Saturday 23 June 2018

15mm crew

In most games you do not need to show crew. So I usually do not bother unless the vehicle is open topped. However Jon Tuffney at GZG has at some shows a box of spare samples castings. Sometimes I take one and work out what to do with it when I get home. So these are 2 of the samples that I have taken from my "I'll get round to it one day!" box and painted up. GZG are here (LINK)and these are 15mm "Stargrunt figures"
I cannot say from that packs as they were free samples.

I went for the brightest orange I could to reflect the fact that they are not really combatants and may indeed be civilians. They may not but as free figures they do not actually fit into any organised units so from my point of view there is no reason not to use them as crew.

The vehicle is very old by the way, so old I forgot who made in and it is possibly no longer in production, UNLESS you Know better!

I Know not a major new painting venture and nothing to get excited about. I shall try to get more done for Monday but with England playing tomorrow I am not sure how much I shall achieve. Currently repainting my 1/300th scale Sci fi to colour match the moon boards so kindly bear with me a little longer! As I desperately try NOT to get side tracked onto WW2.

All the best Clint

Thursday 21 June 2018

3 different things

I have no excuse I get side tracked by the world cup! Certain of you I can hear "Tutting" as I type this. But here at least is what I have done!

Firstly some barrels. These are 28mm Ainsty Castings ( Find them in the Cargo Hold section if ordering online or just ask Andy is a nice guy and worth a chat if you see him at a show.)

I went for a VERY simple paint job. Simply gun metal followed by a Black wash. This should make them useable from about 1910 on to sci fi! Stuck them on MDF Bases, as you can see 4 on one base and 2 on another. It was either this or have them run around loose and risk loosing them.

So a quick and easy thing to get going with. No problems and easy to do an quickly managed and all done and dusted and very versatile.

Now at times I can be dense. (I know who you are and I can see you nodding!) At the Broadside show on the flea market there was 2 guys selling off some old "Snapdragon Studios" Castings. I can honestly say I wish I had purchased more from them, These 2 cost me £2 unpainted and they wee the only 2 of these they had. As far as I know Snapdragon only produced in 2 scales, 6mm and 28mm. That does not at all bother me as I do intend to use these as power generators on my 15mm sci fi boards! (See later). But with nothing to Scale them against and being science fiction how would you ever know!

In Retrospect I should have put something on to scale these. Oh well live and learn, (In my case sleep and forget it all). But I am very happy  with these and as hinted at they are without scale so could be used in any sci fi scale. Shame you just cannot get snapdragon any moae I used to really like them but could never afford to buy much.

Lastly for today! I hyad a little think and it has occurred to me that I might be better using my "Moon" Boards as and "Any-scale" sci fi terrain. Yes I know I am slow if off the mark and most of you would have thought of this before!

The conclusion of this epiphany is that I shall now need to repaint my 1/300th scale sci fi stuff from Ice Planet to desert planet! There fore here are 3 Civilian vehicles (Painted red so as not to be at all camouflaged). I started painting them red as they were going on an Ice planet and I did want them to stand out! But as it turns out bright red works almost as well for a desert planet! Lots more (2 armies) to do for these but at least I now have a start and can continue at my leisure..

That's it for today. I hope to have more on Saturday until then, take care paint if you can. All the best Clint

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Yet 2 more Jungle Huts.

Yes 2 more jungle huts in 15mm for my Pacific WW2 forces. While I do not promise these will be the last, they should be in this scale for the foreseeable future. They are by Frontline Wargaming(LINK) Tim (of said company) was running one of the Flea market stalls (with me and Peter, as a club venture) at Broadside about 10 days ago. I had bought 2 of these before but well terrain is always a pleasure so at the end of the day he stil had these left and I had a little spare money and an exchange was made.

They were quickly repainted as they had a very few chips and scratches. And they are now part of my Pacific War terrain. Which means I just about have enough to put on a decent game of US vs Japanese WW2 in 15mm. Yes we can all want extras of everything But 25mm pacific buildings I should have enough as it was not then very built up and overpopulated.

That's it for today thanks for looking and more in 2 days. All the best Clint