Friday 22 July 2016

Burpa batch 2 finished.

yep with slightly cooler weather I am able to paint more so I have finished the second batch of Burpas for Matt.

Now I could stretch these over a couple of days, but as they are done I see no reason not to show them as soon as possible.

Starting of we have a mounted leader on a palomino pony. I think this may be one of the few times that I have painted a palomino and I like the way it has come out. Not perfect of course but acceptable. This leader has striped trousers, a red jacket and Green Turban. a white sash and an orange waistcoat/under-jacket. As a leader I wanted to keep the colours quite rich and exciting as he would have a better share of any money or if a bandit any loot!

The next 5 are somewhat duller in colour and would be more run of the mill foot soldiers. They are all Foundry figures in 28mm from a variety of ranges but all suitable for North West Frontier, or Saharan adventure games. Two wear sheepskin jackets to keep out the cold in the mountains (Far left and far right) or the desert at night.

Overall they have come out quite well in all regards. And I will be able to give them back to Matt on Sunday at the club. And then he can give me some more to paint. So expect more Burpas in the next few weeks.

This gives me a  day to paint something for myself or maybe to carry on with the steam tank... Not sure what I will attempt next for me, I do have some Dark age 15mm figures that are calling out and some WW2 in 15mm that are also shouting my name.

And the final picture is them all in this batch together.  You will be able to blow the figure up quite large on screen and see all the mistakes that I make. I ask you NOT to point them out as I am already aware of them.

All the best Next post on Monday.

Thursday 21 July 2016

5 Burpas!

Well very unlikely that I will get any more on my 10mm VSF tank this week. Although I suspect a couple will comment at the club on Sunday.

However here are 5 more Burpas, for the NW Frontier. They are all 28mm Foundry castings from the Colonial North West Frontier and Darkest Africa ranges.

This time as I said I would I went for less bight colours although Matt did like them bright and Vibrant. While there are still some bright colours they do not dominate this time. Normally I email Matt some pics before I post on my blog but as he is on Holiday I have permission to put them straight on my blog as he has said he did not care what colours they would be. Still one hope he likes them. I hope to have 5 more finished by Friday night and the last one finished on Saturday. When I say last one I mean last one of the current batch.

Thanks for looking More Burpas in a couple of days. But the weather is such that the paint is drying on the brush as I paint and as for washes.... Still it could be worse it might be like this all the time!

Monday 18 July 2016

Land ship WIP

Much as I dislike Work in Progress posts this time I feel I do need to do one.

The figures are shown for scale  and are 10mm Pendraken. The land ship is intended for that scale and for that colonial period. (Being Victorian Science Fiction). So I have put a Mounted officer a Gatling gun and a foot stand all ready to show the scale.

I started with a 15mm "Forged in Battle" tank as I want a certain "Heft" to the model and do want it to look quite imposing and by starting a scale larger it does immediately posses those qualities. The donor vehicle is actually miss cast so I was able to buy it at less than half price.  And while I did originally want to use it as a WW2 German vehicle it works better for this.

So starting with a Char 1 Bis hull (And ignoring the turret) I first reversed the way it was heading and added a "Boiler" to the back. I have yet to add a chimney as I suspect that will be the final piece BEFORE painting as it will probably double the vehicles height and there fore be easy to knock of unless I am careful.

 While I am mostly working with "Green stuff" I am also using some plastic sheet rod and tube to alter the vehicle. Side sponsons are also being added to which guns will be fitted before painting.

The turret ring has been filled in and I will be adding a 1lb pompom gun and crew as a pintle mount up on the top deck.  the kind men at Pendraken will be supplying the gun and the crew and it should be arriving soon! So I should be able to crack on pretty quickly when it does.

As you can see I am not a sculptor, but the beast is coming together reasonably well and I am sure it will look impressive when it is finished and sitting among my British colonial troops be they in Zulu Land, or facing the Mahdi or the Boxer Rebellion or in some imagination setting maybe against the |French or the Prussians.

Thanks for looking today I will get some Burpas done next.  I hope to have 4 finished by this time tomorrow so expect them in my next blog post.

TTFN  and with luck see you all soon.

Cheers Clint

Sunday 17 July 2016

M3 Half tracks

 Not very much painting done this week. My mother has been poorly but is on the mend. Last week she could not stand and this week I have managed to walk her to the local shops and back so that is  good progress.

However enough of real life! Here are 5 heroics and Ross M3 US Halftracks.  I say Us Halftracks, but they are in Israeli service and were the MAIN infantry fighting Vehicle/Battle taxi up to 1973. Which is the date I have set for my Arab Israeli wars collection. I only painted 5 as I only had 5 I would have painted more If I had them, The joy is they are the kind of thing that will turn up at a wargames bring and buy and they are also the kind of thing I would like to buy!

In the rules I will need at least 3 infantry squads per 1000 points! So I can see these getting some use and abuse. And used as Target Practice by the Syrian, Egyptian and Jordanian forces.

In the coming week I would expect to see some more "Burpas!" (Matt dropped some off today! For me to paint) . Also behind the scenes I am working in a Royal Navy Land ship (Circa 1889) which is coming on OK and when my order from Pendraken arrives I will be able to finish it off and furnish it with some crew. So that is all to look forward to in the coming week, but for now just a meagre offering today.

Cheers From SUNNY  (and Hot) North Kent!
All the Best Clint!