Saturday 9 June 2012


Well it's 6:30 am and I am all ready to go. I have been up since 4am just checking that I have everything right and correct not that I think I have, bound to have forgotten something.

Since getting up I have printed spare Flea market forms, spare Parking vouchers, some quick reference sheets  and the scenario we shall play.

The next stage is to move everything to the front of the house ready for pick up. My lift arrives at 8:15 or there abouts. We should be packed and on the road by 8:25 and arrive at the hall about 8:45. And that's when it all begins. The doors will have been open from 8am so it should be in set up mode by then. I have asked RWC (Rainham Wargames Club) to arrive at about 9am. I have not told them yet That I have put my hand in pocket and booked 5 bacon Sarnies for us. Hope no one's on a diet. They'll have to buy their own teas coffees and beers though (I can only think of one club member who might want a beer at 8 am..... the rest of us No.) . But I think the Sarnies will be very much appreciated.

I have 19 items for our clubs Flea market stall all stuffed in carrier bags and I think it's all at a price to sell. However I expect to be bringing most of it home again. Probably with a lot more from other people. Time will tell.

In my head I have a small shopping list, some things MUCH more important than others. Nothing too exciting but we all know come about Wednesday I'll post a shot of the swag I walk out with. You never know might happen tonight when I get in.

Now I still have time to get some cornflakes and have a final read of the rules.

Talk soon Cheers Clint

Thursday 7 June 2012

2 Days to Go!

 As I am sure you are now WELL aware of BROADSIDE
will take place on Sunday and this is the last post from me before it does. I did contemplate detailing the show, but lets be honest if you are interested you're either coming or not by this stage, I really doubt there will be any last second changes of plans. However I would be doing the show a dis-service  if I did not put a link in as well. 
So there you go.
I thought I should also show where I am with regard to Saga. As I already had a box of Gripping Beast Hirdmen, also known as Vikings it was an obvious place to start. Given the lack of uniforms and the universal use of equipment by all sides, often given to loyal followers when stripped from the dead of either side following a battle. These troops can easily be used as Scots, Viking, Anglo Danish, Anglo Saxon, Welsh etc. The main differences come at the levy quality troops which would most likely not be given battle trophies. In the Saga rules "Dane Axes" are not given to Vikings, (they get berserkers instead) so the guy on the right in the SAGA rules would be Anglo Danish. In Real life obviously every faction used every weapon but for the game this guy is an Anglo Dane. The top unit of four figures are in my mind "Hearth-guard" as I have unified them with the same colour shields. While not a uniform as such it does identify them as being together. Call it Artistic licence. I am sticking to geometric shield designs just for ease of painting but I think it works quite well and gives a good look. Lots more to do of course. but at least it's a start.
That's it for Today. I may sneak a quick post in tomorrow (no promises) as I would post on Sunday, but I will be at the show. So take care and speak soon. All the best Clint.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Progress of sorts.

Having no focus I am doing a bit of everything all at the same time but mostly taking the opportunity to finish things off. Always worthwhile. The top picture is some "Zombie" ground scatter. Tim at Frontline ( makes these in resin. I was lucky enough to be given these by him at Cavalier back in February and finally managed to polish them all off. (I had already done some. But now I've got them all done.) They are not brilliantly painted, but they can now be put away and use for any forthcoming Zombie games.
The Second Picture is a few more bases for PBI. Two BAR, two Garand and one carbine (Command) stands. Slowly slowly moving this project forward. Obviously I had to finish all the Afghan boards and figures first so these have been on hold for a while. I can now press forward with this project now as well as several others that are part done. I had an email from Karl at Crooked Dice yesterday, it seems he'll be on his own at the Crooked dice stand at BROADSIDE, selling things and playing a game. He  did mention the "Fiddlers Green" game which involves Spy-fi agents against scarecrows in  very English village setting. I'll have a chat with the Rainham Wargames Club ( the club I belong to) and see if next year they'd like to do something Crooked Dice based for a couple of shows. Karl lives about 15 miles away from me so it could benefit us all. I'll have a chat with Karl on Sunday, as well as RWC and see if it's a good fit for both parties. I personally like the idea but I am only one voice among many.

I'll try to have some SAGA figures done for my next post on Friday. Thanks for looking take care cheers Clint.

Monday 4 June 2012

What next?

Well that is the question. I have a feeling of Anti-climax now the Afghan boards are finished. (OK there are a couple of very small tweaks to make on them, but I'm not doing that in the rain.) So a week before Broadside and having booked the week off work I find myself twiddling my thumbs.

Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic position to be in. However I can't help thinking I should be working on something wargaming.

I have loads of ideas of course, but I don't want to start something and then get inspiration at Broadside and loose impetus.

As a club our next project will be SAGA. That being the case I will probably build a force for the game. Which is why I have photographed these two. About 18 months ago I was going to build a 28mm Viking DBA army, just for fun. Shame to let a few painted figures go to waste so I may well work on these this week. I really need to bite the bullet and decide which faction I want to do. Viking, Anglo-Dane, Norman, Scots, or even Breton. The others don't interest me. I think I'll just paint and see where it takes me. I have a couple of Ulfhednar and some with broad axes so Anglo-Dane or Viking seem to be the place to start.

In addition to Saga I will also get a bit of a mix of other projects progressed as well until I can get some focus.

That's it for today, thanks for reading. Hope the Jubilee celebrations are to your liking, after all they almost definitely won't be repeated in our life-times. All the Best Clint.