Saturday 7 February 2015

WBQ 3 and my contribution.

Yes I know "How Very unlike me!"
Well in this current edition of WARGAMES BLOGGERS QUARTERLY
I have an article! Yes this is me who most self respecting school masters
would hardly trust with a crayon.
Maybe that's another story
 and just to let you know wax crayons do not taste good.
Well you all know the drill.
Click the link Below.
(the Link Above!)
And it should take you straight to it.
Then ignore everyone else's article
Read mine and then come back here and leave
Pleasant comments or not.
You may want to just use my contribution as loo paper.
As most of you will have followed the game anyway so nothing new there.

Future game?

Looking to the future however. You will note that I am already planning the next game. It is all in my head at the moment but it is worth saying that I am thinking of WW1 air war flying among the clouds somewhere over Flanders. So If you are wanting to play start reading "Biggles" and watching films like "The Blue Max" and growing your moustache! I will start making the scenery after the challenge ends and also start getting the planes then. I will take requests about which side you would rather be on closer to the time. I envisage each player to be in control of a single plane and as there are no radios it really will be every man for himself.
But more of this AFTER my shopping sprees at Salute! And when I start building as you should know by now I will do a walk through of what I build.   

Thursday 5 February 2015

More 28mm Sudan

 Yes I painted these up for Matt. They are 28mm Perry Miniatures Egyptians circa 1882 ready to battle the Mahdi. The rankers are in white uniforms and officers are in Navy blue. When I say white they are actually painted cream ,then cream and white mixed and highlighted in white. Just painting them pure white would not allow for any highlights so I started with white primer and the applied the cream just so it was not patchy.

There are 2 officers, 2 musicians and 2 flag bearers each with a different flag. The flags were bought in and are paper. I made the mistake when attaching these of not making them flow the same direction. By the time I realised the glue hard dried and it was too late to change it. You can all imagine me kicking myself!

The  chip on the second flag bearers base is repaired now. So do not fret about him. They are all based on 2mm MDF round Bases and then filler is applied to get rid of the "step of the metal figure base. It takes a little longer but it really is worth doing as it gives a much more professional result.

The other 18 figures are all marching. At first look they are all the same, But a closer look reveals several differences in the figures. Simple things like a moustache or clean shaven or the tassel on the fez (You may if you wish call it a tarbush), but I will use the word Fez just because Dr WHO says that Fes's are cool, and that's good enough for me.

Thanks for looking today. And with luck I will post again soon. I am currently painting for eBay sales so it may be a mixed bag for the next week or so. But it is just as likely that I will give up and carry on with my own things but I am hoping to get a little money together for the local show in a couple of weeks.

Take care of yourself Clint

Monday 2 February 2015


I'll admit it was an eBay whim. Well not quite but almost. I have had the "7th Voyage" rules for a long time and the "Songs of Blades and Heroes" rules as well so It really was only a matter of time before I got some critters. They were cheap and easily available from a well known seller on that very famous internet auction site. I had never painted any before so it was a simple click and bid we all know the format. And suddenly I have 5 semi naked Harpies.

They are of course Foundry 28mm figures but these were not well cast or sculpted. I am not saying I could do better myself, I KNOW I could not. I am just saying when I think of foundry I tend to think of brilliantly cast and sculpted figure. But if the price was right I would get some more and many others from their Greek Myth range. Just not straight away.

Once I had decided on a dark purple for the wings all the fur/hair would be "Blonde" just to reinforce the contrast. I am happy with the result as the skin wings and fur all look very different without becoming dark. If I do get some more I will change the colour scheme and go for various shades of brown I think. But that may well change on the day I pick up a brush!

Of the five models 3 are clearly different species. One has their arms attached to the wings, another has human legs while the rest all have bird legs.

Now as I contemplate what I will do next I wonder should I do some stuff to sell on eBay (US Paratroops FOW 15mm Company) or even to start a completely new project (20mm Yom Kippur war). Both of which I have the figures for fo It's just a matter of selecting one and getting on with it.

That's it for today folks. I have sent 2 lots of to the Painting challenge so they should get published this evening. And WBQ should be out in about 2 weeks and my article has been accepted and I am now planning another.

SO JUST for FUN. I am thinking of doing cartoons of Wargames Stereotypes. Therefore what Cliché game players can you Name. Here are a few to get you started,

Rules Lawyer.
Historical Know-it-all
Fantasy weirdo!
Sci Fi Geek.

And many many more.

All the best Clint