Saturday 4 January 2014

10mm Fuzzies!!

 And today hot from Curt's Painting challenge are my 10mm  Sudan Fuzzy Wuzzy's . There will be no mention of "liking it up 'em" or "not liking it up 'em" Unless you want to say it. For me it's to obvious and we all know as soon as they hit the wargames table some "Bright" spark will have to say it..... and on every other outing they get as well. Not that I mind anyone saying it of course.

Anyway there are 57 in all including the guy with the flag. (I have found the other missing 3 they were in the wrong bag). A very simple painting scheme, base colour, dark black/brown wash and a highlight on each. At 10mm that really is all they need as you rely on the mass of troops effect rather than picking out individuals. Overall I am happy with the results and as mentioned a few days ago a set of figures purchased about 5 years ago are now done based and ready for a game.

I still have about 115 Ansar on foot to do. Give me a little time and they will take a lick of paint. They will require slightly more work as I will have to add coloured patches to their clothes for the Mahdist effect! But that's in the future.

Coming up next in the painting challenge are 15 Camel riders for this project as well. So I will post them next time out.

After that we have the "Villains" bonus round and It will be a couple of Mexican Bandits. All Wild west games need Mexican Banditos. One of which will be given to the first of the 600 club to reach their goal. Looking link Angry Lurker Fran at this stage as he is less than 20 points away.

That's it fortoday, Need to do the finishing touches on the bandits and to get them photographed and sent to Curt on the hurry up.

All the best and take care chaps catch you all later.

Thursday 2 January 2014

WIP (2) Curt's Challenge.

 As my Fuzzy Wuzzy's have not been on Curt's blog for very long it would be wrong to show them just yet. feel free to click the link above and check them out, or wait a couple of days and I'll put them on here.

In the mean time here are a couple of work in progress shots to let you know what's coming up next. As ever I will work on what takes my fancy when I sit at the painting desk, so these may come in any order.

  • 10mm Madist Camel riders
  • 10mm Mounted Samurai with bows
  • 28mm Mexican Bandits (Villains)
  • 28mm Eotd Grave robbers (Villains)

It has struck me that in a wild west filmic setting Mexicans get a rough deal. They are either the victims or the Villains. With the exception of Zorro and Manolito from the High Chaparral there have been very few Mexican characters shown in a good light. So Mexican Bandits may well be the way I go for the Villain Bonus round on The Analogue Painting Challenge. Due on Sunday.

The alternative is of course to go for Burke and Hare the infamous Grave robbers, but I may save those for a later round when "Dead" are needed and they could make a nice little Vignette. Or maybe finish the last few Wild West Zombies!

Coming soon I will have to start my Deadzone figures as there will be a game soon and as yet I have only assembled one of the blighters, let alone wave a paintbrush anywhere near him! I am slipping behind. I also want to continue with the 10mm frenzy and get my Ansar and last few Samurai finished off.

So until next update. Cheers Guys and I hope this year is treating you as well as you deserve so far. All the best Clint.

Tuesday 31 December 2013

Arab Revolt 1916-18 (1)

 Here are my first troops for the planned Arab Revolt game for Broadside in June 2014. It was clear as a club that we wanted to do something related to WW1 due to the centenary and also because Tim one of the club members has IT miniatures which makes 20mm WW1 figures. As a club we wanted to stay clear of the typical WW1 trench warfare. As I already had some 20mm scale boards for Afghanistan it was logical that we do something middle eastern based. The Terrain and architecture being similar if not exactly the same. Which is how we came by the idea of doing the Arab Revolt.

So here are the first few Arabs mounted on Camels. As mentioned above We will be using IT miniatures as much as possible partially for convenience and partly to help promote Tim's business. I have tried a practice run a few weeks ago of painting camels so this is my first production run. there are 10 mounted Arabs on 10 camels which should help to reinforce the basic look of the conflict. I will need to paint a minimum of 36 of these in total and maybe as many as 50 in order to get the correct impression of an Arab war party.  I have photographed them on one of the Afghanistan boards so that you may see them insitu and I suspect give a greater feel for how I want the game to turn out.

Here are the first batch though. They were painted as part of Curt's analogue Hobbies painting challenge and as such have earned me 80 points. I will be prepping and priming the next 12 later today. I will also be finishing the bases for the 57 Fuzzy Wuzzy's in 10mm  (I thought I had 60 but it turns out I can't count! or maybe 3 have wandered away and will return later.

In addition to these I may prep some Ansar again in 10mm. Without counting it look like I have about 100 of these and As I suspect they will be very straight forward to paint they might find themselves hurried up the painting queue. And Finally I was going to paint some Mexican gunfighters in 28mm for Curt's next Bonus round. Which is the Villain bonus round. I settled originally on Mexicans because other than Zorro I could not think of any heroic character in western films with them being either Bandits or peasants. Yesterday however I braved the rain and storms and visited Rochester and the independent wargames shop there. (I had run out of a certain paint colour). While there I also purchased a West Wind Empire of the Dead pack of figures that are suitably villainous, especially considering what I will use for the bonus round of dead figures! Nudge nudge wink wink.

That's it for today I should have blogged yesterday but these had not had sufficient resting time on Curt's blog so I am a day out! Enjoy today and have a great new year and I strongly hope that 2014 turns out to be a brilliant and fantastic year for you all.

Happy New Year Clint