Tuesday 9 April 2019

Three little (well big actually) robot walkers

I have waited for the Salute hubbub to die down. It will not be out of everyone's minds yet, nor would I wish
it to be. Personally I am in a wargames limbo at the moment  with lots started and little finished and absolutely NO desire to paint at all.

So I selected 2 old models and painted them for my 15mm sci fi Alien force. While 3 are in the pics the one on the left was already painted and has been seen on the blog before.

These are Brigade Models (LINK) old 15mm figures. So old They no longer have them on the web site. Yeah well forget that as I have some! And am determined to paint them.  So I have 3 of these now and they are actually an easy paint! (Yippee!)

Elsewhere on the painting table I have some 28mm "Wild west" figures. Which I really do need to get done. AND some 15mm US cavalry that I really do need to get done. So those 2 projects are in the works! I shall most likely do the 28mm Wild west next as they are most of the way done. But be warned I may just skip back to 15mm Sci Fi, It's the kind of logic I have at the moment! Or just to be perverse some 1980's 6mm figs that I am umming and ahrring about. You are warned.

Until then all the best  Clint