Friday 24 February 2017

Planned buys at Cavalier. Wargames show.

I will not say this is a hard and fast set of spending objectives. And NOR I will I give exact details. I do want you to look again on Sunday (night) and see the swag I managed to walk away with.

This is Just CURRENT thinking. IF I see a bargain either on a trader stall or the Bring and  buy I will nab it with no regard to what is written here! So Instead some clues.

Pacific theatre of operations.  Some troops to fight Graham. Possibly turning into a campaign MUCH later in the year!

Rogue Stars.
Yes it will be Science Fiction in 28mm and yes it will be able to fit with existing figures. This is the most open category, and the one I am most likely to sway away from and towards a slightly different thing. Partially it depends on the traders there o the day and what they are selling.  But I would expect to come back with something! I know in MY HEAD, but it may well change wen I get there. Partially it will depend on if 2nd City Games is there, as he does tend to carry some interesting second hand figures.

Yes it flies and is old! NO it is not my dreams hopes and ambitions. (You cheeky blighter!). The Markings "might" be an indication of what I am thinking nationality wise. And yes I am deliberately keeping it obscure. Some bright spark will know though of that I am sure. All I will say for sure is some troops with which to fight Matt.

It is unlikely but I will also be after some WW2 ships. Not any old ships but Japanese and American that fought in te pacific theatre. I must admit this is the least likely. I very rarely see ships being sold at a show. 90% of traders are selling ground related items. So this may be a scouting the Bring and buy more than anything (and avoiding over priced space marines!)

Well those are my plans for the show at least as far as spending is concerned. I will show you what I come back with tomorrow when I return

Just 16 more finished.

Nope not a massive lot done! just 16 more Zulus finished. That is 12 for my main unit and 4 with rifles for my shooting /rifle unit.

They are a mix of 10mm Pendraken miniatures and 10mm Newline design miniatures.

A very quick post this day. as I am now painting Burpas again!

Best wishes Clint

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Pacific Bunker

I have had to delay putting this on the blog. To give a mate the chance to place it on his website.
I bought this from Frontline (LINK)  over the Christmas period. The idea was to use it for my Vietnam collection. I know the Vietnam "Bunkers" did not look like this but sometimes in wargames we use proxies! Anyway I painted it for the Analogue hobbies Painting challenge bonus round "Home!" Yes not really a home and it was not greatly appreciated possibly because people saw other things they liked more, or because it did not really fit the "Home" category. Who cares how people vote is up to them and I cannot blame them at all.

The only additions I made were in the form of some extra foliage. There are grass reeds added and some small clump foliage. Everything else is paint.

Let me just say it really was a joy to paint. It took me one afternoon start to finish. The reeds are bristles a wall papering brush that was bought for this purpose and may be one of the best terrain purchases I have made at 99p (From Wilkinsons 3 years ago!)

 Anyway since painting I have developed a growing interest in the Pacific war. The model is 20mm (1/76th Scale) a two piece casting and very suitable for any 20th century conflict in the pacific.

Tim has since added the pic to his Frontline web site. If you want to check that just click the link above, click on 20mm ww2 Accessories and it is the second from the bottom.
 But most importantly it was just a fun project that I will use for my Vietnam collection.

That's it for today. Have fun take carte and paint if you feel in the mood. All the best Clint

EdiT: I also added some "Static Grass" as well. I forgot about that when writing this . I sincerely apologise

Monday 20 February 2017


A very quick post today.  A 15mm Flames of war (I will use for PBI) Horch 1A . A vehicle used to both carry a squad of German troops in a Motorised Grenadier regiment OR to tow a gun and the crew. A lot would depend on which regiment or even platoon and also how many were available or how much fuel was available (Never enough). It was lighter on Fuel than a half track with ought doubt but also offering less protection.

Fairly widely used by the Germans in all theatres and in all years.

As I said a quick post today. Take care, have fun and catch you later. All the best Clint