Saturday 14 April 2018

11th Hussars (28mm)

Yes more Foundry 28mm figs painted for Matt for his Crimean War project. These were not as bad to paint as I first thought. Yeah Okay they wee bad enough but that is because I am both out of practice and don't know the period so have to check every detail. Talking of details if you see anything wrong kindly let me know I have been as accurate as I am able but really no expert so bound to have made a mistake or two. Just better NOT to keep repeating mistakes is all.

Also I am not expecting a quick reply from anyone as it is Salute weekend and many will be at that or keen at least to see some show reports so this may slip under the radar!

 As mentioned they are 28mm Wargames Foundry figures and part of the Crimean War range.

At the very bottom of the post I have included a jacket of the uniform which was used at the period. So feel free to check it and see if I got it at least a little correct. (I know you will anyway). I find Gold very hard to paint, it usually requires 3 coats to even begin to look correct. And these for example have 4 coats including a very light black wash.  I hate Painting Gold Acrylics it never looks right.

That's it have fun enjoy the weekend and get some painting done IF you get the chance!
All the Best Clint

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Matts new Project

Yep 28mm Crimea war. I know a little about the Crimean war but really not much so tis I think may be a steep learning curve. Very steep indeed!

These are 28mm FOUNDRY figures depicting Lord Raglan and his staff. As mentioned I do not really know this period so if I make any mistakes please forgive me.  To me they were a nice bunch of 28mm figures. Luckily Matt did provide me with a pic to copy which I then did. Certain things were changed of course, like the base and the colour of the horses but overall I followed the picture fairly accurately.

I did look at certain paintings to get the uniform colours and did notice that some of the plumes on the hats were black. As the pic Matt gave me had white plumes though I went for white as I figured maybe they were either different regiments or even different ranks and that Matts pic was the correct one. I still have no clue so if you know better kindly let me know. I hasten to add I am not looking doe masses of information, just trying to get it right for next time.

The last (small) pics are the same pics but from different angles so you might get a better idea on the figures.

Finally this is not a period I am really into and while I have enjoyed painting them for a change I imagine I will very quickly become tired of it. They are not as bad as Napoleonic's and for that I am grateful, but still not my absolute favourite period to paint

 Needless to say click the pics if you want to see them bigger.

Until next time allow me to dasy dream about more 20th century things.
All the best Clint

Sunday 8 April 2018

Repaint, Rebase, Repurpose! (15mm)

Firstly I must apologise. It is just very DULL here and I am unable to take any decent pics, despite 3 separate attempts. So this is the best of a bad bunch.

Secondly 2 skirmish stands for my Viking force in Longships. Very old figures with at least 3 coats of paint Probably (much) more. 3 Minifigs and 1 2 dragons for those that are really interested all purchased some 40+ years ago originally. Not much to say as they all very old and very nasty but Vikings did not ever have a lot of skirmishers and these are 14 points out of the 400 max I am allowed so I probably will rather use more spear carrying force and less skirmishers.

In the rules Skirmishers are an annoying distraction. Many forces Like the Irish or the Scotts don't even need to pay points for them. But Vikings have to and to be honest they are annoying but don't cause too much pain to the enemy so are generally best left until you get a cavalry unit to ride them down. Oh yeah Vikings don't use much cavalry! I suspect you can see the cunning flaw in that plan.

3rdly (am I making up words again) a change of project. Here are Modern Russians.  Again 15mm. I was in two minds about selling these on eBay. Instead I have rebased and re-paint, and they are now repurposed.

Starting with the "regular" soldiers I now have 3 bases of Professional quality troops. While you may hope that all your troops are of this quality in the bush wars of Africa (At least in the AK 47 rules) these are actually very rare troops. So rare in fact that I have NEVER used any professional quality troops! They are all armed with Assault rifles (AKs as it happens) some even with underslung grenade launchers. In the rules Profesional quality troops are good but the points cost makes them VERY limiting. They are also my only troops that have helmets!

 Along with Assault rifle armed troops I now have 4 bases armed with RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades). As in the rules you asre limited to 2 stands per unit I have enough for 2 units. Also in the rules they can act as "Normal" professional quality troops they will all do double duty as riflemen. As the points value is exactly the same Most (if not all) AK players buy these first for a unit as it just makes more sense to do so.

The RPG is a common sight in news footage but realistically they should be a little more rare. But just as camera-men in modern times like to take pics of RPGs a similar parallel can be drawn with WW2 camera-men liking to take pics of TANKS, which were actually a lot less common that most wargamers think.

Next up I have 4 stands of LMGs. Now the points cost means I am probably not going to use these much unless I use them as Riflemen., but as the rest were revitalised it made sense to do these as well. You never know It is possible to have a unit promoted a grade temporarily for a battle so it is possible they may get used a lot. Well one can dream can't one!

The last 2 pics is of all the professional troops together. I have slim hopes of getting them all on the table at one time, but you never know stranger things have happened in my wargaming pastime. That being the case I will keep my fingers crossed.

The modern Russians are team Yankee figures and it is a single pack now used as AK-47 figures. It works out a LOT cheaper to do this than to buy dedicated Peter Pig AK figures.

Now my AK 47 force is just about finished. By that I mean I have more than enough to play a game but there is always room for more and I do have my beady eyes on a few more acquisitions. But they an Wait until Selwg at the very least.

Thanks for looking today. My work bench is now clear so on with 28mm figs next! (Insert evil cackling as desired!)