Friday 5 August 2016

5 More Burpas!

Clearly I am painting 5 figures at a time. And here are  the next 5. Again they are for Matt and he mostly does 28mm and these are indeed that size.

A mixture  of make from left to right (I think) 2 Empress Miniatures a Perry miniature and 2 wargames Foundry figures.  All more troops to devastate the Hills of the Indian sub continent and to stop the Colonial British . But they could also be used in pulp games in North Africa or maybe as pirates in and around Turkey. They realy could be quite versatile in their application.

I have 5 more to do in this batch and will show a batch picture wen I publish them.  I do hope to show a club game on Monday and I will be trying the "En Earde!" rules by Osprey for the first time.

Thanks for looking today and with luck an AAR on Monday.

Thursday 4 August 2016

A litle bit of everything..... OK NOT evererything!

The painting Mojo has not returned so I Painted up a pair of M16 half tracks for my Arab Israeli wars collection They were still in use in the Yom Kippur war of 1973 as anti aircraft guns.

The rules say I am only allowed 1 but I had 2 models so I thought I might as well paint them both! For those of you who are not all that familiar with the M16 Halftrack if you think of a WW2 M3 American Halftrak with 4 (quad mounted) .50 Browning heavy machineguns in a small turret. Here is a pic of a real one In Israeli colours and Markings. So Colour wise I am pretty close,

The M16 was used in WW2 by America and for many people the "Matchbox" 1/76 scale plastic model was our first introduction to the machine. I know it was mine. While the guns are designed for Anti aircraft I know it can also be used against ground targets either soft skin vehicles or Infantry. By the later part of the second world war it will have little to no effect against tanks.

But in the Arab Israeli wars it still has its uses both against aircraft and to a lesser extent against ground forces, apart from tanks. but still a nice piece of kit to have on the battle field.

 Meanwhile back at the steam punk tank... no NO pictures now until I finish it. But any colonial force be they Zulus or marhdist forces does need something to counter the Beast! So the obvious choice is to include magic! I can Hear certain people "Frowning" from here. And you did not think Frowning made any noise. I can assure you that it does.

 So I present 1 Zulu "witchdoctor". Do not worry I do not see him casting any fireballs and lightning strikes, or any of that sort of malarkey. but more sort of portents and consoulting with oracles and checking the stars and maybe having "Sabotage" card to play on the tank. There may be more on this another time.

 And finally my order from Pendraken has arrived today. I will not go through my whole list of goodies but I have got some stoff for the Steam tank and a whole new project which I hope to get completed over the winter period for Curts Analogue Hobbies painting challenge AND for the Pendraken painting competition.  No reason I cannot do both IF they come out how I hope they will.

Stay tuned to find out what mad thing I have in the planning! But Do not hold your breathe as it will take a while to get up and running!

Hope you found something interesting today. All the best Clint

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Next 5 Burpas.

I did mean to post these on the blog yesterday, but time just got away from me.

So a little latter than I hoped, here are the next 5 Burpas. A mix of makes Empress and Foundry (I think) and they should function quite well as Indian hill Tribesmen. And they may even do a turn in some pulp games set in North  Africa. How Knows.

Over all nice to paint as It does allow me to paint some bright colours as well as some drab colours which is always pleasant. I do have 10 more to do so expect 5 more along  shortly.

I may post again tomorrow as I have some 6mm vehicles that are just about done and that will put me back on schedule! At least in regard to blog posts.

Until then have fun take care and smile as much as you can. All the Best Clint

Sunday 31 July 2016

A few more Burpas.

Well the painting Mojo has not yet returned and while I did expect to have these done and on the blog before breakfast this morning you can see I a just a little late.

Firstly let me confess I am not 100% sure of the makes, it was all explained to me but I have since forgotten. BUT from left to right I believe them to be, Perry Miniatures, Empress Miniatures and three Foundry figures.  If I have that wrong please forgive me. They are all 28mm and Painted for my mate Matt. And I will return them to him on Sunday next!

There are 5 more started and they should be finished pretty soon IF I get any enthusiasm back. As you can see this lot are in the more muted palette of colours so should fit in very well with the rest.

So until then you will just have to put up with these figures and hope I can get some more done for Tuesday, when I would HOPE to post again.

All the best Clint