Saturday 10 June 2017

Re-purpose, re-use-recyle, RE-PANT!

😎 I will let you decide am I a tight skinflint or an eco freak!  The truth is it just does not matter.  Here are my latest 20mm (1/72nd Scale) Western Desert Vehicles. I have taken 2 vehicles I was not using and repainted them to be 2 vehicles I intend to  use.

A quick re-purpose and they are ready to go. Clearly these are Horch Personnel transporters and were used where the German army went in WW2.

The models are by FRONTLINE WARGAMING ( LINK ) So depending on the year and where you want to fight WW2 they can be quite a variety of colours and Markings. In the new versions I have settled on Western Desert where they were used Typically they would carry a squad of troops but they could also be used as tows pulling either light antitank or Infantry guns or trailers of supplies. Quite versatile and frequently used much more so than any tank!

I have also lost the bases but generally they remain the same.

While they will not be a huge influence in the outcome  of a wargame they are quite important as they allow players to appreciate how troops arrive ready to fight.

So Far I have done German soft skins but I do have a couple of British/Commonwealth vehicles in paint as we read this. So the British will be coming next week. Barring accidents.

Until then have a great weekend and enjoy the sun, if it is sunny where you are.
Best Wishes Clint


Thursday 8 June 2017

Grubby tanks German Radio truck. (1/72)

Over the Christmas period (I forget exactly the date). Pete at the club gave me a HEAVILY undercoated Opel Blitz  radio truck that he got as part of a job lot. So he passed it on to me. And this is how it turned out.

I must say I was pleased with the result. Yes parts could have been done a little better and if I was a modelmaker I probably would have. Taken more care. None the less it has come out OK.

Here is a link (Link) to where one can be bought.

I think Peter  will be both pleased and surprised with how it has come out. While I have no current use for it. I do have plans! Ssssh say no more in case they don't come to fruition. Several previous plans have failed to materialise. Still enough of that.

All equipment in the desert in WW2 was used by all sides so it is possible this may be used as British as I have deliberately left all insignia off.

I am in 2 minds whether to put it on a base. for now I will not but do not be at all surprised if in later posts I do! I will see if I can find any suitable MDF 2mm bases at the show on Sunday.
So time will tell if this gets a base or not.

One thing I do know is that there are very few 20mm manufacturers/sellers at the show (I think just 2, but I am willing to be surprised and wrong!)

I have included 4 pics so an all round view might be achieved. It just gives it a better three dimensional look.

Looks wise I wanted it to look used and abused. So I have weathered it appropriately, after all not so many car washes in the Desert! (At least not in war time).

Thanks for looking.

For those going to Broeadside I will be taking some fudge (Made it yesterday) BUT supplies are not inexhaustible so maybe only a taster!

With luck see you there.

And if not take care and enjoy the weather/election/whatever.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Colonial era Sudanese (part 3)

Yep here are the last of the colonial Sudanese I have painted for Matt. The officers and the standard carriers. And yes a group shot at the end of all 24 of them.

You will of course have noticed that the officers have different uniform. They also have lighter skin tones. The officers are Egyptian and not Sudanese which accounts for the difference (just as they would have been in this period).

The flag  carriers are on the other hand Sudanese. Matt supplied the flags. As mentioned before he tends to have a lot of flags in any army as it makes them more colourful. I of course have no idea what the flags mean or represent, or even if they are the correct way up. But they look right to my uneducated eye so I will go with it.

That's it for today. Most likely WW2 next time, but no guarantees.

Thanks for looking, all the best Clint

Sunday 4 June 2017

This time Next week......

I will be at the BROADSIDE show.

This year seems less well advertised than previous years probably because a different team are in charge.  Clearly they need time to find their feet.

There are a number of changes (small changes) this year. Firstly Dave the new organiser likes more sci fi and fantasy and card games so the traders have started to reflect that.  There is a dedicated Magic card area. While that does not appeal to me I am sure it will appeal to others. The mix of traders is quite good, but not spectacular and some of the old favourites are not in attendance. A mix up every so often is a good thing as it delivers diversity and a new outlook. Unconfirmed but I hear through the grapevine that some were not approached which is a shame and as stated that is only a rumour. (I have not talked to the companies or the organisers so I may be speaking out of turn. If I am I apologise to all concerned.)

I was due to be sent a FINAL show layout yesterday morning, but it never arrived, as a consequence I cannot show the layout of the hall or where I intend to be MOST of the day.

However I will be at the 15mm Colonial game next to Posties Rejects and the Gravesend Gamers guild. Or if you prefer the furthest game from the entrance. The closest traders being Warlord games and Morpheus entertainment (Whom I have yet to meet) .

I have already sent for some show orders (small orders nothing to get excited about) and we will be using the Men who would be Kings rules.

So if you go to the show. please pop by and say hallow. I do bite, but only when paid sufficiently! Mostly I am open to a chat, and can be approached with little danger.

All the best Clint