Saturday 27 May 2017

Progress (2 steps back)

At the moment it if 2 steps back for one step forward. However this will change very soon. Since yesterday I have (working in an unventilated garage) given each hex tile an undercoat. This should get them all to the same colour. (Fingers crossed we will see how it dries)!!

Yes there are issues. I had to paint over the existing flock which has left some bumps. Also as I had previously varnished some Wadis they are some what smooth. But at least they are all now the same colour. And Being the same colour is an excellent place to start. The Previous version (shown on the right) was a mix of colours. Now as you can see it is all one colour. This means that I am able to make some more tiles as well and they will fit in perfectly.

The next stage will take a while so no more quick updates.
I have to purchase enough flock in desert colours to add sufficient vegetation everywhere. While this WILL be time consuming I am not even tempted to do any work on it until at least 2 weeks.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking

All the best Clint

Friday 26 May 2017

I am inspired

Yes this is a LONG term project bought back to life. NOT a new project but 25-30 years old!

Yes that long ago I started planning and working on this project, now It has finally got the go ahead... yes it could have gone faster.

1/200th or 10mm wargaming western desert.

Most of my old stuff in Skytrex and I do not think is still even produced. Let me know if It still is. I may well place an order. Not that I want much at all.

What I like about the Western Desert in WW2 is many fold. Firstly no single side had all the advantages. There was no big heavy tanks and as everyone used anything they could get their hands on no side can claim equipment superiority.  As see to the right a British tank being used by the Germans. Captured  use of trucks was of course far more common with a typical convoy having British, Italian and German trucks no matter the owners nationality.

In the next few weeks/months I will be re-making my desert boards I purchased the paint this morning! Here  is a pic of what it is currently like. I know not everyone like hex boards but they should work very well for the PBI rules I intend to use. As you can see several different sand colours were originally used as one "tester" pot ran out I switched to another. But instead I have purchased a 2.5 litre pot and intend to create them all in the same shade of desert.

This inspiration has come from several sources and the strong desire to actually finish this project.

I have raked out some of my OLD (Very old) figures and while the Infantry are just no good several of the vehicles are.

I have 1 0r 2 Companies of British 8th army infantry ready to start as well as Lee's Honeys, Valantines and a number of German vehicles as well. So while I will inevitably do some updates at least you know what I am working on when all is quiet!

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Bengal Lancers (2)

Yes I have finished the Bengal lancers shown 2 posts ago. These had less wobbly legs and as a consequence have remained upright. (The others have been adjusted and now also stand upright as you will see in the last photo.)

5 more lancers with their distinctive turbans.  These were easier to paint as I have now gotten into the swing of it. Just in time to finish... such is life. No complaints that is just the  way life goes sometimes.

 One figure is a musician with a bugle while the other 4 are lancers. I was unsure what colour to do the lanyard/cording on the bugle but settled on blue in the end to match the turbans. If you know other wise PLEASE let me know so I can change it.

I gave Matt the choice of all brown horses and he selected a variety of colours. Some Regiments in history like the "Scott's Greys" were known to have horses of a set colour. Other regiments used whatever they could find. But even if Matt had said just one colour there would still be a variety of tone/colours and markings which would make each one different.

I am not unhappy with a variety of horse colours as it does allow for greater diversity. As you can see I have used a wide variety of colours from palomino to a dark grey. I have mostly stuck to various browns though as you can see in the last picture.

A tiny bit of tidying up still to do. But they are finished for the most part.

That is it for today. all the best and another post in a few days.

All the best Clint

Sunday 21 May 2017

Mommy iz a Sombie too!

 Well I was gonna go to a car boot sale today but I am not going so here is a Sombie instead!

The figure is 28mm by mantic part of the Walking Dead game. As I showed an older gentleman last time here is a younger lady.

I went for pink jogging/Yoga trousers and a light green top. Not spending so much time in a gym I am not convinced these are the colours a young lady would pick to work out in. The Pink trousers I get and the lime green contrasts nicely and that is why I selected it. They are more likely I think to be in another pink top. But too much pink people is just not good.

I do realise I only have 3 figures painted for this at present, but It is getting done. I promise to do more as soon as I get the chance and the painting table gets a little bit clearer.

So just another zombie. No big lots of historical figures or any Bengal lancers or any WW2 stuff. Although they are all on the painting table as I type this.  With luck something finished either today or tomorrow night.

That's it for now have a good Sunday.

All the best Clint