Thursday 12 July 2018

3 more

Yes still on Burpa cavalry, and here are 3 more! I know and yet more to come. 5 more started and one shall be  finished by the time you read this.

I don't usually paint white (Greys)  horses, mostly sticking to various brown so this was a nice change for me. However I do not think I will paint any more for at least 3 months!

For the troops I have tried to stick to realistic colours for the clothing, mostly creams and beige. But with brighter turbans and waist sashes. This gives them more interest and to be honest stops me getting bored! Likewise with the shields. I did have problems with gold Acrylic paint, I always seem to. Therefore on these three figures there is a lack of Gold But I shall try to make it up on the next few, although now I have said that I regret saying it!

The final picture of the three shows all the group so far together. There will be more to coma and I hop to get them done soon, Weather permitting, but we have a 30 degree plus weekend forecast. Therefore I shall try to get most painting done long before the sun pours into this room!

PBB update

I now have the 4 players I wanted all signed up. I did invite 5 as a maximum but 1 declined as the game did not appeal to them. For those 4 I INTEND to send out the rules on Sunday. What is more I do intend to run it one blog post at a time. Which will mean that the game shall be slow but I will only be dealing with one person each post! This should mean much less work and hassle for me! (Fingers crossed!)

Football update:

We still Believe!

Faith has returned at least for now!

Until next time (Sunday I hope) take care have fun and dream big after all it does not cost you any more!

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Burpa Cavalry!

Yes that's me back on the painting of Burpas. Thanks to Matt who has found out I enjoy painting these I managed (despite the heat) to finish 2 cavalry. I hope to finish 3 more tonight BEFORE the football.

I suspect they are both Wargames Foundry but do not know for sure. But if I was looking for them that is where I would start as they have that kind of feel to them. Both are 28mm in size and mounted on 25x50mm slotta bases.

There was no cleaning up. Matt does all that before I  get them and for that I am very grateful. Not that foundry usually have much in the way of flash These will help Matts forces grow a little larger. And while only 2 figures shall all help as I have mentioned 3 more are started and 5 more are based and ready for undercoating hopefully tonight!

PLAY BY BLOG (Invite only)

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch! I will admit I have been getting inspired and restless at the same thing. 5 Invites have been sent and so far 2 yes we want to play and 2 no we don't want to play. DAVE STONE if you are reading this check your emails!

I have ran play by blog games in the past with mixed results. This time I am starting very small. INVITE only and so far they have been sent. I may open it up to a few more people ONCE established.

I shall be using the Jimland rules to recreate expeditions in Victorian Africa. Combat will be abstracted as such you will only as a player be told of the results and not the details. For example: the vicious local tribesmen managed to surprise you and killed a porter (carrying food) before they were driven of with significant loss of their own life! You count 3 of the tribesmen slain and know at least as many are wounded.

Like I said keeping it as abstract as possible to make it as easy for me as possible..

I hope to detail the results here and maybe ( no guarantees) they shall do so on their own blogs! Maps will be given to players but until they return to Jim's Landing they will all be open to change. But once they have been back to Jim's Landing then the maps and discoveries can be published and a real map can be issued.

More details of this when it happens.

Monday 9 July 2018

Sorry no painting!

Well you Know it has been hot! For me far to hot. I sit in the same place to paint and I drip! OK I have started some figures for Matt. So expect some Burpas by the end of the week.

Change of Subject 1

Yesterday at the club we gave "What a tanker" another game. They decided I was not to have a tank destroyer this time. (thanks Richard). They also for a change decided Russian front.  I started in a German Tank lasted a turn and a half and was shot and no save and as we had unequal numbers I was then started in a T26. The lowest level Russian tank possible. I think they may have regretted it 3 kills later.

Here are my Tank Crews

British A13                                 1 Kill
            A13 (Second vehicle)     1 Kill    

Russian T26 B                            3 Kills         

German Panzer 2 A-C                Dead
              Panzer 35t                     Dead
              Panzerjager 1                4 Kills

So I can always have at least 1 tank with at least 1 kill in future games OF THE SAME TIME PERIOD. Not boasting but few other players at the club have gotten more than a single kill in a game. So at present I have a target painted on me and ALL players are trying to get me to some extent.  I bet they get me soon and with much celebration.

Change of Subject 2

Due to ease of building I will be going for option B, the Hidden Valley for the "Pulp Alley" game board. But I also plan to float an airship over the board to emphasis the height! At this stage DINOSAURS will be at a minimum. (Sorry Michael) but this will allow me anything from Victorian explorers all the way back to Cro-Magnum man and everything in between. SoTim shall be allowed Aztecs and Matt shall be allowed British Royal Navy! And Kev can (if he chooses) have Undead Egyptians!

Who knows what everyone will pick!

That's it for now too hot to sit in the sun typing!

All the best Clnt