Thursday 9 February 2017

Building a jungle.

Nope Not finished just yet.  By which I mean I have finished this batch of trees but there are more still to come.

I purchased these via eBay. They cost £2.49 plus 99 p postage so all for less than £3.50. They did come from China and arrived within 1 week of ordering. While they were advertises as 50 when I can to use them (I had already given feedback) I found there to be just 45.  So If you order any just count them before you give feedback. And if you are short let them know.

But for the price 45 small trees is still good so I am quite happy. Trees have no scale so they can be for any size figure you choose. But for me I will be using them for 20mm Vietnam and 28mm Sci Fi. But there is no reason they could not work for other scales. And for the cost and swift delivery I think they were quite good value.

 As they come with plastic spikes at the bottom I first snipped the spikes off. Then having collected a large number of metal discs I used Milliput (a 2 part epoxy putty) to attaché the "Shrubs" to the metal discs. Then waited 24 hours to dry. Epoxy putty does take a while to dry so I find it best to wait overnight.

Once dry I painted the bases with Brown Acrylic paint that I buy cheaply in "The Works" book shop. While the paint was still wet I covered the metal base and the milliput with sand. It is actually "Builders sand" (as that is the cheapest) that has been passed through a sieve to keep it loose and very fine and granular. Again I waited over night. The following day I mixed up a quite runny brown paint (the same paint as before but mixed with water). And then all the sand on the bases were painted brown with a big brush.

As I already have 2 different types of trees for my jungle terrain there should mostly be ground cover. They are cheap and easy to make and will I have no doubt cover the table with terrain which will block line of sight and resemble jungles.

So there you have a very quick and simple terrain tutorial.
All the best Clint