Friday 15 April 2016

Tomorrows post today!

Bloody hell it's like busses nothing for ages then 2 come along at once. This was to be Saturdays post, but I finished it early AND tomorrow is Salute and I know it would get missed in the rush to see all the show goodies.

So Today I continue with the Empress Miniatures in 28mm for a VBCW. This is a 37mm Bofors anti Tank Gun and crew.  Again this is for Matt and for VBCW 37mm gun should have enough punch to get through most things, OK probably not a Mk1 Matilda but pretty much everything else. The gun was used in WW2 and saw much use in the desert sometimes mounted on the back of trucks "Portee". During the Winter War the Finns did use it very successfully against all manner of Russian tanks but realistically it was not deployed against tanks it could not penetrate. (Unless of course you know better NO KV1's were encountered with this gun.) In fact so many of these guns were captured during the fall of France that it was also used by the Germans!

However this version is to be used in the Very British Civil War. Each crew member has different clothes and head gear so it can easily be used for any side. And while I do not normally paint camouflage on my VBCW stuff Matt did ask for it. It is no particular pattern or colours, just what I thought would look right. and looking at the gun shield the silhouette outlive is broken up so I guess it works.

Thanks for Looking today have a great weekend and I should post again on Monday.

If you are going to Salute have a great time.
All the best from (Raining) Kent.
Clint out.

Thursday 14 April 2016


Yes I know I have been very lazy and not put anything on the blog for more days than normal. It is a combination of things.
  1. Mostly dithering about what to paint after the AHPC this year. I can Procrastinate for England!
  2. Not really enjoying wargaming at present (although this is now passing)
  3. Family illness in Matts Family so no VBCW stuff to paint (rectified now)
  4. My Nephew James. Loading Minecraft on my computer and getting a little addicted. (It does not run on his computer! but does run very well on mine.))
  5. And umming and arrhing about a potential new/old project that got put on the back burners for a few years. AND as I am not going to Salute this year that does free up some cash for the project.
In the mean time here is a single Empress Miniature, from the Spanish Civil War range who will be joining the Kent Socialists. Yes it is Painted for Matt and yes the flag is by Pete Barfield. I will be working on some more socialists this week and hope to have more to show on Saturdays blog post. Obviously men and women did fight in the SCW and one assumes they would do so in the VBCW as well. Not all units in the SCW did have women or allow them to fight in the front line. Many were cooks or nurses, yet some did fight in battles. So this figure carries the red flag for the socialist forces allied to Betteshanger colliery (Painted previously!)

 So enough chatter  and back to the brushes you monkey you!

Have a great couple of days and post again on Saturday.

All the best Clint