Saturday 18 March 2017

Just writing up the army lists for tomorrows show game.

In the mean time. I have finished a  SotTR Nazi were wolf. I painted this figure just because he was primed and ready and was quick to paint. I do have several more "Just because" figures close to completion. So you will no doubt have to suffer them as well soon.

Anyway a West Wind production figure for the Secrets of the third Reich game. Painted in SS oak leaf autumn camouflage so he should fit in with the others pretty easily. The figure was a gift from my mate Matt and there are no painting suprises here at all.

The base is a mix of builders sand (Cheapest I can get) and the larger masonry blocks are broken bits of flower pot. Again about the cheapest source I can get. They give a nice rough texture and with clippers can easily be cut to  size.

That's it for today. A show report on Monday
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and hope to see you soon.
Best Wishes Clint

Thursday 16 March 2017

15mm White Russian Civil War Cossacks

yes a slight change of pace, but as they are for Matt and NOT myself do not worry they are not a new project!

The figures are Peter Pig 15mm Russian Civil War White Cossacks. There are 20 mounted figures in all, 2 to a base. Matt wanted this very simple base effect to match in with those he already had.  (I was lent a sample base to colour match , not shown). The colour match is not perfesct as I have no idea what paint the guy was using and Matt got the originals from eBay. While not perfect, the colours are CLOSE!

I was also asked to put a blue (and NOT red stripe on the trousers which ready was a finishing touch. Matt has already seen these photos and is happy with the result.

I am also happy with the result. I think he plans to use them with the Peter Pig "Square bashing" Rules. Which are an OK set of WW1 Battalion size set of rules. So if I ever get a game with these I will let you know.

A quick post on Saturday as I am at a show all day Sunday. So most likely just a single figure. Several are close to compleation, but I am not rushing so it will most likely be a Wild West figure but at this stage I just cannot say, it will all depend on my mood tonight and Saturday morning.

Best Wishes Clint

Tuesday 14 March 2017

VSF Royal navy lboarding party!

I purchased these figures a few weeks ago at the Cavalier show sometimes when you buy figures you just need to paint them almost straight away. These were just such figures.

They will be prefect for "In her majesties name" or if I choose "Rogue stars" (but set in a Victorian setting! The figures are by Ironclad miniatures (LINK) and are the Royal Navy Boarding party. the officers were I will admit bought by mistake (I meant to get specialist weapons) and regular crew.  But at the price it would be ceorlish to complain. 6 figures for £8.50. I will no doubt get the specialist weapons a little later. I will also pick up the Prussian storm troopers and the evil henchmen at the same time. But that is for the future and for this project I have some Artizan Skypirates as well. for when I get the chance to paint them, but they have been waiting a few years now.
More of this later!