Friday 22 January 2016


No not me personally I am in good health (as far as I know).

This was also done for the Analogue Challenge painting competition. IT had hung around for about 8-10 years without being touched so I was about time. The model is a Revel Kit that I think I purchased while in Germany. It went together easily and painting was very quick and simple. But as it came with no crew I added some Britannia/Grubby tanks crew. Luckily for me they do a Medevac crew. The crew pack consists of Pilot, Co-pilot, Medic treating a wounded soldier a dead body (shown in last post) and a soldier with a rifle. The figures are tightly chunky when compared with SHQ (Most of my troops) but I actually prefer that as it gives them a slightly Cartoony feeling to painting with deep creases in the clothes. Not so good if trying to paint camouflage but as My Vietnam troops are in plain green (except my south Vietnamese) I look on it as an advantage.

I did want to put the dead body inside, but it was just a little too cramped even when I stripped out the seats and stretchers. So he was left behind. I am happy with the arrangement as it is though as It is a medevac helicopter and really does need the medic involved.

Although I said it went together easily, it did involve me getting glue on the windows at every opportunity with my inept dexterity. The other problem of course was the decals which had decayed to the level where I could not apply them properly an some even just flaked off. The result was me hand painting 2 of the crosses, so do not look too closely as they will be noticed. If that is not shooting myself in the foot and drawing attention to them I just do not know what will!

As we all know, no wargames project is ever really finished but this is getting close now. Still a few more choppers to build, both for attack roles and slicks for air lift. But they do not stay on the table long so generally need not be represented.

I have taken to using plastic disposable wine glasses as flight stands. 8 for a £1 in my local pound shop they are clear, light easy to transport and to store and even replace. They can straddle terrain any put any helicopter about 5 inches above the table so work very well. If you do any 20mm Modern wargames I would recommend them for Helicopters. They work very well indeed.

That's it for today. Next post Monday and an AAR of my Samurai using the Dragon Rampant rules .  I hope. Well it should be unless I can get no players at the club or unless some kind of unforeseen accident and no body like that.

Cheers For looking, all the best Clint


Wednesday 20 January 2016

Bonus round (Epic Fail)

I did come up with several ideas for an epic fail, unfortunately they all revolved around me spending money or making a diorama. Both of which I had decided not to do.

Instead I started to assemble and paint a medevac helicopter. But that took to long and I did not finish it.

So instead I just put in a US soldier from Vietnam covered in a grown sheet as they did with the dead until they could be taken back to camp.

very simple to paint and rather than just miss out I submitted this as an epic fail.

very quick, very simple and easy to get finished. But at the same time although a little dark in subject a Total Epic Fail as far as I am concerned.

The figure is a Grubby Tanks/Britannia model in 20mm (1/72nd scale) and is part of the helicopter medevac set. (More of those in a few  days)

Thanks for looking and more in 2 days.

All the best Clint 

Monday 18 January 2016

Ahhhh! M' Heartyies!

 At Salute this year I bought 8 Dwarf Pirates from Black Scorpion. 4 have been put somewhere safe and I Cannot find them. I know they have not been thrown out though.... well I think I know!

But here are the other 4. They have already been on the Analogue Painting challenge so if you follow that you will have seen the crew before. These have been the first Resin figures I have painted (I have done vehicles before) and I did find the details just a little soft. Nothing so bad as to stop me buying more just a little soft.

After years and years and years of not liking Dwarfs in games I am finally coming round to them and enjoying them.

I kept the bases as simple as possible. Just sandy beach for a finish. This would give them a versatile finish and let them be anywhere in the world. Well anywhere with sand so any beach or desert.

They were painted to help out my "Enchanter" in Frostgrave, but Frostgrave seems to have fizzled out at the club. It may start again, but it gets less likely with each passing week, which is a shame as it was a good game and in the campaign I was not last. (I know that makes a change!)

But anyway I hope you can enjoy the figures and If I do find the other four they will be painted for the Challenge and will turn up here in due course.

Have a good few days and another post on Wednesday.

Cheers From Clint