Saturday 12 December 2015

BUF Auxilary (Part 2)

Well I suspected that I would get them finished and well, here they are. 10 more BUF Auxilary troops for a very British Civil war. There are a few weapon swaps mostly changing a rifle here and there for a smg which can be seen twice in the top picture. One kneeling guy has a rifle, the other a sub machinegun. Also the two guys o the right were the exact same figure until Matt swapped one rifle for an SMG.

On the second picture the man on the right has been converted to be a flag bearer but for the first time ever Matt did not include a flag pole for me, so it is easier to leave him un-flagged! The man in the centre is carrying lewis gun ammunition while the one on the left is an officer of some description.

So that is it for today 10 more troops all for Matt and I will pass them on tomorrow at the club and I hope pic up some more figures to paint.

Have a good weekend.
Cheers  for looking Clint

Thursday 10 December 2015

BUF Auxilary (Part 1)

Hurray Painted figures! Yes today here are 10 BUF Auxiliary troops. They are all 28mm and by Musketeer miniatures and available here (Click this link ) and are painted to represent the BUF in the North Somerset campaign, but they will be used in Kent for the crossing of the Medway and the ongoing battles with the AL.

They have been painted for Matt and he has done some weapon swaps among the figures but I do not notice any in the first photographs. So they may be finished for Saturday. Overall very nice figures to paint and base and I have enjoyed doing them. 10 more to finish for now, but who knows after that. Apart from the Lewis gun they are all rifle armed with chevrons on the jacket sleeve for the far right figure in the first photo.

That is it for today. With luck another 10 on Saturday. All the best from sunny Kent.

Cheers Clint

Tuesday 8 December 2015

3 good things

Well progress is being made. Not on figures, that is going remarkably slowly at the moment. But all my news today is good.

Firstly I have received a "SECRET SANTA" parcel. And while I do have a postcode I will not be checking to see where it originates as that seems sneaky and not in the spirit. I just want the sender to know it has arrived and that I am very excited by it. I will be sending mine out the end of next week so they arrive closer to the deadline, but still in plenty of time. So whoever set it THANK YOU!

I also noticed that Ray over at Also known as "don't throw a 1" is celebrating his 1 millionth page view. As such he has a giveaway should you wish to take part. It is all historical as far as I can see, but all of some use. So feel free to click the link and pop over and sign up he just may have something for you.

And finally for today (more painted figures on Thursday). I have received a Kickstarter package. I do not go in for very many kickstarters and had totally forgotten about this one. So 18 months later it arrived! Not that it was a large pledge at all. Very small in fact but I have 2 gangs (or squads if you prefer) of 15mm figures and the rulebook. I went 15mm as opposed to 28mm as at the time I was into 15mm sci fi. But times change and I am now thinking 28mm would have been the way to go.

The Game is a tabletop wargame for those who have not seen it before. The basis of which is set in a Blade-runner like future. Each player forms a criminal gang in order to make a profit by stealing "Fabricants", android human like robots. The rules seem very simple and I strongly approve of them and the setting. I do like the game a lot, but now I am wondering if I will ever make the terrain. If I doyou will be the first to know. (After the materials supplier of course and I tell them noting.) The rules have grabbed me as has the setting so it may happen. But in reality I do realise that making a fururistic street setting is a LOT of work so it just may not get of the ground!

That is it for today. More figures painted by Thursday and the next post as I should finish a squad this afternoon/evening with a little luck.

Until then, have fun take care and splash some paint about. All the best Clint

EDIT FOR FRAN.....................................................................................................................................

Here are the 15mm figures. It is a Yakuza Gang so only 6 of the figures are HUMAN. The rest are Fabricants (Replicants in Blade Runner terms) so are PHYSICALY bigger stronger and probably faster as well. But they can be hacked by other gangs. (so NOT scale creep) The 6 Humans are mostly hackers able to alter the environment (setting of alarms (or not) changing the light levels calling the police to different areas or to this one If things are getting a bit edgy for them. You know the sort of things).

The figures are slim but well proportioned and more anatomically correct than many 15mm figures. I intend to paint them as part of the analogue painting challenge so expect to see them soon enough!

Sunday 6 December 2015

Stupid Boy!

 When I joined the Wargames club I did liken my command acumen to that of the incredible (in his own mind) Captain Mainwaring. Ten years later I still meet those high standards, but only just! This figure was an absolute joy to Paint. Matt had added a Thompson Machinegun tucked under his right arm and to my eye it fits very well indeed. The colour choice of a dark brown suit was to give him a sombre appearance. The light blue armbands of the Anglican league contrast very nicely with the brown. Of course it had to be a black bowler hat as befits a bank manager and my one extravagance was the dull red tie against the white shirt. Many other colour choices were of course available but this seemed to fit the character nicely. I know he wears a charcoal suit in the TV series so I will just claim that a man in his position potentially may have more than one suit!
From the back you can see there is no shoulder stock on the gun. It would have been nice, but Matt did not waste time or effort by adding one. It would have given me a lighter brown to work with but overall unless you are being picky it was not a nessercary addition. The umbrella will no doubt be used for pointing at things and was part of the original figure and a very  fitting accessory.

This should be the last Dad's Army figure for a while. (at least a year). Which is not to say no more homeguard but just no more TV series characters. I am painting some more figures for Matt as you read this and they should all be finished by Thursday. (Some BUF) for handing over on Sunday next week.

So until Tuesday when I get back to my "normal" blog posting schedule. "Stupid Boy!" Sorry I could not resist!