Friday 25 March 2016

Betteshanger MG (VBCW)

 As part of the painting chasllenge I also managed to finish of a support Medium Machine gun for the Betteshanger miners I have painted. Again this was part of this years Analogue Painting Challenge and more importantly part of the Very British Civil War collection I am painting for my mate Matt. Every Colliery need some support weapons and until I get the planned beer wagon started and finished these will have to do! The planned "Beer Wagon " did get 1 step closer yesterday as I now know where to get some Large beer barrels.

I think these are "Sloppy Jalopy" figures but I could not swear to that as matt passed them on to me and I just slapped the paint on.

In other news I did send for some figures but the company sent the wrong ones. Totally their fault but they want me to send them back BEFORE they send me the correct ones. This may result in me not having much painted in the next week or two as I was due to start them today. So kindly bear with me if I don't get much painted.

Cheers from sunny Kent. Clkint

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Socialists (2)

yes today we have even more 28mm Empress Miniatures Spanish Civil war figures.  And just like last time these are to fight the Very British Civil war, here in Kent.

Weapons are again mostly rifles and a few pistols but there is also a soviet light machinegun this time which should give them a bit of punch and some more firepower. There is even a figure I have nick named Zabatak and no offence is meant by that (Front row centre in the bottom picture).

I hope in 2 days to show the first of the things painted since the painting challenge has ended (It was started before). But for now my second squad of socialists.

Thanks for looking and I hope the sun is smiling wherever you are. All the best Clint

Monday 21 March 2016

Socialists (1) VBCW

 Yes more VBCW figures. These will represent the socialist faction.  Not everybody in Kent is part of the Anglican league. It is quite diverse. But the Anglican league is the strongest faction in East Kent. There are however some factions such as the socialist that will, on occasions work militarily with the AL against the Fascists from London. Indeed many of the London Socialists are fighting in Kent to help stem the tide and keep the east bank of the Medway out of Fascist hands.

SO today shows my first Socialist squad who Happen to be in Kent. The figures are all Empress miniatures from the Spanish Civil War range. There is also at least one Footsore miniature from the Irish Civil War range. Most of the figures carry rifles. There is only one with a shot gun while another carries a mortar. (In the SCW Mortars were VERY rare in the early stages with only 6 in the whole country. When foreign powers got involved many more did become available). We Need not worry about that though as this is a Very British Civil War and many of those who served in WW1 would have seen them or even used them.

These have all been painted for my mate Matt and were to be used in a show game in 2 weeks time. Alas though As Matt has some family issues at the moment he has withdrawn.

Which has lead to an interesting change around. As a club we are now going to do a Hammering Iron ACW Naval game at the show, just a simple game which looks OK. It also means that I have volunteered to sort out a different game for the Autumn show we usually attend so expect to see some furious terrain building in the next few weeks! I intent to build the terrain so It can be used at the club as well as the shows and hope that it will look OK. As for what it will be I hope to get a WW2 set up finished for the PBI rules. I already have 2 American armies (why would I need 2?). Well 1 is Paratroops and the other is Infantry (but could be armoured infantry as well). So I will also have to paint a German opposition for them. I have not decided just yet if it will be Faslschrimjaeger or Wermarcht troops. I will just see what I can get cheapest and quickest and go from there.

Thanks for looking today all the best Clint