Friday 2 June 2017

Sudanese troops (Part 2)

Just famished these BEFORE the weekend. I have a planned post for Sunday. It does not involve Sudanese colonial troops.

Firstly 6 more infantry this time loading. Hold your horses I will do a group shot when the last figure is painted.. Still another batch to do. Again these are 28mm Foundry and while they are all in similar poses there is sufficient variation.  Some have their right hand on the gun others in the ammunition pouch and again some have different tassel position on their hats.

Painted for Matt and will represent Sudanese troops of the colonial period.

And finally 2 musicians. 1 with a drum and one with a cornet. I did find out that the Sudanese regiments used a variety of colours on their drums. Red being the most common and then red and green, then yellow, then white and red and then white and then Blue! But as I wanted a different colour and not red I chose the blue. I nearly went yellow but as yellow is hard to paint I was happy with the blue.

Again I could have a choice of silver brass or painted drum rims. I settled on silver. Brass just looked wrong and painted very wrong!

At the end of the day it is for a game so if I am wrong let us be honest no one has died, so it is not a big deal.

I have 4 more to paint and I anticipate them being finished early next week.

So Until Sunday take care have fun and if possible enjoy yourself.

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Colonial Sudanese. (Part 1)

With the weather good and it being nice and light in the morning I have made good progress.

I started these 12 Sunday night.
As I am sure you realise they are Sudanese infantry of the colonial period or Victorian if you prefer. I believe the figures are Wargames foundry and are 28mm in size.

2 different main poses today, marching and firing. But a couple of variations in each pose. Little things that are not noticed at first. Things like the tassel being in a different place. So if you thought they were all the same 2 poses you are forgiven.

Yes they are painted for Matt and will fit into his colonial armies. I painted the white trousers cream instead of grey as I feel it best suits the desert and the grey contrasts more. As always there are more to do.

Another 10 are currently in prep and they will be undercoated today as well, giving me a fresh start tomorrow.

The last pic shows them all together (so far) and is at this stage as close as I can get to a group shot.

I will do another group shot next time and when I finish the flag bearers as well I will show all 24 figures. But for now just 12 finished.

Monday 29 May 2017

IT WW2 Volkstrum 20mm

And just for a change here are some 20mm Volkstrum (Late war German home guard). I painted theses for Tim at the wargames club who has purchased the moulds etc. of the WW2 IT Miniatures range.

Here is a link to his web site and where they can be bought.  (Click this link to travel to web site )

At the end of the war Germany was short of troops. As such it recruited from the old, the young and the less than fit. Additionally it did not always supply the Volkstum with full uniforms.  Some were supplied and at other locations some uniforms were not. Tim asked me to have these mostly in civvies clothes and also on urban city bases. Consiquently a lot of brown and greys resulted.

These figures would also make very good partisans or even useful for the Jewish revolt in Warsaw.  In fact that strikes me as a very good game idea loads and loads of close terrain and maybe even a captured Hetzer!

The molds are old and the sculpts show it. Not in the casting I have honestly had worse from GW or foundry, but in the 2 dimensionality of the sculpts.  Which is to say that while there is nothing much wrong with the sculpts they are by no means as anatomically correct as current sculpts.

So if you are looking for Volkstrum or partisans or want to do the Jewish revolt. These may well be the figures for you.

The armbands can of course be repainted to represent a different faction. No point having German armbands if playing another faction so the simple swap of colour and you are good to go.

The WW2 IT MINIATURES figure range is quite large. and figures can be ordered seperatly which does allow for quite a variation of troops so perhaps if you have a look you might find what you are looking for.

Having never seen a game of the Jewish revolt and also KNOWING that Tim looks at my blog it is perhaps a show game for the future. I shall just leave the idea open and see if he comes back to me.

That is it for today thanks for looking and with any luck the thunderstorms did not keep you awake all last night.

Just a final note.

I had a game of Shako at the club yesterday and was completely out played. So well done Matt and I am NEVER playing Shako ever again.... JK

Matt played well and soundly beat me. I have no excuses but I will complain about it for ever more

Nice one mate.

Or I won and was brilliant, the most awesome tabletop general ever. (MY nose may be growing as I type this but it is true none the less.)

I will let you decide which is the correct story. Hee hee.

Catch you all later Clint