Saturday 4 October 2014

Turn 10

Yes It has all kicked off now. I will be sending emails out to MOST of the ships captains. Basically if you have anything to repair, which for some of you might be a problem and for others not an issue at all. As always if you want any rules clarifications or more photos of something specific I expect to reply within 12 hours but leave me 48 hours just in case.

The British were able to shoot before anything else in the turn. So that did put pay to a couple of repair orders nothing tragic but at least one Spanish ship had less repair crews than they had sent to fix things. Obviously that means that they ran out of crew to a lot before they ran out of things to patch up.
The High shot from the step ladder.
one day I will fall I am sure
but as long as I don't land on the table or the camera
it will be fine!
Starting top left and working
anti clockwise. !st of we have 2 Spanish ships rapidly approaching the action.
The centre of the table.
Things really are hotting up now. Getting
packed and dirty. But no one is getting it easy.
HMS Badger has been rocked by an explosion on board. Good shooting Milsy.
And also very good shooting from Seb.
2 Masts gave come down
1 on HMS Inconsistant and
1 on HMS Badger.(who again has just drifted in the wind)
Although I think that will change (ed.)
HMS Inconsistent should get a mention for excellent gunnery as every cannon hit the target.
HMS Cutlass is almost in the battle.
Shame they are directly into the wind now.
SS Pina Colada did not quite cross the T.
Instead 2 British ships got to fire at her!
HMS Inconsistent from her right
and HMS Pachyderm from her left.
From the other side of the table.
HMS Challenge starts to get close to SS Pina Colada. While
HMS Agamemnon and HMS Pachyderm keep some sea room.
Captain Loki is moving behind HMS Pachyderm
But they are not within range yet.
Mercedes the pluck frigate has decided to head closer to the main battle.
Back to the other side of the table
just to show that they are coming within extreme range next turn.
They just have to get the arc right now.
Well that is the action this turn. No New ships on fire and a couple of fires been put out (Ok and one more small one started). 2 ships have lost a mast ( just as well they start with 3 each) and one explosion (very small but still worth mentioning). Clearly not everything is getting repaired now and all ships have taken some damage if they are involved in the fight (Some still moving into the fight). It is unlikely that any ship will become knocked out next turn but I think in 4 or 5 more turns blood will be on the carpet.

Right that's it for today expect damage reports a little later so you know what you can try to repair.

Thanks for looking and I will need your next turn orders in by 9am (GMT) 11th October 2014.

All the best Clint.

Friday 3 October 2014

Yet More Donnybrook figures

Well this is about the last of them for now. I have a couple more cavalry to do. But they can wait for now. So anyway here are another 16 French War of Spanish Succession, there should be a flag but I don't have one just yet so I will add it later. So we have 12 rank and file soldiers and 3 characters. From left to right; Drummer (Musician), Officer, Flag bearer and Sargent.

The flag at this stage should be the bourbon flag and not the French Tricolour as the revolution has not had not yet happened (French revolution 1789). I could perhaps use a white cross on a blue or red field, but the Bourbon Flag would be better.

Still enough procrastination about getting the right flag I have a show next weekend so maybe I will pick one up then.

Again these are Black Hat Miniatures. 15mm scale and part of the Malbrurian Range. In my mind I will buy a few more, if just to get the 15mm sedan chair they do. I am not sure I have a use for a Sedan Chair but I know I will get one.

That's it for today. Thank you very much for looking and tomorrow I will do the next turn of the PBB game. But the best news is that I think I am coming to the end of my wargames doldrums as I have a few ideas of what to do next now and may even start some terrain next week. But nothing too exciting so anticipation should be at a minimum..... really boring stuff like piles of rocks and the like.

Take care and look after yourself. All the best Clint

Wednesday 1 October 2014

More Donnybrook figures

As regular readers will know I have not been in a wargames mood for several weeks! I know shock horror! Well with that in mind painting has slowed down and telly watching has gone up. Not that I need to watch more telly but these things happen. As such I have not wanted to start something new. As such I have been working through my Donnybrook WSS figures. Like the others I have painted these are BLACK HAT Miniatures that I bought a few years ago.

So today we have another 15 British line infantry including a Sargent, a drummer and a flag bearer. The Flag is the English/ British flag before 1707. So just right for Queen Anne's War. The flag changed and was different after 1707. From then on it changed by adding the Scottish flag but not at that stage the Irish flag which when all combined make up the Union Flag.  It is only the Union Jack when flown at sea. I know it's picky to point that out so Moving on...

Now looking at it I have missed the white cording on the drum so that must be done today and then re-varnished. I do have several flag bearers but you only need 1 for each side in donnybrook rules so they may sit unpainted for a while.

That's it for today. I am still scratching my head and wondering what I will buy at the show next show. (10 days away).

Thanks for looking and I will try to get some more painting done.

All the best Clint