Saturday 26 May 2018

T 55 (6mm)

Firstly I am sorry for no posts for a while. I was not up to it. Alright now so Please say nothing and we can get back to normal as swiftly as possible. I would say a "Thank you to the person (hero) who did email to enquire. Cheers mate I appreciate it.

Not much of as post today. I am working like a swan though and all will be revealed in due course. Anyone asking will be ignored though!

 Here are a COMPANY of post war Russian T-55s. That's not true though I had extras so there is an additional PLATOON (Engineering) of 3 tanks. ( Right in the first picture).

Can I use them in 1980's "Challenger 2" WARGAMING? Yes of course! I can use them in a Russian Naval regiment OR By Bulgarian or Hungarian support forces, perhaps to invade Turkey in a cold war era game I have suggested. But that is years away just yet , and ONLY in my head.  I shall of course be adding to this force in the  coming month until my "Spaniel" attention span gives me other "shinies" to take a look at.

The models are all 6mm or 1/300th scale Heroics and Ros. As yet I do not have any boards to play on but that is all planned for the future. (BUT do not hold your breath).

I PLAN to be back posting ever 2nd day this week and should I think already have enough posts.

So pack up any worries you may have, enjoy your hobby and paint or game if you get the chance.

All the best Clint