Saturday 2 September 2017


Yes that sounds like a music album title for a cheap band from the 60's) I apologise if this was an album title, but you get the idea.

Firstly here is the remains of my German Aeronef fleet. You may recall I forgot to paint one when I did the rest. so that has now been rectified.

They are Van 7 German patrol nefs. (LINK to shop) They came as part of the German starter fleet and are now painted and with the others. (still trying to sort out bases I am happy with.)
But they are done so nothing to worry about too much for now.

The bottom pic is some figures I sent off for from Gripping Beast. I must say the service was exemplary.  They arrived in their own card board box very fast indeed.

I have started the next unit and with luck I will finish them  pretty soon but not this weekend. Generally the figures are very good and well suited to Dux Britaniarum. Buying direct from the maker was cheaper than eBay as well So expect to see the first unit of 6 middle of next week. Over all I am excited to paint them and assembling them was a pleasure and not a chore.

Hopefully an AAR on Monday, until then take care have fun and paint like crazy if you get the chance.

Thursday 31 August 2017


Yes let me take you back a few weeks when I finished these  (( ))

I said at the time that one was in worse condition and I may or may not get around to painting it. Well the Joy is that I have finished it! One of the reasons was that I got them all cheap and they were badly cast. So badly cast that there was a whole on the back (tail) entrance ramp about as large as the nail on my little finger. As well as chips air bubbles and dust particles and bobbling. (I am sure there is a technical term but you know what I mean.)

 Since then I have repaired the hole, being honest it did not take long and I probably could have done a better job. but as I considered the vehicle a "Throw-away" I was not in the mood to spend too much time on it. BUT as you can see I am glad I did repair it. As I now have 3. OKAY they are not perfect, but they are good enough.

If you look at the bottom of the ramp inside you can see the repair. Not brilliant, but good enough for me and any games I put on. As it was painted at a different time it is a different shade of green, it also has a different style of base. Oh well my mistake  and at least I have another vehicle ready for the table top.

So job's a good 'Un! as far as I am concerned. I have shown all 3 together just to kind of prove this is a new vehicle and not one of the others re-photographed. And at the very end is a Youtube video of one being put through its paces by some vehicle restorers.

I do have 3 more Amtracks (Amphibious-tractors) to do, but they are more fighting vehicles than troop transports. Therefore I have left those for another post while I think about what kind of turrets (yes turrets) I put on them/

Until next time take care, have fun and paint something.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 29 August 2017


Well almost (sorry Joe ). Personally I did not like SAGA, I know many people did and that is great, but for me I could not get to grips with troops that could do something one turn and not do it the next. I am sure they could not have forgotten it in a space of 10 minutes. Anyway I like the period and setting and already have the figures (well some of them at least). Now Dux Britaniarum is currently played down the club so that makes sense as the "way to go!"

Dux Britaniarum is set about 500 years earlier than SAGA. This could be a problem is set later. But earlier the armour and weapons were pretty much the same. OK there is less chainmail and less Dane Axes and less hauberks, with almost no need to split he front for mounted knights. But there were more bearded axes and more Van Dyke mail shirts. (Get your wellies on if you want to get into the deep bullshit about exactly when and where they changed.... it was an evolution and not overnight at one battle)But generally it was similar if not exactly the same.

So I raked out my Saga Figures and started to have a look at what I could use and guess what!  Here they are!

From left to right
Lords champion. Full metal jacket, 2 weapons and a shield and ready to take on another champion if asked.
Lord (with hunting dog on base) Originally a SAGA Welsh lord, but quite happily acceptable for Dux Britaninarum
2 lesser/younger lords Nuff said really

 8 elite warriors for the Saxons. No one give me a hard time about the shields. I went for simple colour combinations so we could easily see who was in each unit. While it may not be historically correct it was something we did do in re-enactment so it is something I am happy to continue with.

As you can see there are 2 units of 8 figures each. While you only need 6 figures to make a unit the unit can increase to 8 figures in a campaign. Therefore it was easier to make the units 8 figures at this stage and not 6.

These troops could Be British or Saxon (only 1 unit for British), or at a REAL push Sub Romano British, but then we are stretching the figures a bit.

Rather than re-base I did stick with 20mm square bases it makes no real difference in the rules so no need to change them. All the figures are Gripping Beast and with the exception of the dog and the lord are plastic which makes them a cheap force to put together

I have already sent for the rest of the troops so that I may make either a British or a Saxon  force. While I shall not be able to field 2 forces I suspect there is anough players at the club who can already field a force so I am happy to just have one.

That's it. Thanks for looking today. I suspect it will be more 15mm Pacific war items in a few days time.

Sunday 27 August 2017

Spectrum is Green (SIG)

 I have had these hanging around for a while. I also have some Highland cattle that I was actually looking for when I unearthed these. Highland Cattle... best not to ask I am sure they will be along soon.

Anyway here are 4 Crooked Dice "Timelift" security. Any resemblance they may have to any Gerry Anderson Puppet shows is purely coincidental. In fact to show they were not part of the Puppet show I have deliberately selected different colours.

WE Have Captain Tangerine He did start as captain Lemon but my cousin did ask if I would paint one in her favourite colour.
Captain Grey (again it did start as captain Charcoal but it looked better a little lighter.
Captain Tourquise. Maybe from the Indian Sub continent.
And Captain Purple. Of African descent but he could come from anywhere really.

I have no games for these planned, I just wanted to paint them. All finished within 1 day, undercoat to varnish and all because I cannot (at the moment) find the cattle I want to paint.

I am tempted to get some more as they were so easy and so much fun to paint but until I find a use for them I shall not.

That is it for the Bank holiday weekend. Another post on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend all the best Clint