other figure is just a normal rank and file and while just as important does blend into the terrain significantly better. His long rifle makes one think of a sniper but the truth may well be very much different. It will all come down to what Matt thinks.

I think they are both Foundry figures but from different ranges.

Currently on the painting table I have 3 more Burpas (1 being Mounted) and 5 more peasants and 4 more Burpas an another 30 Zulus which I hope to get undercoated before 8am. That way I can be painting for the next few days without any prep time!

So until next time, take care have fun and plan some games.

Sunday 28 August 2016

You can moan BUT......i don't mean it!

Yes and I do! Moan that is. I dislike painting 10mm Zulus! But when they are done I am happy with them. At this point I think I have about 250-300 left to paint! It is not that they are bad sculpts just that the colours are  very limited and it does tend to get boring painting them. But as I said Once painted and based they look very acceptable gaming pieces. And that is what they are for.

 I will be using the Black powder rules,  just for convenience they do work OK but the MGs and Cannon are underpowered in Colonial settings.  All my opponents and myself have found that if you form square with cannon on a corner all the tribes head straight ior the cannon and destroy the square like a hot knife through butter  , which is not what happened in reality! Still I will over come that I am sure.

Anyway these figures are 10mm Newline Design Zulus with headdress. 28 figures in all (there should be 30 but 2 have fallen under a wardrobe and at some point will need recapturing from their escape bid!)

That's it for today, enjoy the bank Holiday while I start to prep some figures for Matt....

Cheers Guys have a good one!